Don't Mind If I Dough

A Sweet Story of Passion And Opportunity

As a recent graduate from Belmont University with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Music, I spent my spare time perfecting a safe-to-eat recipe for my favorite treat - cookie dough. Soon after, I was able to combine my love of cookie dough with my entrepreneurial spirit, and NoBaked Cookie Dough was born. The first online store was launched in Nashville, Tennessee, in April 2017, and the rest is sweet history.

Invitations came pouring in to sell the sweet treats of special events. The NoBaked Cookie Dough pop-up shop was created, and was an instant hit. Recognizing the need to quickly meet demand, I brought my fiancé, Jimmy Freeman, on board to help further develop the edible cookie dough concept. With Jimmy's expansion goals and business drive, a full storefront opened in Nashville in October 2017. Clearly, the edible cookie dough market was underserved! The business is now expanding into additional markets, and with the NoBaked Cookie Dough franchise opportunity, to a city near you! Now, through our franchise program, you can ride the wave of demand for sweet, original treats by owning a shop in your local community. We look forward to serving you the opportunity to create a tasty financial future for yourself in a fun and flexible setting.

The Sweet Treat That's Perfectly Safe to Eat

Isn't raw cookie dough "bad" for you? Not anymore! NoBaked Cookie Dough is eggless and made with heat-treated flour, making it perfectly safe and delicious. The dough, which keeps in the fridge for about three weeks or freezer for three months, is ready to be eaten - no baking necessary! A victory for raw dough aficionados everywhere!

Serve it in a cup or a cone. Enjoy it with a large selection of toppings. Upsell it with coffee or hot chocolate. Offer it in a sundae. There are 10 standard recipes for the cookie dough, with seasonal flavors and new flavors continuously being added, keeping customers coming back for more.

There are many advantages to owning your own franchise business with NoBaked Cookie Dough. Here's the scoop:

Broad Appeal

The cookie dough craving audience is wide ranging, with appeal among people of all ages. From children to millennials, families to mans' furry best friends, NoBaked Cookie Dough is filling up fans across the U.S.

By offering vegan options and soon, gluten free options, you can provide a variety of options and adapt to curentt dietary concerns of consumers, further extending your audience reach. And even dog owners are delighted with Bo's Dough, a vegan option for dogs.

Made YOU

We'll provide you with our comforting cookie dough recipies that can easily be prepared right out of your location's kitchen! We believe that in-store preparation of products creates a special ambiance, and the aroma and sight of products being made attracts foot traffic and assures customers that your products are fresh.

What our franchise opportunity will provide you with: