Who We Are

I ❤ Mac & Cheese is a fast-casual concept specializing in customizable, made-to-order macaroni & cheese, grilled cheese, salads and tater tots. Creative, award-winning recipes in a grownup approach to this classic comfort food.

What Makes Us Different

We have taken traditional gourmet dishes and turned them into specialty comfort foods such as Cuban pulled pork mac & cheese and Philly cheese steak mac & cheese, and my new favorite, the Pepperoni Pizza Mac. The creativeness of our dishes is only limited by the guest's imagination.

Desired background of prospects and Ideal candidate: High energy and focused on the customer experience. Has management experience and charisma that includes task performance management, hiring.

Developing/inspiring their team. Someone who is prepared to work hard and be involved in the business daily for at least for the first 3-6 months.

Competitive Advantage of the Product/Service:

  • Delicious Made to Order Gourmet Mac & Cheese
  • Small footprint 1600 sq ft
  • Low initial investment
  • Minimal Employees
  • Simple assembly line operation
  • No freezers, fryers or microwaves
  • Approx. 4 Min ticket times

Approx. 4 Min ticket times

Franchisor Support

  • Initial training – 2 weeks at corporate training store 4 weeks prior to café opening.
  • In field grand opening operational support weeks prior to opening - training staff and owner/management on production and POS system.
  • In-field assistance with café opening.
  • Ongoing support - help line, field support (1 operational support person assigned to your group, annual meetings, advertising, central purchasing)
  • Ongoing support, social media support, internal marketing support
  • Financial strength of franchisor: I ❤ Mac & Cheese carries no debt. All 6 corporate stores show growing revenue, profit and customer base