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We are recognized as one of the best franchise systems in America!

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About The Housecleaning Industry

More people than ever live in two-income households, they don't have the time or desire to do their own housecleaning and that puts us right in the middle of one of the fastest growing industries in the country. On top of that, our business isn't seasonal and it doesn't rise and fall with the economy. And best of all, since this growth spurt is a relatively new phenomenon, the industry is far from saturated.

One of the most dramatic shifts in the American economy over the past few decades has been the growing number of workingwomen. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 2/3rds of American women work outside the home, and in the next few years, that number is projected to reach 80%. The two-career household is clearly here to stay. People are pressed for time as never before and services such as ours have become more a necessity than a luxury.

Residential housecleaning has become one of the fastest growing industries in the country. Its currently approaching $20 billion dollars in annual sales, and the projected annual growth rate is 20%.

Highest Per Office Average Gross Revenues In The Home Cleaning Industry

We have very large Franchise zones comprised of domestic and commercial cleaning systems. We are looking for owners who want to make six figure incomes, do not want to clean themselves and have a very special talent for managing people. Our #1 goal is to increase existing Franchise sales. That’s why we only award a few new Franchises each year. We are #1 in average Franchise sales at $400,000+ with our largest offices grossing $1,000,000+.

Marketing Support

Our expert marketing staff produces powerful materials that are proven to generate business. Direct mailers, brochures, internet landing pages, newsletters and public relations kits are all regularly undated to keep your image fresh. We can customize materials just for your needs. Our direct mail department will label, pre-sort and drop your advertisements at the post office – all with just a quick phone call to our (80) number.

Operational Support

We provide you with a comprehensive (150) page Operations Manual, OHSA product safety guide and Worker’s Compensation - loss control program. Our PIC proprietary software program will streamline payroll, income, customer scheduling and much more.


Our initial two week training and continuous support from a District Manager helps you learn the HCCA system which is based on the highest quality and best service in the cleaning industry!

Multiple Profit Centers

We don't limit your growth and profit. After successfully building the Home Cleaning business, you may be selected to start one of our flagship multiple profit centers to increase your sales. The profit centers that we offer are:

Key Franchise Benefits