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Aladdin Doors

About Our Affordable Franchises

At Aladdin Doors®, we’re passionate about satisfying our customers, growing our business, making money and having fun—and we’re not alone. The garage door has become a hot new design statement for American homeowners who want the latest in style, safety, and high-tech function.

At Aladdin Doors® our most valuable asset is our people, we believe that because of them we are in business and with this in mind we will continue and grow our business.

We sell more than just garage door products and services; we focus on three key characteristics of running an effective business: "Fun, Excitement and Imagination."

Our franchise program is comprised of a magical brand name, high standards, ease of operation, web based management software, on site sales system and much more. Access to the latest garage door technology including the state of the art electronic opener devices adds even more excitement.

The vision for our Aladdin Doors® franchise program is to become an industry leader in quick, high quality, and comprehensive garage door services. We’re confident our magical brand will keep growing as long as we continue to embrace innovation and technology and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Quit searching for other business opportunities. Let Aladdin Doors® grant your wish for a new career direction!

Low Investment Franchises

Aladdin Doors®: A System with Benefits

Our management team at Aladdin Doors® has created a business model with unrivaled customer loyalty—and that’s the advantage we provide for our franchise owners. Combined with a solid business model, relatively low investment requirements, and a vital, year-round market, an Aladdin Doors® franchise can be an exceptional opportunity for a hard-working, business-minded individual.

Benefits of owning an Aladdin Doors® franchise:

Brand Advantage- A magical brand name: Our vans with their distinctive Aladdin Doors® brand attributes have already been making their mark where we currently have operations; the Aladdin Doors® brand is associated with fast and reliable service and quality products.

Product Advantage- Access to a wide inventory of garage doors, parts, and accessories: As a master dealer, Aladdin Doors® has established solid working relationships with an extensive array of the top manufacturers and vendors in the industry, to meet your customers’ needs and tastes.

Team Advantage- You will be operating your Aladdin Doors® franchise for yourself but you will never be by yourself. You will have a team of Aladdin Doors® experts backing you up each step of your way helping your business to flourish.

Low Investment- You can start an Aladdin Doors® franchise as a home-based business, just as we did, later growing into light industrial space for more display and storage possibilities.

Industry Advantage- Since most residential and many commercial buildings have some kind of garage that is used multiple times a day, there will be a perpetual need for professional – not DIY — garage door service and replacement.

Support Advantage- As the owner of an Aladdin Doors® franchise, you can expect to receive first-rate support from our management team.

Discounted franchise fees are available for conversion franchises and for honorably discharged military veterans.

Qualities Needed to Succeed

  • Has a dream of ownership and the ambition to succeed
  • Independent but wants to feel a part of a winning team
  • Has exceptional communication and interpersonal skills
  • Has proven leadership and management skills
  • Customer service and detail oriented
  • No industry experience required


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