Business Broker Testimonials

BizQuest has created hundreds of satisfied business broker customers over the years. Here is what just a few of them had to say:

"BizQuest has been BY FAR our most effective site. If I had to choose only one, this would be it."

Jim Denison
Ramseyer & Associates

"I found a buyer for a difficult listing in 2 days after joining...Thank you BizQuest!!"

Chris Savage
Florida Business Exchange, Inc.

" is the best business-for-sale website on the internet and consistently produces the most leads and sales."

Robert Pratt
Broker, West USA Premier Properties

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"Originally I put 3 businesses on BizQuest. I am in a metro area of about 1.5 million readership of our local paper’s business opportunity column. All my leads that lead to the sales of the 3 businesses came from BizQuest. I was surprised at the amount of local prospects that look at BizQuest."

Jim Kops, Best Business Consulting

"I have sold several businesses in less than 60 days through the increased visibility of quality, buyer driven websites like BizQuest. In the past, I have used many other websites for my business listings with varying degrees of success. Since I began using BizQuest, I have noticed a significant increase in both the volume and quality of traffic from this website."

Douglas R. Batts, Murphy Business & Financial Corporation

"Thank you and BizQuest for excellent service. Great media coverage and results that are much better than anyone else. We will have over 200 million in listings posted by the end of April. Our office Broker, Corporate Attorney and staff enjoy the quality of buyers and sellers your site attracts. Again Thank You."

John York, Marketing, Durgan & Associates

"I am a new Business Broker and have used BizQuest for eight months. I’m happy to say that I closed my first business with a BizQuest buyer. Thanks BizQuest for your help."

Margaret Herdt, Business Broker, Keller Williams

"My thanks to BizQuest for providing their business-for-sale website. They are extremely professional with their responses to any and all questions and follow through on what they offer to do. The site not only presents the listings in a clear and easy manner, but they also help educate the buyers and sellers with what’s involved. For many, this is the first time they have bought or sold a business and so can be a very confusing, emotional and time consuming process. Thanks again."

Andrew Rogerson

"I specialize in selling dry cleaners and laundromats only and the best buyers are not always easy to find. The qualified buyers I get from BizQuest are always the best and helped me close 12 dry cleaners last year plus some other businesses. This year 7 dry cleaners and laundromats so far...and counting! Thank you BizQuest."

Liliane Tietjen, President, Patriot Business Advisors

"We are extremely pleased with the buyer response we receive when posting our listings on BizQuest. We have found we usually begin getting inquiries within 24 hours of posting a new listing. Our listing's often have more inquiries from BizQuest than all the other advertising portals combined. In our eyes the top 3 reasons for using BizQuest are immediate response, volume of response, and quality of response. If only securing funding was this easy!"

Brad Yeager, CBI, founder Ecommerce Exit Strategies

"BizQuest is a great site that Transworld has partnered with since its inception. Our premium membership has been extremely valuable to our business over the years. I applaud Dylan for continuing to strive for excellence and continue to upgrade the site over the years. BizQuest is a must for all business brokers!

As Chairman of the IBBA, I appreciate BizQuest’s support of our association and look forward to a long standing relationship."

Andrew R. Cagnetta, Jr., CBI, BCI
CEO, Transworld Business Brokers
Chairman, International Business Brokers Association (IBBA)

"My congratulations to BizQuest for providing my firm more prospective buyers for our listings than any other listing service or advertising media that we use!"

Ron Johnson, CBI, M&AMI, President Allen Business Investments
Past Chairman, International Business Brokers Association (IBBA)

"…we have experienced consistent, responsive and professional service from BizQuest. It development and support staff are easy to work with and understand our business of selling businesses. Dylan Garland has made it clear that BizQuest will continue to provide its high level of service."

Timothy Burke & George Stevenson, Stevenson & Company

"Our [first] listing sold with in 7 days of listing it on BizQuest. We also sold a medical transcription company, medical collections, and medical services company, after being a member since May 5, 2009. In less than 2 months, BizQuest got us the highest quality of buyers, such that we were able to get these deals closed. We will keep advertising our listings with BizQuest."

Penny Papaioannou, Atlantic Business Brokers

"Just wanted to let you know how impressed I have been with your service. I have placed my listings on 12 other sites and within the first month of joining your site you are among the top 2!"

Bill Watson, CPA, Advanced Business Group

"We've been with you for about a year and are very satisfied. BizQuest has generated 2x more leads than [other leading business for sale site]."

Max Friar, Marketing Coordinator, The Charter Group

"I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the responses I have been getting. I just closed on a $5 million deal. The buyer contacted me through my listing."

Larry O'Grady, Empire Resource Group

"I've used BizQuest for many years. I can testify that having my listings on their site has made me hundreds of thousands of dollars. Plus the service has been so good that I went the next step and let them host my web site. Overall, BizQuest has done a great job for us."

Ron Hottes, Sunbelt Business Brokers of Southern California

"Bizquest is extremely user-friendly and great at creating perfect Business Profiles for our listings. Our relationship with Bizquest has lead us to close many deals!"

Jeff Pineda, Baron Business Brokers

"Just wanted to let you know that I had success in obtaining both a listing of a major franchise ... and sold the listing to a buyer at full price who saw it on BizQuest. I got both sides of the deal and wanted to thank BizQuest. This membership has already paid for itself for many years to come. Thanks again for your help and guidance."

Pete Harrison, Legacy Venture Group, Inc.

"GWD-Business Sales has dropped all other brokerage site memberships and have been exclusively using BizQuest for one year as of last week. 95% of the inquiries and leads we receive from the ads we run are viable qualified buyers. In turn we have sold wine distribution rights in 24 territories with 5 more closing the 1st week of July 2010 and expect offers on 8 more territories by August. That does not even come close to painting the real picture because we have received at least 6 additional offers that were declined. The cost of the territories are not cheap and finding the right owners is what we focus on. BizQuest has proven to us that the site can deliver the qualified prospects we are looking for."

John Allen Dees, GWD-Business Sales

"BizQuest brings us qualified buyers for our clients throughout the Rocky Mountain west. At Compass Advisors we use BizQuest for every engagement, and we hope you will join us and experience the effective network that BizQuest has built."

Bryce DeGroot, Compass Advisors

"I wanted to share my story. I have been selling businesses for 15 years. I had been using another website when a broker friend endorsed your site. I was skeptical so I tried by putting one of my listings on your site and had a qualified inquiry within 3 days and closed the deal within four weeks! I was extremely pleased and so were the seller and buyer. I've been a loyal supporter of your site and even now during this tough economy your site is keeping me supplied with qualified buyers. Keep up the good work!"

Dan Lemanski, LeMans, Inc.

"We use BizQuest religiously to get high quality leads and wide exposure for our engagements--the site is one of our most important promotion tools."

Charles P. Spickert, CBI, Touchstone Business Advisors

"BizQuest is very professional and we are pleased with the services.

We listed our businesses about 4 months ago and worked very hard on them. Initially, we didn't have the bowling center up on BizQuest but once we listed it, after a week or two, we had a buyer! We started our business a little less than a year ago and this is our first deal. We made a nice 5 digit figure off of it and are very happy. We've been getting a lot of good, qualified buyers off of the site and feel that we cannot have done this without the help of BizQuest.

We have another business listed on BizQuest that will be closing in a couple weeks! I recommend BizQuest to anybody who wants to sell a business. Instead of spending thousands on local advertising, it's a no-brainer to have and keep a membership.

Thanks to your company, our business is really getting off the ground. We found buyers for 2 of our businesses in less than 2 months. If it wasn't for your site we wouldn't be as successful as we are now. We can't thank you enough."

Brian and Jan Buecker, Creative Business Transitions

"BizQuest is now our best site for selling businesses... On September 26th, I took a listing on a "Truck Stop.” After about a week of gathering information together, I posted ads on four sites and was overwhelmed with the response! The ad on BizQuest was the most productive, resulting in inquiries from over fifty "Prospects" within days, among which were several real "Buyers". I closed the transaction by the end of October! Obviously, the type of business with owner financing shortened the sales cycle, but this could not start without good ad responses. Thanks!"

Bob McDowell, CBI, McDowell Business Associates

"BizQuest is more responsive and professional than any other company with which I have done business."

Mark Putnam, Principal, Putnam Ring Group and Past President, IBBA

"Over the past three years we have watched the number of buyers... grow many times over... We have closed deals with buyers from as far away as Maryland... The structure you have put in place also saves us a lot of time and makes us more productive, because when we input a new business opportunity on the BizQuest website it automatically gets copied to the IBBA website, MBBI website, and M&A Source website along with our very own site.

Again thank you for helping me learn all the benefits of using the web. I definitely see the results you were talking about only 3 short years ago. I think it is one of the better marketing tools we can use in our industry (best bang for your buck--in my opinion) and it is only going to get better as the internet continues to grow and more people are using it."

Scott Bushkie, CBI, M&AMI
President, Cornerstone Business Services, Inc.

"We thought you should know how ecstatic we are — We literally get responses daily."

Brad Marlor & Wayne Simpson, CBI, Utah Business Consultants

"There is no doubt you are the leader in web search for businesses. Some days I have trouble keeping up with my calls. Thanks for the great job BizQuest!"

Neil Meislin, Executive Vice President, Business Brokers Of America

"I subscribe to on a monthly basis. It is one of the greatest sources of advertising nationwide and abroad. I do receive good quality Buyers. As a result of this advertising my income has grown far exceeding my expectations. Furthermore, I am very happy with the personal service and prompt attention that the staff of gives to me."

Emily Strait, Broker, E & M Realty Investments, Inc.

Share Your Success!
Tell us your BizQuest success story and be featured on our website