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AmCorp Management, Inc.


Join the nation's fastest-growing expense analysis firm!

If you are seeking a business that is recession-resistant and even flourishes during economic downturns the AmCorp Management, Inc. business opportunity may be perfect for you. Over the last 12 months while several American companies were making workforce reductions, AmCorp has grown over 300%. AmCorp provides you with the opportunity to become part of an exciting, growing industry and run a business that has no costly overhead, no salaries to pay, no royalties and little to no competition.

Proven Blueprint for Success

A methodical and practical approach to client development and business referrals. Utilizing our proprietary marketing and management systems allow you to develop endless clients and referrals.

Today's economy is creating new opportunities that you can capitalize on. AmCorp Management is recognized as the nation's leader in expense management services. We have been highlighted on Fox Business, CNN, MSNBC and CNN News Network.

Rewarding Services

Our services generously reward our representatives and they bring true value and real money to our clients' bottom line.

Market Facts:

  • Over 80% of all commercial tenants are overcharged by their landlords
  • 90% of commercial real estate investors are unknowingly overpaying their taxes
  • Almost 60% of all commercial property is over taxed
AmCorp Management offers a no risk opportunity to our clients. Our performance based business model allows your client to receive a no-cost, no-risk expense analysis. They only pay us when we uncover new revenue for their business, fortunately we are successful over 80% of the time.

An Incredibly Large and Growing Market

There is over two trillion dollars of built and leased commercial property in this country and growing. Practically every business in America either leases or owns a facility. These are all potential clients and there truly is not a larger market.Today more than ever businesses need and demand our services. No other company offers the same facility expense management services so you have virtually no competition in an incredibly large market. You will be helping your clients locate tens of thousands of dollars in overpaid facility expenses.

Unmatched Opportunity

An AmCorp Agency is structurally comparable to a Realty Firm or Insurance Agency, with no limit on the Market and almost no competition. AmCorp helps you build and develop a business that has multiple income streams. To begin with you receive:
  • A larger territory than any other business
  • State of the art training
  • Unequalled Support for your business
  • Commission Administration for your business
  • Profit Sharing and Leadership bonuses
  • Benefit Allowances for your business
  • Reimbursement of Start-up investment

AmCorp Agency Owner – Tom Wagenhauser

Before joining AmCorp Management I asked myself what I wanted out of life. I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to serve my customers and community in a meaningful and satisfying way. I didn't want to hear about work and personal life balance, I wanted to live it. I wanted an opportunity that rewarded me when I was successful and I didn't want to be micromanaged while I was doing it. I didn't think I would every find this and was destined to work a job. Then I found out about AmCorp Management.

There are as many different reasons to be in this business as there are AmCorp Management Business Strategists. Being an AmCorp Management Business Strategist isn't just about providing high-quality timely services to your clients, it's about making a difference. Owning your own business as an AmCorp Management Business Strategist provides you the means to make a difference in the lives of many people including your family, local business owners, and community and civic organizations. The AmCorp business opportunity can help reshape your work week and your life. It can help you build a solid future for your family. It's your life, now is the time to take control of it. AmCorp Management can help you build your own business - the way you want it!

AmCorp has already helped hundreds of people start on their path to success. AmCorp entrepreneurs are attracted by the unique and fulfilling services we offer our customers. You are motivated by the limitless potential of the opportunity. You will have fun with this business and enjoy what you are doing because you are making a difference and accomplishing this with a true balance between your work and personal life that you define. AmCorp Management will provide you with all the training and support you need to help you achieve the goals you set for yourself. You will be part of a nationwide community of successful entrepreneurs.

Unparalleled Training

Take advantage of our state-of-the-art training systems. Each representative receives 2 days home office training and 24/7 online training. We also provide weekly training calls with leaders around the country to share new ideas and successful practices.

A Solid Foundation

With AmCorp Management you will benefit from over 25 years of experience. That experience has helped over 10,000 clients recover over $700,000,000. All because people like you have introduced them to our rewarding and practical risk free services.

A Rewarding Opportunity

At AmCorp we understand what it takes to make it in business so we offer ample support and assistance in building your business. With AmCorp you will also receive:
  • A great marketing program
  • Low start-up costs with no overhead
  • Proprietary business development program
  • Huge profit margins
  • Recession proof business
  • Business laptop computer
  • Personalized website
  • Marketing material
  • Marketing support
  • Sales Assistance and Training
  • Regional and National meetings
Plus much more. For those who need assistance we also offer financing.

AmCorp Agency Owner – Al Branca

I have been involved with AmCorp Management for almost four months. Prior to my position here, I owned a mortgage banking entity for six years and grew that organization from 3 to 150 plus headcount. Before my banking experience, I was a top ten salesperson, manager and regional director for a Fortune 100 telecommunications provider. My sales background also includes seven years of yellow page advertising in which I attained President's Club status every year. I had a ten year radio career that spanned from on-air talent to program, programming and sales management. I am not trying to impress anyone or brag about my accomplishments but I feel it is important to know my background because I have been successful and involved in many facets of business to business sales. It is with this knowledge of both tangible and intangible product and service offerings that I render my opinion with regard to the opportunity afforded by AmCorp Management.

I, like many of my colleagues, still wake up in the morning from a dream. However, this dream becomes reality on a daily basis. I am stunned each day when I leave a sales appointment that equates nothing more than a 10 minute conversation and a "No Brainer" instant buy-in. We provide cash flow, money as an end product. But, the best part is, there is no downside for our client. It costs our prospects nothing to recapture overpayments on expenses or to take advantage of specialty tax programs unless we find a financial benefit. Then and only then do we share in that found goldmine hidden in their business. We have no competition to speak of, our market is endless and this is a perfect storm service. We enjoy state of the art technology and ownership mentality that understands the concept of investment, infrastructure and economies of scale. The leadership and experience which heads up every specialty department is a veritable "who's-who" of industry specific expertise and knowledge. In addition, the support to sales is second to none and always available. And did I mention learning curve and paperwork, there is almost none.

I spend much of my time developing my agency and have learned to temper my passion for this company because it can really sound too good to be true. I believe we have a window of opportunity that can produce ridiculous income, fast track advancement and financial stability. If you are contemplating a change in career, do your homework and do yourself a huge favor...look into AmCorp Management.

If you have always aspired to run your own business, there isn't a better time or a better company. Take the next step and apply today. We will send you a Business Development outline on AmCorp Management, Inc. covering our training, services, and available territories.

AmCorp has a limited number of Agencies and Business Strategist opportunities available. Please register as soon as possible as the webinar has a limited capacity.

Complete the request for more information, and we will provide you with more information and invite you to one of our Business Development webinars. Our Business Development Webinar will explain our market, services and our opportunity. You will also have access to a number of our partners and agency owners. Don't miss this opportunity!
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