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David Fairley

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Website Properties, LLC

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Company Information

At Website Properties, we specialize in the sale of internet businesses. Unlike conventional business brokers who primarily handle brick and mortar businesses with a small amount of internet based companies mixed in with their traditional services, at Website Properties it is all that we do. We only represent internet properties and have sold over 300 website businesses and domain names with a combined value of $55M. That single minded focus and experience means your online business will receive the expertise and attention it deserves.

Our Brokerage team is made up of a group of Internet Entrepreneurs with over 50 years combined industry experience developing, operating and selling over 50 personally owned websites in addition to the 100's sold for their client’s. Our intimate understanding of e-commerce businesses, membership based models, affiliate program and pay-per-click revenue generating sites, provides the expertise you need to maximize the value in your business and sell your site for the best price possible. And our end-to-end services ensure that we will handle every aspect of the sale, leaving you free to focus your attention on your business.

We know from personal experience the effort you've invested in your business. And now that you're considering its sale, you can trust that Website Properties is committed to providing the highest level of professional service and support in the industry. We will assist you through the entire sales process, and help you achieve maximum value for your business.

Broker Biography

David Fairley (360) 894-4500

With a Degree in Commerce and over 27 years working as a business entrepreneur, David had the business background to see the need for a quality Internet Business Broker when he started Website Properties in 2002. Drawing on his personal experience in the online world (which includes starting, developing and selling over 25 website businesses including many high volume sites like Hammocks.com and Strollers.com), David wanted Website Properties to represent all the best aspects of his experiences with selling internet properties. Accordingly, Website Properties’ services and support revolve around treating the client and their business with the utmost respect and professionalism while maximizing the funds acquired during the sale of their business. This successful model has resulted in the sale of over 50 online businesses in the last 24 months and a strong client list with many repeat customers.

Areas of Specialization:

Internet, websites, e-commerce

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Additional Services Provided:

website appraisals, consulting, escrow

Business For Sale Listings

Cash Flow: $192,264 
Davis Co., UT 
Amazon Business in Sports Fitness and Home Industry Huge Market! Financing available

One of the more popular and growing forms of exercise today is the triathlon. Statistics show that there were approx. 4.24 million participants in triathlons in the US in 2015, up from 3.61 million the previous year (Statista). The current owners, being avid triathlon trainers, saw the potential of this huge niche. Having bought equipment and supplies for their own needs and through networking with other triathletes, they recognized this market was underserved, in particular, on the Amazon platform. By analyzing the various channels available to sell products through Amazon (Vendor Central, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Fulfillment by More info

Davis County E-Commerce and E-Tailers Businesses for Sale
Cash Flow: $101,381 
King Co., WA 
B2B Theft Deterrent Products Focused in Automotive Industry Longevity in its Industry, Growing Sales! Financing available

PENDING SALEThis business supplies high-quality, anti-theft parts marking technologies to reduce incidences of theft. While it offers theft deterrent products to suit a wide variety of applications for automotive, RV, marine, and power sports industries, the company’s main focus has been the automotive and motorcycle industries in particular where theft of car parts now exceeds $8 billion a year in the US alone. Rather than focusing on retail, the company drives sales of its anti-theft technologies through dealerships where strong demand for the products exists. Insurance companies, manufacturers and dealers all support methods to help More info

King County B2B Businesses for Sale
Cash Flow: $418,527 
Broward Co., FL 
Network of Highly Profitable Affiliate Revenue Websites Massive Net Profit Margin and Huge Organic Traffic! Financing available

This network of information portal websites in the growing and popular e-cigarette/vapor products industry generates revenue passively without the need for inventory, customer service or even online advertising. The business has been experiencing growth since inception. This year, sales and profits are up about 11% in 2016 over 2015. With little overhead, Net Profit Margins are hugely attractive at roughly 98% of Sales! The sites include hundreds of pages of detailed industry & product related content with up-to-date and user friendly website designs. Rich onsite content in support of shopper’s information needs coupled with strong SEO More info

Broward County Established Websites for Sale
Cash Flow: $778,999 
San Bernardino Co., CA 
Women’s Shoe Trademarked Brand Amazon Business Exploding Growth, Huge Future Potential! Financing available

Women's shoes control nearly half of the entire industry (40%), with women's business shoes increasingly taking over the market as more and more women find power positions in the business world. The stereotype of a woman with a closet full of shoes may be more accurate than you think! In 2016, women’s footwear sales reached roughly $24.6 billion worldwide, representing the largest segment in the shoe industry and is expected to keep growing. Any way you look at it, things are always looking up in the women’s footwear marketplace. This business is an internet retailer offering the newest and latest in footwear and fashion. Continually researching the hottest products in the fashion industry, its brand has built a strong following among fashion conscious shoppers and bargain hunters alike. Its popularity is undeniable with a 250k+ client email list and a More info

San Bernardino County E-Commerce and E-Tailers Businesses for Sale
Cash Flow: $87,230 
New York Co., NY 
Branded Kitchen Products Amazon Store and Website Trademark Pending Financing available

American consumers cannot get enough kitchen gadgets, whether for cooking, prepping, serving or specialty use. In 2014, the US retail sales of kitchen gadgets and tools amounted to approx. $1.1 billion (Statista.com). As consumers have become much more health conscious, their interest in fresh homemade foods and cooking at home has increased. This has in turn resulted in an increased demand for kitchen tools with the purchase of kitchen gadgets sky rocketing. This trend bodes well for the future of this company who has established itself offering kitchen products online with the perfect brand name for consumers to identify with for More info

New York County E-Commerce and E-Tailers Businesses for Sale
Cash Flow: $34,347 
Kings Co., NY 
Religious Gift Products Amazon Store and Website Great Margins and Lots of Upside Potential! Financing available

SALE PENDINGAccording to a 2015 Gallup poll, about 75% percent of Americans identify themselves as “Christians”. The Roman Catholic Church is the largest branch of Christianity with over a billion Catholics worldwide and approx. 104.3 million here in the U.S. in 2016, says CARA (Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate). While not all are currently practicing, most Catholics in the U.S. participate in Weddings, Baptisms and First Communions for their children or for children of friends & family members. Gifts are customary for all of these Sacraments and the business in this listing offers an extensive variety of affordable products More info

Kings County E-Commerce and E-Tailers Businesses for Sale
Cash Flow: $116,520 
Suffolk Co., NY 
B2B Commercial Crowd Management Products Dropship Niche Websites Longevity – 14 years Online Financing available

This listing offers a portfolio of B2B niche websites that are 100% dropship with lots of room for growth. The majority of revenues are generated from its flagship site which has long been the premier online destination for commercial crowd management needs for thousands of organizations, including Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. It offers the highest quality equipment and solutions for all industries from banks, museums and casinos to theater, airport, churches and auto dealers. The company’s emphasis has been on providing value, convenience and highly satisfied customers with both service and products.While the majority More info

Suffolk County B2B Businesses for Sale
Cash Flow: $127,161 
Montgomery Co., MD 
Mommy Blog, Influencer Network and Social Media Marketing Authority Site with Huge Content Financing available

According to global professional services firm EY as reported in Forbes.com, the global incomes of women are predicted to reach a staggering $18 trillion by 2018. With women driving about 80% of all consumer spending and moms in particular accounting for several trillion dollars in spending per year, this is clearly a lucrative market and reaching this audience is crucial for many top name brands. This business offers social media marketing services for clients endeavoring to reach the “Mommy” market. The business primarily works with brands, PR firms, and digital advertising agencies reaching out to this audience. Campaigns vary in More info

Montgomery County B2B Businesses for Sale
Cash Flow: $43,550 
Los Angeles Co., CA 
Parenting & Travel Industries, Set of Ad Revenue Passive Income Websites Great Margins, Huge Evergreen Niches Financing available

As Internet Sales climb steadily, e-Commerce is expected to surpass some physical storefronts by the year 2025. With nearly 290 million internet users in the US, more and more people are turning to the Internet to make purchases and browse the Internet to read product reviews and blogs containing consumer information. Information portals are invaluable as they combine information from different sources into one single place as well as allowing users to connect with one another. This listing includes a set of two passive income stream content-based websites. These websites are primarily information portals providing thoughtful and content More info

Los Angeles County B2B Businesses for Sale
Cash Flow: $190,900 
Custom Academic Online Writing Service Streamlined Operations, Growing Profits Financing available

SALE PENDINGAccording to the National Center for Education Statistics, in the Fall of 2016 about 20.5 million students were expecting to attend American universities and colleges. That number is projected to increase to over 22 million by the year 2020. In Canada, 1.7m students attended universities and colleges last year. Of those attending US colleges this year, about 1M are International students which in most cases English is not their native language. The college student body is clearly a huge target audience and marketplace.Under a heavy academic work load that accompanies college attendance, students will often seek out tutors and More info

Cash Flow: $90,079 
Arapahoe Co., CO 
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Cannabis Industry Dispensary and Deal Online Directory

Legal cannabis is the fastest growing industry in the United States. Millions of people already use medical marijuana for a wide variety of medical conditions. According to ArcView Market Research, legal cannabis sales jumped 17% to $5.4 billion in 2015 and they will grow by a whopping 25% this year to reach $6.7 billion in total US sales. It is projected that the legal cannabis market is predicted to see a staggering $21.8 billion in sales in 2020. With the recent US election results resulting in 4 additional States legalizing recreational marijuana and 4 additional States legalizing medicinal marijuana, these projections seem to be on target.With the Federal and State regulations More info

Cash Flow: $478,481 
Clark Co., NV 
Trademarked Brand Skin Care Products Amazon FBA and Ecommerce Site Tremendous Growth and Excellent Profit Margins! Financing available

With global value of sales expected to exceed US $131 billion in 2019, skin care will remain beauty’s biggest category adding some US $20.1 billion to its value over 2014-2019. The main opportunity in this listing is for a fast-growing skincare, beauty and health care line manufactured in the U.S. The business offers natural skin care products for all ages that are cruelty free and manufactured with the highest of standards. It has exclusive rights from the manufacturer to the skin care formulations and sells its trademarked brand through both its Amazon store and established website. The Amazon Store presently represents 99.9% of sales. Products are shipped from vendors directly to Amazon Fulfillment Center (FBA) thus requiring minimal inventory management.In addition to the skin care line, this opportunity includes an Amazon Store and corresponding More info

Clark County E-Commerce and E-Tailers Businesses for Sale
Cash Flow: $1,284,128 
Orange Co., NY 
SAAS Business for Social Media Marketing Tremendous Growth with Excellent Profit Margins! Financing available

Social media is a great way for friends to keep in contact in new and novel ways, but it’s also a great platform for businesses to interact with their customer base, strengthen their brand and reach new audiences. Many businesses want to take advantage of the social media landscape and its huge popularity, but do not know how. This company has provided a way for businesses to build their social media presence with an automated system making the process for clients effortless.This SAAS business has a proprietary web application which allows clients to connect with their social media account for the purpose of automating marketing. It has been experiencing explosive growth with sales and profit up by huge percentages in 2016 over 2015 and continues into January 2017! As a subscription based model, it has recurring revenues with low overhead generating net More info

Orange County Established Websites for Sale
Cash Flow: $24,257 
Gaston Co., NC 
Established Website in the Growing Subscription Box Industry Popular and Growing Niche, Growing Profits Financing available

During the 2015 holiday season, 8.6 million Americans (4.3% of the online population) visited subscription box websites alone. Visits to subscription box websites have grown by over 3,000% in the last three years, up from 722,000 visits in 2013 to 21.4 million in 2016. With the huge variety of products that can potentially be delivered by subscription, the subscription commerce industry is poised to soar making this the perfect time to acquire this established website in this huge and fast growing industry. The company delivers boxes filled with cute/fun products to subscribers each month while raising awareness and support for non-profit More info

Gaston County E-Commerce and E-Tailers Businesses for Sale
Cash Flow: $1,257,722 
Harris Co., TX 
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Amazon FBA Natural Dietary Supplement Brand Products Business

PENDING SALEIn order to improve or simply maintain good health, many consumers take vitamins and dietary supplements. According to the CRN 2015 Consumer Survey, 68% of US adults take dietary supplements. The trend of people becoming more health conscious along with the increased ease of shopping online has resulted in a huge, growing alternative health care market. Benefiting from increased demand from both a larger mainstream, health-conscious consumer base (Millennials) and an increasingly aging population (Baby Boomers), the Vitamin and Supplement Manufacturing industry in particular has grown rapidly over the past five years becoming a $35 billion market. With an increased awareness More info

Thurston Co., WA 
View Details 
SuperConsciousness.com - Science and Spirituality Online Publication Website

This online magazine is an effort to generate specialized content for the growing LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) market. After the success of films and documentaries like “What the Bleep” and “The Secret” the owners saw the opportunity for creating a publication that could provide interested audiences more information from the expanding connection between spirituality and science. When the magazine was launched, it had quickly established itself as a recognized publication for those interested in spirituality and science. With over 5 years of active content, the site has over two hundred high quality interviews, articles and book excerpts from some of the best-known More info

Cash Flow: $56,638 
British Columbia 
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Mommy Brand, Blog and Influencer Business

*Asking Price is CADAccording to the BabyCenter 21st Century Mom® Insight Series: 2015 State of Modern Motherhood Report, Worldwide, 8 in 10 births are to millennials….that’s over 100MM globally each year. The report also uncovered some interesting insights into Millennial Moms. One such point notes that while watching TV, while grocery shopping, and even during those middle-of-the-night nursery visits, they tend to have their smart phones in hand. Their sites of choice? Pinterest, Instagram, and online parenting communities. As a solution to the feelings of isolation new moms can feel, this Mommy blog was created to provide a parenting community they clearly crave. After eight years, More info

Orange Co., CA 
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Glutamine.com Premium Domain Name

Glutamine.com is a great ultra premium generic domain name available for sale. Perfect to enhance already existing full ecommerce website in the general supplement or bodybuilding fitness supplement industry. Great to create a new internet business for Amino Acid or L-Glutamine products. Excellent for developing into a portal or directory comparing best products or information in this niche. Lots of potential to be a leader in this internet business niche when you own this rare generic domain name. Large monthly global search volume for this keyword and the domain name itself has generated about 500-1,000 unique visits per month through direct navigation. More info

Cash Flow: $18,489 
Muscatine Co., IA 
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Event and Meeting Room Furniture Dropship Ecommerce Business

With the huge number of convention center meeting rooms, hotel banquet rooms, classrooms, churches, government buildings and other high capacity venues across the U.S., the market to furnish these facilities is just as huge. This business offers a diverse, affordable, durable and transportable collection of furniture to seat large numbers of people at events or in meeting rooms venues. With 100% of its products drop shipped direct from its vendors, the owner runs this business from a home based office working about 20 hours per week. The website is run on a Yahoo Store platform application with a current web design and all of the back-end features to operate efficiently. This is an More info

Cash Flow: $285,729 
Contra Costa Co., CA 
Well Established Hunting Accessories Ecommerce Business Long Successful History Online! Financing available

Hunting has been an integral part of the American experience since its beginning. To the millions of people who still practice the rich tradition, it provides a powerful connection to the outdoors, as well as to family and friends who share a passion for the sport. Current license data suggest about 16 million Americans went hunting in 2015. Outdoor recreation is a huge contributor to our Nation’s economy, as $6.87 billion was spent on hunting and firearms equipment to support hunting activities in 2015 alone.Opening in 1998, this business sold one line of hunting products mainly at Trade Shows. As business developed and the internet More info

Contra Costa County E-Commerce and E-Tailers Businesses for Sale
Hamilton Co., FL 
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EyeCream.com and EyeCreams.com Premium Domain Names

EyeCream.com and EyeCreams.com are premium domain names that would be perfect to enhance any business in this skin care industry niche. Skin care awareness is a driving force behind the booming skin care industry, as skin care products make up the largest part of the cosmetic market. According to Statista, the Global skin care market will reach nearly $154 billion US dollars by 2021! These domain names have excellent possibilities to be developed into or connected with an existing brand, or conversely utilized as a portal or directory that lists the best eye cream by top choice, ingredient, price, places to shop, etc. Acquiring these powerful domain names provides a great opportunity to More info

Cash Flow: $199,431 
View Details 
B2B Real-Time Data Validation Service E-Commerce Business

This listing is not based on a multiple of cash flows but instead based on its substantial investment in technology as well as its market research, development and real world testing which has produced a substantial library of software assets valued at over $750k that have been used to provide the current services offered by the company. This acquisition is for a strategic buyer that can incorporate the infrastructure and capitalize on its technology to expand in the sales, marketing or data services industry.Fraud cost online retailers an estimated $3.5B last year and will likely continue to increase. It is clear that for a business to continue to grow and remain profitable online, the More info

Not Disclosed
Lehigh Co., PA 
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Positive Affirmation and Vanity Domain Names: IAmMotivated.com, IAmConfident.com and more!

These powerful, positive affirmation IAm domain names are being sold separately with individual prices as listed:IAmAdept.com $12,500IAmHigh.com $15,000IAmMotivated.com $17,500IAmCool.com $20,000IAmConfident.com $20,000IAmBold.com $20,000IAmFabulous.com $20,000Positive Affirmation Domains (PAD’s) are unique domains that have piqued the interest of buyers who want to own a domain name that specifically define the owner or their niche of interest. Similar to vanity numbers and license plates for individuals, PAD’s are a statement or declaration of More info

Not Disclosed
DuPage Co., IL 
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Portfolio of State Insurance Premium Domain Names

*Asking Price: Seller Open To All Reasonable Offers.This portfolio of Premium Geo domain names offer a fantastic opportunity to become the lead name in Insurance for several key US States. These names are ideal for established insurance brokers to instantly capture leads in a $1+ Trillion dollar industry and generate commissionable sales. Any of these names would also be perfectly suited for establishing a portal or directory that lists or compares insurance policies available in each state by insurance type which could assist with the purchasing of policies. In addition, these names would be great as a blog providing up to date regulatory topics and industry concerns, as an ecommerce More info

Saudi Arabia 
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Yields.com Premium Domain Name

We think of yields in terms of production, output and return on investments. Yields is referred to most in the Manufacturing, Ecological, Financial, Agricultural, Chemical and Treasury Industries worldwide, particularly when referring to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, preferred shares and annuities. Acquiring this one word ultra-premium exact match domain name, Yields.com, would be a great purchase to capture the leading name for any of these Industries, either to enhance an already existing website such as an Investment Firm, launch a new internet business or create an informational website such as an advice blog. Yields.com also has excellent possibilities to be developed into a site More info

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BeaHERO.com Premium Domain Name

BeaHERO.com is a rare dot com that has a multitude of uses and is perfect for branding any product, service or company. What does it mean to ‘be a hero’? A person of distinguished courage or ability, admired for brave deeds and noble qualities. Heroes are the men and women we aspire to make a difference in the world, their community or in life. The theme is used by Positive Thinking and Motivational speakers, International Aid programs, Veterans, Donor programs, Community and Youth intervention programs, Ministry work as well as Hero programs to promote designated drivers. Acquiring this premium generic domain name BeaHERO.com would be a great purchase to capture the leading name for More info

Miami-Dade Co., FL 
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Portfolio of Health Care Domain Names

This listing of rare, exact match, premium HealthCare domain names is being sold as a portfolio or separately with individual prices listed. At $750k for the entire group of 5 names, this price represents over a $900k value! Pediatricians.com $200,000Dermatologists.com $200,000Optometrists.com $200,000Proctologists.com $150,000Rheumatologists.com $150,000The HealthCare Industry is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industries, consuming over 10 percent of gross domestic product of most developed nations, forming an enormous part More info

Thurston Co., WA 
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Survive.com Premium Domain Name

Survive.com is a premium, generic domain name that has a wide variety of applications and industries. Besides the preparedness field, this domain name would be perfect for outdoor activities, boot camp style fitness products or services, healthy shopping or financial markets. Survive.com will carry the air of authority in its chosen field and is an easy, exact match, generic word to remember and brand for any applicable category! Whether to enhance a full website ecommerce business or to develop as a portal, directory or blog comparing the best in any of these categories, acquiring this powerful domain name provides a great opportunity to dominate these internet niches! More info

King Co., WA 
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Wicker.com Premium Domain Name

Wicker, the small strips of the natural rattan cane most often used for baskets and furniture, has been documented as far back as ancient Egypt. Here in the US, wicker’s popularity began with furniture construction in the 1850’s. It is well known for its strength and durability, is light yet sturdy, and has taken on so many forms and uses throughout the ages. This Domain Name sale includes a newly developed start up website with fully functioning shopping cart and vendor relationships. With everything in place, a new owner just needs an SEO and marketing strategy. This is a remarkable opportunity to purchase a single-word, leading domain name with huge potential applications for the More info

Middlesex Co., MA 
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Carbs.com Premium Domain Name

Carbs.com is a short, one word ultra premium exact match domain name that is easy to remember and brand. The word carbs not only defines the literal meaning for this food group, but also for low or no carb diets, vegan diets, diabetic diets, and eating for your body type. In today’s explosive low carb health craze, carbs.com has a wide variety of applications and applies to numerous industries. Besides retail businesses, this domain name would be perfect for manufacturers of low carb diets such as Atkins and Medifast, clinics, weight watchers support groups, carb counter apps, and diet specific needs such as diabetic and gluten-free/paleo. Whether to enhance a full website ecommerce More info

Orange Co., CA 
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Cortisol.com Premium Domain Name

Cortisol.com is a 12 year old generic high value medical/pharmaceutical domain name for Cortisol, the stress hormone. Cortisol is a steroid hormone produced by the adrenal glands and is released in response to stress, aiding the body to cope. Cortisol.com would be excellent to enhance an already existing full ecommerce website or create a new business in the industries related to cortisol, stress, and the adrenals or any pharmaceutical related niche. As well, this is a great name for any company to brand new stress related products and services. Can be developed as a portal, directory or blog providing information and advice on stress reduction and health related issues to cortisol More info

Collier Co., FL 
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ComputerDesk.com, OfficeDesk.com, TVStand.com and ComputerChair.com

Four premium domain names are for sale: OfficeDesk.com, ComputerDesk.com, TVStand.com, and ComputerChair.com. The names themselves are short, memorable, and ideal for selling furniture in the growing online retail space. Though the domain names would be quite valuable even if they were totally undeveloped, the owner has developed these sites with meaningful success. These domains are now producing a growing revenue stream, with significant profits over each of the past few years and lots of upside potential! This, then, is a hybrid sale—not just premium domain names and not merely revenue producing sites, but a powerful combination of both. Whether to further develop the existing sites, More info

Fairfax Co., VA 
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Ergonomics.com Premium Domain Name

Ergonomics is a 6+ billion dollar industry in the office furniture segment and twice that amount in computer office environments. Industrial ergonomics is also a billion dollar industry making Ergonomics overall a huge market! As a one word ultra premium, exact match domain name, Ergonomics.com is easy to remember and brand. The word ergonomics refers to the study of the relationship between workers and their environment and, in particular, with the equipment they use. The goal is to reduce stress and eliminate injuries which is accomplished by designing tasks, work spaces, controls, displays, tools, lighting, and equipment to be more comfortable and efficient for the employee. As More info

Luzerne Co., PA 
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Convince.com Premium Domain Name

Convince.com is a one of a kind, easy to remember, exact match dictionary name. Defined as to cause or persuade someone with evidence, argument to believe firmly in the truth of something or to take a course of action. Convince.com can be the defining verb used for a variety of businesses such as Attorneys, AA Detox centers, Debate groups, and Self Help/I Believe groups. It can be targeted to a number of industries from Advertising agencies, to Media, to Politics, convincing the public to buy a product, watch a certain program or vote for a candidate. Short, exact match domains are easy to remember and brand. Combined with its tremendous range of uses, Convince.com provides an excellent More info

King Co., WA 
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Detect.com Premium Domain Name

Detect.com is a superb exact match dotcom that is short, easy to remember and can be the defining verb for many industries including leak detection for the oil and gas industry, online virus software, preventative healthcare, pregnancy and blood testing for drugs, etc... Detect.com is a very versatile domain name that has immediate clarity, impact and meaning for any number of applications, media, or business. More info

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1800Casinos.com, comes with a FREE 1-800-Casinos Toll Free Number + Trademarks

1800Casinos.com - This tremendous package of rare IP includes the most memorable toll free number, associated domains and the associated trademarks for this multi-billion dollar industry.Capitalize on the instant marketing and branding power these phone numbers and domain names offer, for your existing company or to develop the go to casino portal that offers the latest deals from ALL the casinos in Vegas and worldwide. Where applicable, the listing includes: all trademarks, all hyphenated and non-hyphenated domain names, the plural and singular versions of the domain name, the .ca (Canadian extensions of the domain name). More info

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1800Golfing.com, comes with a FREE 1-800-Golfing Toll Free Number + Trademarks

1800Golfing.com - Amazing collection of a premium toll free number, associated premium domains and trademarks that instantly create brand recognition and some serious marketing clout.Ideal for a golf booking business (similar to GolfNow.com), a golfing portal with an ad based or lead generation based model with thousands of courses worldwide listed, or a company with a portfolio of world class golf courses they want to promote. Where applicable, the listing includes: all trademarks, all hyphenated and non-hyphenated domain names, the plural and singular versions of the domain name, the .ca (Canadian extensions of the domain name). More info

British Columbia 
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Menswear.com Premium Domain Name

Menswear.com is a premium generic domain name that would be perfect to enhance any business in the men’s apparel, accessories or trends industries from boutique men’s retail stores or large publically traded department stores. Would also be great for a men’s fashion designer or fashion magazine. With the menswear industry expected to reach approx $402 billion in 2014 according to MarketLine, it also has excellent possibilities to be developed as a portal or directory that lists the best men’s clothing by design, price, places to shop, etc…. It can serve as an advertising venue for companies around the globe. With a cpc of $1.91 according to Google’s Keyword Planner, this equates to a savings More info

King Co., WA 
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Salsa.com Premium Domain Name

The word Salsa not only defines the literal meaning for a delicious niche in the food/snack industry - now out selling Ketchup 2 to 1 - and music and dance that is full of energy, but it is a word that is a metaphor for a life of passion, energy & love. It can mean spicy, hot, passionate - words that convey this brand message for any product, service or company. While its obvious value to the aforementioned product categories is there, it is a super memorable, branding powerhouse that is ideal for marketing. Similar to Amazon.com or Yahoo.com or any other generic word that have become the iconic brands of the online era, Salsa.com offers the same opportunity to create and solidify a brand More info

Wake Co., NC 
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Oar.com Premium Domain Name

Oar.com is a premium generic domain name that has a variety of applications beyond the association to rowing. Not only would this 17 year old domain name be a great purchase to capture the leader name for an internet business niche related to rowing sports and equipment, but it could also be developed into a new brand for any industry. 3 letter, exact match domains are easy to remember and brand. Oar as a metaphor represents strength, teamwork, power, control, etc… and is ideal for naming an App, service or product. As OAR.com, the dot com can be used as an acronym. The name could enhance an existing ecommerce business or be used to build a new site. It also has excellent possibilities to be More info

Snohomish Co., WA 
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Reports.com Premium Domain Name

Reports.com is a rare premium domain name for sale. This exact match name is perfect for all types of reporting related businesses, including news, financial, insurance, credit, consumer and medical reporting. It can be targeted to a great number of Industries from social news media, political and business analysts to research firms. It has potential to be developed into a news website or blog and it could be utilized as a portal or directory for various reports or reporting services. Reports.com is easy to remember and ideal for branding and marketing your next business start up or rebranding an existing website. More info

British Columbia 
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Beads.com Premium Domain Name

Beads.com is a premium, exact match domain name that has a wide variety of applications and applies to numerous industries. The art of beadmaking is one of the oldest arts, dating back to Roman times. Having been produced and used worldwide, Beads have global appeal. In current times, according to PRLog, beading is a hot fashion trend and is a 1.3 Billion dollar industry as the second largest crafting hobby. Besides the retail jewelry business, this domain name would be perfect for Rosary producers, designers, bead producers and manufacturers, bead imports and exports as well as the clothing and handbag industries. Whether to enhance a full website ecommerce business or to develop as a More info

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Assurance.com Premium Domain Name

Assurance.com is a fantastic ultra premium generic domain name that was just released for sale! The word Assurance inspires confidence, evokes trust, surety – a promise, pledge or guarantee. It has great possibilities to be developed into a full blown ecommerce website or to further enhance an established site in the Insurance, Cellular, Medical, and Financial Industries. Perfect if your company already includes Assurance in the name! This is also a superb acquisition to create into a portal or an industry specific blog. It can otherwise serve as an advertising venue for any number of companies! The name itself is easy to remember and thus brand. More info

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Inspection.com Premium Domain Name

Inspection.com is a rare premium domain name for sale. The act of Inspection is to examine, measure, test, gauge and/ or compare materials or items. This short, exact match name is a perfect name for any company to brand a new product or service relating to inspection in many applicable niches such as homes, building, energy saving, even pest control. It could also be utilized for developing into a huge portal or directory comparing the best inspection services. Can also be an informational website as a DYI inspection advice blog. Great potential to be a leader in this internet business niche when you own this premium generic domain name. More info

Deschutes Co., OR 
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Bend.com Premium Domain Name

Bend.com is a premium generic domain name that would be ideal to be developed as a portal or directory that lists the best about Bend, Oregon such as: Bend’s history, the city’s best attractions, places to eat, places to shop, etc... It is also an excellent name to enhance an already existing ecommerce website business or build a new site in the Yoga and Fitness industries or for any product line/service related to the descriptive verb “To Bend”.Acquiring this rare generic domain name offers lots of potential to dominate any of these internet business niches!  More info

Clark Co., WA 
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VacationProperty.com Premium Domain Name

VacationProperty.com - Acquire this powerful domain name if you are in this industry! Perfect for establishing a portal or directory that lists or compares vacation properties by location, type, current rates, and/or assists with renting a vacation property, etc. Established software already in place included with the sale. Also great as a blog or ecommerce website and even a content based information site that offers pay per click, affiliate links and paid ads. More info

Orange Co., CA 
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Catholics.com Premium Domain Name

Catholics.com is a very rare ultra premium generic domain name! There are about 90 million Catholics in North America and nearly a billion Catholics worldwide. While not all are currently practicing, most Catholics in the U.S. participate in Weddings, Baptisms and First Communions for their children or for children of friends & family members. Gifts are customary for all of these Sacraments making this a superb acquisition to create into or for an existing full blown ecommerce website business for catholic religious products. Lots of potential to dominate this internet business niche when you own this rare generic domain name. It also has great possibilities to be developed as a portal or a More info

Palm Beach Co., FL 
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OnlineDrugs.com Premium Domain Name

OnlineDrugs.com is a rare generic dotcom domain name with lots of opportunity to develop! More info

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