ACell Phone Repair Business Opportunity

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ACell Phone Repair

The Business Model:

Systems and Processes that Work.  The ACell Phone Repair model is simple and structured efficiently to provide profitability and ease of operating management for a franchise partner.  The operating model is remarkably simple which allows for ease of replication and will make for a straight-forward training program with new franchise partners. 

The products offered out of the retail locations are basic cell phone and mobile technology items.  Most of which can be drop shipped directly to the customer's home and allow for the franchisee to not have to carry much inventory.  Product sales make up a small portion of the overall revenue in each location – most of the operating revenue is derived through service sales and repair work.  People bringing in their own mobile technology for repair is what drives the business and differentiates the model from the traditional cell phone retail location – we live on service!  The locations offer services ranging from resetting software to fixing broken hardware on the devices in addition to selling new hardware technology.  Mobile technology can include phones, smart phones, iPads and other equipment – virtually anything mobile can be served at the ACell Phone locations.

Background on the Company

Jason Takemoto and his son Brent started the ACell phone business model in 2009 and the company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.  Jason has had a background as an entrepreneur working and starting several businesses successfully and Brent had spent years in the telecommunications field working in cell phone sales and retail for some of the world's largest telecommunications providers.  The Cellular industry has grown to be a $153 Billion Industry with the rise in popularity for mobile technology - with the explosion of smart phones, cell phones and mobile technology throughout the U.S. and around the world, the demand for mobile technology repair and service was growing consistently and there were very few places that people could take their technology to be fixed.  Jason and Brent realized the need for a quality service operation and started ACell - the concept was immediately successful and the organization soon thereafter opened a second successful location in the Los Angeles market.  It became apparent that company owned growth could not keep up with the growing demand for services in markets around the country. 

Benefits to the ACell Phone Repair Model:

-         Simplicity of Operating Concept – Compact and Systemized

-         High Potential Return on Investment – 112% By Second Year

-         Multiple Location Opportunity – Concept Can Scale

-         Training and Support Program – Corporate and Field Training

-         Access to Vendor Relationships – Approved Vendor Lists and Partners

-         Experienced and Qualified Management – Decades of Experience

Concept:  The ACell Phone Repair Franchise model will be a fixed retail location providing a wide range of mobile technology repair services.  The operating model is simple in nature and operational complexity, but delivers an extremely diverse and high-end experience to the customer with great results.  Today's consumer has become unbelievably connected and dependent on their smart phones and in many cases their iPads or other mobile technology.  These items do break and when they do, they can be extremely expensive to replace.  The ACell model is designed to provide quick, convenient and effective repair services when needed.  The locations are very compact and efficient.  A location can be as small as 800 square feet if places in the right spot.  We look for high traffic areas, but want to keep rents at $1,000 per month or lower to keep the overhead low.  The concept has very low operating costs which allows for extremely high margins for a retail business model. 

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