Marilyn Monroe Spas: Get Polished, Stay Polished.

We are the only spa and beauty franchise opportunity that embraces the glamorous, world renowned, and timeless legacy of Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn, paired with a spa experience unlike any in the industry, creates the perfect foundation for an unprecedented franchise opportunity.

Marilyn Monroe Spas Franchise Opportunity

Marilyn Monroe Spas franchises provide the opportunity to be in on the ground floor of an unprecedented business opportunity, in a growing industry, and to become associated with an internationally recognized iconic brand name. Many of the best and most prime territorial regions and locations are now open for development. The ability to control a market area, develop internationally or diversify your existing business portfolio is now available.

What makes Marilyn Monroe Spas different?

  • Immediately recognizable icon creates strong brand awareness
  • All spas offer a broad array of services
  • Multiple recurring revenue streams
  • Site selection flexibility with large and small format options
  • Fresh, modern environments and stand out locations
  • Unprecedented approach to cleanliness, hygiene and safety
  • Resort-like spa experiences in local lifestyle centers
  • Certified organic skincare products and "three-free" nail polishes
  • Requires NO prior experience
  • Strong, ongoing support and experienced spa and hospitality industry veterans
  • Marketing and operational support
  • Real estate site selection assistance
  • Local design and construction support
  • Integrated POS/Accounting/Appointment/Client Software

Why choose a spa franchise?

  • The Salon and Spa industry is a vibrant and growing component of the U.S. economy with annual sales of $48 billion.
  • The Salon and Spa industry has outperformed the overall private sector during and since the recession.
  • During the last four years, the Salon and Spa industry added more than 5,700 locations --a 6.3% gain (compared to 4.7% for the overall economy).
  • The Salon industry job growth outperformed U.S. economy in 12 of the last 15 years, and is projected to post steady job growth in the future.

Brand Strengths:

  • Broad array of services = Multiple revenue streams
  • Immediately recognizable icon = Strong brand awareness
  • Recession resilient industry = Steady growth potential
  • Experienced spa & hospitality industry veterans = Strong ongoing support
  • Large & small format options = Site selection flexibility