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The Brand may not be Sexy, but the Money is: A Franchise for Transitioning Executives.

There aren't many proven franchises that can work for transitioning executives or others who can only start part time.

In fact, launching a new business usually requires more than a full time effort. But what about those successful people who are doing well in their current role, but are looking for a way out?

You may be thinking, "The franchise opportunity has to offer enough to replace my current income in the long term, but also give me time to make the transition." Does this sound like your situation?

Meet AdvantaClean; we provide Light Environmental Services to make homes and businesses clean, safe, healthy and efficient. Our recession proof service mix spans four multi-billion-ollar industries, providing multiple revenue sources.

Most of our AdvantaClean franchisees were like you too, looking for a way out. But here's what they are saying now.

"AdvantaClean has changed my life and the life of my family. It has set me on a financial path that could not have happened for me as an employee in the corporate world. I wish I had done it sooner."

So how did they do it? Good question; it's taken us almost 25 years to build the AdvantaClean system to help people like you transition successfully.

Our system provides the critical elements to make it a reality:

  • Our national call center sets your appointments
  • We do the multi-channel marketing that brings customers to you
  • The tech support line helps your team with in the moment questions
  • University training system
  • Large protected territories for large financial opportunity
  • And more…

How strong is it really?

  • The simple straightforward structure is easy to manage
  • It's need based, not insurance driven
  • It's a low cost investment with low overhead
  • Margins can support the owner and a manager (74%)

And we make sure it stays that way.

  • Regular financial review and strategizing
  • Annual conference
  • Culture of constant support and training
  • Strong resale value

We prioritize community citizenship (an added value for our customers and employees to be proud of the impact you're making)

But what about the time and effort to get started? We help with that too.

  • Your "business in a box" will be delivered direct to you
  • AdvantaClean University includes leadership, management, and technical training
  • You will have a dedicated coach to help you launch within 90 days

AdvantaClean delivers a well-established service through our time tested business, for sustainable profit; and that's a winning combination! No other franchise opportunity offers everything we do and solves the type of issues we solve for customers.

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