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Allow Card


By Issuing Prepaid Cards

Allowance Cards - Card of America - Payroll Cards & Latino Cards

The Prepaid Card Industry has been in existence for the past 9 years and is growing at an unbelievable pace. By owning the marketing rights to the above cards in your state, you can lock yourself into the income stream and build a monthly residual that could last for years.

As Allowance Cards are issued for students, COA Payroll Cards for Employees and also for the Latino population, you will be earning a piece of the action each and every month.


The State Director selected will manage their territory by recruiting local enrollment Area Directors. These Area Directors will sign up non profit organizations, schools, churches, charities, and associations where there is a need or desire to raise money for their various projects and purposes. Fundraisers.

Working their local market, each Area Director will have the opportunity to build residual income by helping organizations use card enrollments as their fundraisers. Through the sale and enrollment of teens into the Allow Card Program they receive donations. Everybody wins!

Certain qualified Area Directors will be trained to offer the COA Payroll Card directly to companies and through Payroll Companies that offer payroll services to business clients directly to the employers themselves. Employees get their pay on their COA / MasterCard as an attractive alternative to paper checks.

Area Directors will also be providing the COA MasterCard to the Latino communities for a population that will prefer this as their general spending card. The card will have the ability to transfer funds from card to card at a very economical rate. An inexpensive way to give monies to a loved one.

The perfect business that not only will build your financial future but will also satisfy a goal in life of doing something good for others.


  • Work from homeEarn tremendous income
  • No payroll to meet
  • Work with BusinessesChurchesOrganizations---Associations
  • Everybody wins ---Students---Parents---Adults ---Employers
  • Safe and secure ---Prepaid Cards eliminate high bank penalty fees
  • Own a monthly residual income stream that becomes valuable


Its All About Building your Own Business

We are all familiar with the type of business and investment where you work constantly and become a slave to save your investment. You open a store that requires someone there to open up and close five to seven days a week. Often you have additional payroll to meet, payroll taxes to worry about, utilities, advertising, and general operating expenses to erode your profits each month. The risk - vs - rewards can be huge if things dont go right.

These Prepaid MasterCards provide you a unique opportunity where your money actually works for you. You market the cards and that is all. We do everything else. A Turn-Key Operation.

  1. We process and fulfill the card orders
  2. We handle the required banking for the cards Loading and spending
  3. We handle all customer service calls
  4. We monitor all transactions and website management
  5. We solve all cardholder complaints or problems

    Once the cards are issued and activated, you continue to earn residual income checks monthly while you are comfortable at home. As the issued number of active cards continues to grow each year, your business becomes a valuable asset. No time clocks to punch or large overhead commitments. Work from your office at home while the monthly revenue continues to grow.

    This is a once in a lifetime chance to build the lifestyle where you can earn more money than you will ever need.

    State Territories are still remaining for the right person

    We will select and appoint only One Person Per State and then train that person our Prepaid Card Programs from the ground up. If you are selected, we then concentrate on helping you in recruiting and appointing local Area Directors to work these programs in their local market area.

    Qualifications for State Director

    1. The qualified applicant should have the necessary investment capital to secure their state territory and the necessary capital to develop their area.
    2. The qualified applicant will prove to Allow Card that they have experience that will help them to recruit and hire local area directors.
    3. The qualified applicant will be able to pass the Prepaid Card background check and prove that they are of good character.

      Minimum Investment
      $25,000 up to $1,000,000

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