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360 Solutions LLC

Dominate the Market


Helping Business Owners Thrive in ANY Economy

Don't be Fooled by Media Hype Business is EVERYWHERE!

Be the "Premier Employee Training" firm for every company in town. Open an Employee Training Center that specializes in Soft Skills Training, Coaching, Assessments and Consulting

Thousands of companies and business owners in your area desperately need help and will gladly pay top dollar for our services because these services enable them to thrive in any economy...

You'll profit by having:
  • Multiple Income Streams
  • Multiple Products and Services
  • NO Royalties, Advertising Fees or Additional Cost for Multiple Locations
  • Unique Selling and Value Proposition will Position you as the ONLY choice
  • The Ability to Customize, Modify and Private Label your Courses
  • Extremely HIGH Profit Margins
  • One LOW Investment Fee for One or 100 Locations

Our business model is extremely simple yet incredibly effective. It allows you to attract the best clients to win more business in less time so that you own the employee training space.

We give you everything you need to successfully run one location or multiple locations while building a company that attracts high quality "long-term", profitable clients. Your training center will be positioned as a world-class provider of professional services so that you'll be the first and only choice business owners will consider for all their training needs… from classroom style to experiential learning to business round tables.

This is a professional white collar business that requires dedicated, motivated and results oriented business owners who see the BIG picture and want to capitalize on it.

You will be a perfect fit for this unique opportunity if you;
  • Thrive on the vast amount of opportunities in the new economy
  • Want the capabilities of doing business with every company from any industry in town
  • Desire long-term lasting success with built-in residual income
  • Are a progressive leader who can motivate others to perform at the highest level
  • Have a burning passion to help others be successful by using proven principles
  • Are financially capable of investing $175,000 (partner fee, training center build out, advertising) in your success

If you want to capitalize in the huge market of employee training & partner with the world leader in the industry let's talk.

Your Business Success Simplified...

Here's what some of our Strategic Business Partners are saying:

Started my business in Feb 2010... I'm having a blast and finding business everywhere. Will hit my first year goal of $350k net income!
~Jeff in Florida

Today (Aug 2010) I signed a 6 month contract for our services at $20,000/month
~Carol in New York

I just land another retainer fee client for $2,600 per month (Aug 2010)
~Wallace in Chicago

Over the past 7 weeks I've landed 5 small business accounts for $36,000 per year each on top of all the other business I signed in my first 4 months of business (July/Aug 2010)
~ Dana in Virginia

"We joined 360 Solutions for a very specific reason, marketing focus. Through the workshop membership program, we are now able to get in front of our current clients and prospects 12 times per year. This creates long-term relationships..."
~Paul Sims, Advanced Leadership
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