911 Driving School Business Opportunity

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911 Driving School

9-1-1 Driving School Franchise

For over 15 years, 9-1-1 Driving School has been dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of driver training and safety through proven techniques under the guidance of police officers, fire fighters and EMTs. Now this unique opportunity is poised for expansion throughout the US. With ten years of franchising experience and 22 locations, 9-1-1 Driving Schools has the green light to accelerate quickly!

Experience. Knowledge. Trust.

Experience: Police officers see firsthand the consequences of good and bad driving decisions and can share that experience with students. 9-1-1 Driving School has years of success leveraging that experience base to teach people to be great drivers, not just to get licenses.

Knowledge: No other driving school has instructors that receive over 720 hours of driver-specific training. 9-1-1 Driving School has put this knowledge to work in a curriculum and franchise operations model that spans seven states and continues to expand.

Trust: Police officers are dedicated to protecting and serving their communities. This commitment extends to their role as driving instructors. They can be trusted to give students the most impactful and safety-oriented driving instruction. 9-1-1 Driving School shares this commitment to students, and has earned the same high level of trust with their franchisees.

Drive Yourself to Franchise Success!

  • 100,000+ successfully trained students nationwide
  • Traditional first-time license instruction for all ages
  • Classroom, online and behind-the-wheel instruction
  • Training for RV owners, motorcycles, senior citizens and commercial fleet drivers
  • Supplemental training as required by the judicial system, DMV, employers or insurance companies
  • Proven successful franchise model with over 10 years of profitable operations
  • Substantial and positive contribution to your community and its safety
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