Business Brokers In Iowa

Preferred Business Broker

Marigold Resources

Todd McGreevy

Davenport, IA, Iowa - 563-650-0120

Benchmark Business Group

Dennis Henderson

Des Moines, Iowa - (515) 727-4300

More Business Brokers

Ankeny, Iowa
Sunbelt - Quad Cities
Milt Anderson, CBI
Davenport, Iowa
KR Business Brokers
Roger Ranker
Des Moines, Iowa
Des Moines, Iowa

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Marigold Resourcescombines the best of old school networking and relationship management with modern technology's marketing and deal flow management processes.
Benchmark Business Group

Benchmark Business Group -- Our specialty is pricing, packaging, marketing, and selling businesses. We excel in coordinating the buy/sell process with lenders, creditors, attorneys, and accountants, minimizing last minute surprises and maximizing results for our clients.