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Make $$$ As a Franchise Underwriter (Developer)



Don’t buy a franchise!  For a much smaller investment you can OWN a company that sells franchises!  Have you ever wished that you could own a successful franchise concept, but don't own a business that can be franchised?  Well, you can, as a franchise underwriter (developer), and we will show you how to do it.  This is similar to being a venture capitalist, but at a much lower cost and level of investment, we will show you how to locate and bring new franchise concepts to market.

We Will Train You to be a Franchise Underwriter (Developer)
  • Identify hot new concepts
  • Bring them to market as a franchise
  • Control the franchise process!
  • Own 60% to 80% of The Program
  • FREE Training and Support
  • Opportunities are Available

"The best way, and perhaps the only way, to make a significant amount of money with franchising is to own and control the franchise sale.  Consider this:  Instead of buying a franchise, why not invest much, much less, and own your own franchise company?  You can be a franchisor, rather than a franchisee. 
-- John Power, founder of AdvantaFran

What You Will Do:
With our guidance, you will look for successful businesses that can be franchised.  They can be located anywhere in the country!  We will act as a voluntary "underwriting committee" for you, giving you input and guidance, helping you make the best decisions.  When you find a good model business that can be franchised, we will show you how to approach the owner, how to negotiate a development program (that costs the owner nothing), and how to underwrite and put the program together .

There is NO actual cost; just buy a franchise development package from us at a wholesale price (one-half of what businesses normally pay) and then use it for your first concept.  There are no other fees.  Your initial investment INCLUDES the cost of your first “deal!”

How Much Can You Make?
With an initial purchase of less than $10,000 for a franchise development package, you can sell 10, 20, 50, 100, or more, franchises at $20,000 to $30,000 each, with minimum support costs.  As you do the math, you will see why franchising can be one of the best income opportunities available.  And, you don't have to own your own concept (business) to franchise, we'll show you how to find concepts that you can develop and market!  This is a very, very profitable way to earn money in the franchising industry!  More importantly, you can do more than one deal over time!

Respond Now:
This is a very exciting opportunity for you!  No one has ever offered something like this, because almost no one has the varied and extensive franchise industry experience that we do.

You will work personally with the founder of AdvantaFran, John Power, who will teach you about franchising, marketing, franchise sales, and who will provide all the forms and details that you need to be successful.

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