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BizQuest has created hundreds of satisfied business broker customers over the years.
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Pete Harrison, of Legacy Ventury in Tampa, Florida shared with us a stellar experience he had with his BizQuest Broker Membership: "Just wanted to let you know that I had success in obtaining both a listing of a major franchise ... and sold the listing to a buyer at full price who saw it on BizQuest." As you might imagine, Pete is quite happy with the experience, "I got both sides of the deal and wanted to thank BizQuest." And when we asked Pete what he thought about the return on his investment in a BizQuest Membership he did not hesitate to respond, "This membership has already paid for itself for many years to come."

Dan Lemanski, of LeMans, Inc. in South Carolina was referred to BizQuest by another business broker. As Dan recalls, "I was skeptical so I tried by putting one of my listings on your site and had a qualified inquiry within three days and closed the deal within four weeks!" Dan became an instant convert and has used BizQuest ever since. "I've been a loyal supporter of your site and even now during this tough economy your site is keeping me supplied with qualified buyers. Keep up the good work!"

Liliane Tietjen, President of Patriot Business Advisors in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, specializes in the sale of dry cleaners and laundromats and told us, "the best buyers are not always easy to find." Until Liliane joined BizQuest that is. "The qualified buyers I get from BizQuest are always the best and helped me close 12 dry cleaners last year plus some other businesses." And how are things going in the current down economy? Reports Liliane, "This year seven dry cleaners and laundromats so far...and counting! Thank you BizQuest."

Robert Thomas, President and CEO of BuyersTap Inc., uses his BizQuest membership to market their available territories. As Mr. Thomas reports, the results were immediate and impressive. "After listing our business with BizQuest we sold our first territory for $80K in just 5 days. Since then we have sold four more territories and have found new clients for our web development firm." BuyersTap now uses BizQuest exclusively for selling territories. Thomas added, "Every call we have received from our ads are from highly qualified business investors and owners with the capital required to close the deal. I have never had a better experience selling my businesses than Ive had with BizQuest!"

It took 12 months of persistence, but Rich Tomlinson, of Bradfield Properties in San Antonio, Texas, was recently able to close on a difficult deal with an out-of-state buyer who came through I had listed...a highly-specialized concrete products company in South Texas. Seemingly, it was almost an impossible task to find someone with the experience and brains to purchase this complicated business. Happily, a man came forward by virtue of BizQuest from the Midwest, 50 years old, who had been in the industry for 25 years and had a ton of 401k assets. We tapped into his 401k by virtue of the BORSA strategy and were able to consummate a very favorable deal for all.... It took a while, but we got the job done.

Kipp Krukowski, President of Confidential Business Sale, Inc., represented a client who was trying to sell a food franchise in Cleveland, Ohio. Due to an industry merger, the franchise was in transition and the sale was not an easy one. Krukowski listed the property on BizQuest and soon located a qualified out of state buyer. Through some creative financing, Krukowski's team was able to close the deal. "Though many of our businesses are sold to buyer prospects within our metro area, BizQuest provides our company with a solution to expand our geographical reach to find additional prospects," notes Krukowski. "Thanks BizQuest!"

Henry Miller has been a business broker in Southern California for the past 27 years. Henry's company, BIR Business Brokers, was one of the first to join BizQuest after it launched in 1994. Throughout their affiliation, Henry has found that new businesses for sale posted to BizQuest receive multiple inquiries within days of posting and throughout the listing period. He estimates that BIR sells three to four businesses a month through BizQuest. Says Henry, "We have found that the success of our business in part relies on the advertisers we use to market our listings to the public and are very happy with the results we have achieved with BizQuest over the years and look forward to a continued relationship."

Jeffrey Nyman is the owner of First Choice Business Brokers of Las Vegas, Nevada and founder of the First Choice Business Brokerage Franchise. FCBB currently has a total of 17 franchises and Nyman encourages all franchise owners to use BizQuest. Nyman's own office in Las Vegas has 35 agents and has listed over $3 billion in small businesses for sale. Says Nyman, "According to our agents, we have 18 listings that came from Sellers who saw our listings on your site." As for finding buyers for all those listings, Nyman reports that once they are posted to BizQuest "they usually receive emails within 72 hours from buyers regarding the listing."

Eleanor Murray of Murray & Associates specializes in business brokerage and commercial real estate in the South Jersey and Philadelphia areas. Murray strives to give sellers that list with her the best possible service. Says Murray, "BizQuest provides an avenue for us to get maximum exposure in the least amount of time." A recent success story involved a liquor store with property that Murray listed on BizQuest for just over $2 million. "By the end of the day I had twenty responses. Five days later we had it under agreement for full price," recalls Murray. "I am very pleased with the effectiveness of BizQuest!"

Alan Kandall of Sandal Enterprises in Fairfield, New Jersey has been a loyal and happy customer of BizQuest for four years. When asked why he uses BizQuest Kandall responded, "They are user friendly and deliver the most qualified buyers." He recalled a car wash for sale that he listed on BizQuest and "After having this listed for just 30 days we had seven offers from qualified buyers. The most difficult part of this sale was to select which buyer to go with." The seller and buyer were delighted and the six-figure commission did not hurt either. Notes Kandall, "A business broker can have the best listing but unless the message gets to its intended target it does matter."

Elizabeth Bellit of Coldwell Banker Mergers & Acquisitions was initially attracted to BizQuest's tracking and reporting capabilities. Says Bellit, "We never pay for a site that cannot show us how many times our listings have been viewed." The tracking has confirmed the effectiveness of listing on BizQuest. "We have averaged almost 400 listing views a week since the beginning of 2006, and about 6 email inquiries per week. We generally get 20-30 inquiries the first week a listing is posted, but our all-time highest was 168." Inquiries are one thing, but what about qualified buyers? Bellit recalls one sale she closed with, "a buyer who came through BizQuest. It is our second-largest to date, a Utah restaurant management company with 33 locations and revenue of $65 million. The selling price was over $30 million."

Penny Papaioannou of Atlantic Business Brokers was a BizQuest member less than two months when she happily reported closing FOUR deals. Says Papaioannou, "Our [first] listing sold with in 7 days of listing it on BizQuest. We also sold a medical transcription company, medical collections, and medical services company, after being a member since May 5, 2009. In less than 2 months, BizQuest got us the highest quality of buyers, such that we were able to get these deals closed. We will keep advertising our listings with BizQuest. Thank you for all your help."

Gregg Tobin of Pacific Coast Business Brokers in Irvine, California has "found BizQuest to be one of the top sites for Buyers seeking businesses in California." It turns out Tobin found more than just a buyer on BizQuest. "Talk about success stories," recalls Tobin, "I made contact with a buyer who turned out to be one of my better clients." Back in 2005, Tobin listed an art gallery in Laguna Beach for sale on BizQuest. He found a buyer, the sale went well and they became friends. A year later Tobin listed the business again, this time for his new friend. Tobin says he "found another buyer and made another sale and smooth transition. I was also referred to another gallery in Laguna Beach which I eventually sold. Thank you BizQuest."

Tawnya Gilreath is the managing broker of the First Choice business Brokers office in Van Nuys, California and had recent success with a coffee shop she listed for sale on BizQuest. Recalls Gilreath, "The business was entered into BizQuest at the beginning of June and we completed the transaction less than 90 days later." And how is Gilreath weathering this down-turn market? "In any economy, marketing is everything and we appreciate the leads we get from the BizQuest system. Thank you!"

When we asked Mary Jane Dailey about her Premium Business Broker Membership with BizQuest she was quick to respond with a successful deal. Her company, Dailey Resources of North Richland Hills, Texas listed a courier business in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for sale on BizQuest. They received 11 buyer interests and sold the business to a BizQuest buyer for seven figures. Says Dailey, "I used to have my marketing managers email me each day when listings were posted, but I had them stop that, as I knew Id have a buyer lead from BizQuest within 24 hours."

Reed Law is the owner of Southeast Business Exchange, located in Cornelius, North Carolina. SBEx is a boutique intermediary firm about which Law says, "Our forte is finding the right fit!" SBEx listed an emergency vehicle manufacturer for sale on BizQuest in the range of $15-20 million and started receiving buyer inquiries within seven days of posting. "We received approximately 15 inquiries via BizQuest, one of which was the ultimate purchaser who acquired the company. They were a subsidiary of a $4 billion dollar privately held company," recalls Law. "Throughout our 14 year relationship with BizQuest, we have found the leads generated via their website to be both very fast and be good, sound leads."

Bernard Cicirello of Denver Business Brokers is a broker member of BizQuest for a number of reasons. About listing businesses for sale on BizQuest Cicirello says, "There have been high volumes of responses after posting a few of our listings on BizQuest." But the value of a BizQuest membership does not stop there. Cicirello also notes that, "We have had inquiries into the services we offer from seller prospects." And how about a resource for business buyers and sellers? Cicirello says, "We find BizQuest newsletters informative and have referred several buyer prospects to the BizQuest site as a source for fact finding and will continue to do so in the future." Summing up his experience with BizQuest Cicirello adds, "Overall we feel the BizQuest site membership fee is a prudent investment."

Eric Gagnon is President of We Sell Restaurants, specializing in restaurants, bars and nightclubs in the southeastern United States. We asked Gagnon how BizQuest compares to the competition and he said, "We advertise on most of the national sites and carefully measure our return on investment from each site. BizQuest ranks among our best return for each dollar spent." And Gagnon added, "BizQuest is a large part of our success."

Loren Marc Schmerler of Bottom Line Management recently told us about a shooting range and gun shop that he listed for sale on BizQuest. The business was listed in November, the buyer signed a confidentiality agreement in March and the business sold in June. Recalls Schmerler, "The entire process was 6.5 months and there were 11,122 views and 1,566 clicks." BizQuest, connecting brokers and buyers since 1994.

We love hearing from our broker members, especially like the call we recently received from Kathie Bluejacket of Affiliated Business Brokers in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She had listed a business for sale on BizQuest and within days she received multiple buyer inquiries. The business was not an easy one to sell as it involved lots of cash entries, but it only took her three weeks to close the deal. Kathie was happy to tell us that she was getting ready to close another deal and the buyer also came from BizQuest. Way to go!

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