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Horizon Business Brokers, LLC

Dustin Zeher

District of Columbia, Washington DC - (202) 573-9794

Pivotal Group, Inc.

Raaz Ali

Washington, DC, Washington DC - (202) 559-9088

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Washington, DC, Washington DC

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Lionchase Holdings
Kenneth Brown
Washington, Washington DC
Global Business Brokerage, LLC.
Omar Alhariri, CBI
Washington DC, Washington DC

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PIV Group

Pivotal Group, Inc. (PIV Group) #1 Business Broker / M&A firm in the DC Metro Area. We specialize in business transaction sizes anywhere from $1M-$75M. We take no retainers, no flat commission percentages, and we have the highest success rate in closing deals with turnaround times that well exceed the industry standards.
Horizon Business Brokers, LLC is a full service Business Brokerage Firm facilitating corporate mergers & acquisitions and connecting buyers and sellers of businesses. We specialize in the main street market with revenues up to $10,000,000, though no business is too big or too small.