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If this is your first time buying or selling a business or starting your own small business, you'll need plenty of help and advice. That's why we compiled this extensive collection of information and resources.

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Pointers for Your Search for a Business for Sale
10 Pointers to Guide your Search
By Andy Cagnetta
Looking for the Thrill Factor in a Franchise
The role of excitement in choosing the franchise that is right for you
By Vasilis Georgiou CBI, M&AMI, CBB, MBA, CIRM
Want to play the game? Learn the unofficial rules!
10 Rules to Follow Before Buying a Business
By Andy Cagnetta
Risk Taking in Entrepreneurship
Can you be Captain Kirk?
By Andy Cagnetta
Job Seekers and Franchise Options
Why buying a franchise can be a career choice
By Vasilis Georgiou CBI, M&AMI, CBB, MBA, CIRM
Buying A Franchise It's All About You
Things to consider before choosing a franchise to invest in
By Vasilis Georgiou CBI, M&AMI, CBB, MBA, CIRM
Hiring Your First Employee and Managing Them for Success
Develop Successful Employees for a Lasting Organization
By Jason Rager
Prediction for Franchising in 2014: Continued Economic Expansion
A Great Outlook for Franchising in 2014!
By Jason Rager
Taking on Partners in a Franchise Business
The pros and cons of partnering on your franchise opportunity
By Jason Rager
Starting a Franchise Business in a Down Economy
Why buying a franchise makes sense now
By Jason Rager
Site Selection for a Retail Franchise Business
Three keys to a successfull franchise: location, location, location!
By Jason Rager
The Lifestyle of a Franchise Business Owner
Envision what role you will take on
By Jason Rager
What is Franchise Discovery Day?
An important step in the franchisor/franchisee courtship
By Jason Rager
How Long Until My Franchise Business Breaks Even?
Financial planning for a succesfull franchise business
By Jason Rager
Raising Money to Start a Franchise Business
Taking on a partner or debt to fulfill your dreams of franchise ownership
By Jason Rager
Steps Leading up to Visiting the Franchisor
Research as much about your potential franchise business as possible
By Jason Rager
Why Buy an Existing Business?
An existing business or franchise will have a history from which you will be able to make certain decisions
By Richard Parker
Filing as an S Corporation Can Help Avoid Double Taxation
If the business meets certain criteria, it may select this status
By Incorporation Services from BizFilings

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