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$20 Chiropractic Clinics

$20 Chiropractic Clinics is more than just a profitable business venture, our mission is to contribute to the health of the community by providing the best quality Chiropractic services at the most affordable price of $20.

This unique concept, whose time has come, will benefit the chiropractic patient, the profession, and innovative investors.

The combination of low cost ($20 per visit), high-quality, and fast service will give the patient exactly what they are looking for when seeking Chiropractic care.

The power of the $20 Chiropractic Clinic concept is in the numbers. Although each clinic will generate an attractive return on investment, the more clinics opened, the more effective will be the overall $20 Chiropractic Clinic approach.

Eventually, $20 Chiropractic Clinic will become a household name for Chiropractic. Similar to McDonalds, Walmart, Apple, etc., $20 Chiropractic Clinic's time has come to capitalize on the Chiropractic aspect of healthcare. Can you imagine being invited to become a partner in McDonald's back in 1960? That's what this business is offering you.

We currently have eleven successful $20 Chiropractic Clinics in the Atlanta area. Our ten year Strategic Plan is to open thirteen hundred $20 Chiropractic Clinics nationwide. The fastest way to do this is by bringing on investment partners.

I am looking for multiple business partners who are interested in opening a minimum of five or more $20 Chiropractic Clinics by investing $105,000 each, for start-up capital in the proposed expansion of the $20 Chiropractic Clinic concept. In exchange for the $105,000 investment per clinic, the invested partner will receive 49% of the net proceeds on a monthly basis, and ultimately, within four years, 49% of the selling price for the involved clinic. The ROI is approximately 146%.

Please take your time reading this unique and timely Business Proposal and allow me to answer any questions you might have.

Sincerely Yours,
Dr. Michael J. Duckett
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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