911 Restoration Franchise

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911 Restoration

The 911 Advantages

Want to know the advantages of joining 911 Restoration? Teaming up with our franchise family will allow you the benefits of growing with a trusted brand that will allow you to earn a healthy ROI while helping to rebuild your community and impacting people's lives.

When you join the 911 family, you get much more than a business in a box. Our franchisees are coached on how to think, manage, and grow like a successful CEO.

Invest in your future with the 911 Restoration advantages and strategies we offer:

  • Lead generation (In-house marketing team - Google Partners)
  • 24/7/365 Phone Support to warm-transfer calls to franchisees
  • National Accounts & Preferred Vendors
  • Operational business coach to train you on how to think, manage, and grow like a CEO
  • Operational & Business Development support to help you grow and develop locally
  • Estimating/Billing Department that deals directly with insurance companies
  • Financing and purchasing assistance
  • Ongoing support with day-to-day operations


We provide much more than a business in a box. We coach our franchisees on how to manage their time, team, and money to successfully think like a CEO.

Leading the market requires much more than examining the current marketplace. We train our franchisees on how to develop new and maintain existing relationships through delivering the highest customer experience in all aspects of their business.

What kind of training do we provide?

Management Training: During our training week at headquarters, our franchisees have the opportunity to meet our panel of in-house experts that will coach them on various key components of successfully running their own restoration business.

What kind of ongoing support do we offer?

Our franchisees receive an outpour of ongoing support to successfully manage their daily operations like a CEO. From branding, marketing, lead generation, job estimation support, to 24/7/365 days phone support, our team is here to provide you with the support you need to smoothly run your day-to-day operations.

Operational Support:

As soon as you onboard as a 911 Restoration franchisee, our operational business coach will work with you hand in hand to train you on how to be a better business owner. From handling the initial dispatched call that is warm-transferred from our call center, to closing a deal, our franchisees will be coached every step of the way.

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