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Andy OnCall

Have you been searching for just the right franchise opportunity to meet your goals and dreams of financial security? A franchise that furnishes you with a great return on your investment and allows you to work reasonable hours so you have time for your family, friends and other interests? An opportunity that is simple to operate and comes with an unparalleled support network? Then look no further. ANDY ONCALL could be the business for you.

ANDY ONCALL started when Tom Harris, a Chattanooga homebuilder, was constantly receiving calls from previous customers and friends asking him to do small jobs and repairs around their homes. Realizing the need for handyman services, Tom developed the concept for ANDY ONCALL in 1993, and his company has been happily helping homeowners ever since.

ANDY ONCALL is an inexpensive, manageable franchise opportunity in the home repair industry. We are a customer service organization in the truest sense of the word, helping craftsmen as well as homeowners. ANDY ONCALL benefits the craftsmen who need our assistance obtaining work and managing the business side of performing minor home repairs. Homeowners benefit from our assistance in locating a professional, reliable source for getting their minor home repairs completed with a guarantee.

Competitive Edge

Our company is attractive to homeowners because we have introduced a new level of professionalism to the handyman industry. In these days of increasing concerns about security, many homeowners are leery of allowing a stranger into their homes. Knowing they are working with a professional organization relieves these customers' anxiety. In addition, we offer our customers the advantages of approved, qualified and monitored craftsmen; insurance; a one-year warranty and an organization that stands behind its work. Further, through our pool of craftsmen, we offer one-stop shopping for a variety of home repair needs. All of these benefits make ANDY ONCALL the perfect choice for homeowners and you, the franchisee.  



As we begin our 9th year, I just want to let you know how much Jackie and I appreciate you, Tom and Tamara allowing us the opportunity to own an Andy Oneall franchise. This was truly the smartest decision we ever made. Andy OnCall is a wonderful opportunity to own your own business and the plan provided is a can't lose proposition if managed properly. The after sale support is outstanding and this has got to be one of the top business opportunities around. We have enjoyed seven consecutive years of $500,000 plus revenue years and I am confident this year will be the same.

Best Wishes,
Jim And Jackie Gibson, Andy OnCall Columbia

Several years ago I decided to look for a franchise to purchase that would alllow me to utilize my management skills as well as my love for home repair and remodeling. After several inquiries into other businesses I discovered Andy OnCall. I was impressed with the hands on, family style the franchisor had in educating me on the demands of being an Andy OnCall franchisee. There were no negative surprises after purchasing the business. Training was well organized, and to this day,if I have any questions, the people in the home office quickly and efficiently assist us. While several of our competitors have gone out of business, our sales have doubled our original goals. I am in my 8th year of ownership and cannot imagine owning another business. Andy OnCall is a great fit for me and my family.

Ted Madden, Louisville, KY.

I was serving on the staff of a local church here in the Tulsa area. After 25 years of full time ministry, I was at a transition point and looking for a business opportunity that I could call my own and invest myself in. I wanted to see how I would do as a business owner. This was a huge transition for me to move from "church work" to operating my own Andy OnCall Franchise. I am sure that Tom Harris and Clay Thompson at the Franchising Home Office in Chattanooga had to have some apprehension when awarding me the Tulsa Franchise as my own territory with Andy OnCall over 7 years ago.

Since I had only minimal construction experience and limited business experience, I wanted to buy into a Franchise that had an established business plan that I could emulate. In looking for such a business, I came across the Andy OnCall opportunity in the fall of 2002. I knew that I would work hard to be a success at whatever I did, and I felt that the "people skills" that I had gleaned from my ministry experience would be an asset in dealing with both customers and Craftsmen alike. I came for my exploratory weekend and found an opportunity that I believed I could succeed in with a company I could believe in.

We opened our doors for business here in Tulsa, OK on the last day of March in 2003. We have seen steady growth each year since then, and we were the # 5 location in business volume of the 56 Franchises in operation during the 2009 business year.

Yes, it takes dedication and a lot of hard work to operate your own Andy OnCall location. As with any business, there are positive and negative circumstances that you deal with in servicing your customers and Craftsmen. However, the plan and process is outlined for you in the Franchise manuals and the training you receive from the Franchise prepares you to operate and build your own business based on a time tested business model.

The Franchise office and personnel have always been faithful to assist me with any information and/or help that I have needed in the operation of my location. I have not regretted aligning myself as an owner with Andy OnCall Franchising. They have always honored their word and their commitment to me and I believe that I can count on that same relationship in the future. Best wishes to you as you explore your opportunity with the Andy OnCall venture that is before you!

Mike Sabo, Andy OnCall - Tulsa, OK

When I began my search for a viable franchise, I first of all wanted to choose a business where demand for its services was both near term as well as long term. Home Repair and Handyman services fits that bill.

Andy OnCall was a good fit for me from the first time that I called in for information until I was greeted by the Franchisor in Chattanooga, TN.

You quickly get the feeling that all the associates in the Corporate office are truly interested in your success as a franchisee and business partner. They continue to provide me with the help and ideas to maneuver in this challenging business climate. The business model, associated manuals and business software simplify what could be an intimidating start up process. Andy OnCall is with you all the way from prior to opening your doors until you become an established business and beyond.

Mike, Sarasota, FL

I opened my franchise in June 2009 after thirty years as a middle manager in corporate America. I felt that my training regarding sales, marketing and business administration had prepared me well to run a business of my own. However, I knew that there are many businesses that are not well thought out, or that have only a marginal chance of being a financial success for the owner.

I chose Andy OnCall after checking into many other businesses. I eliminated many businesses because they were too expensive for my budget, or they were not something I felt I knew enough about to give me a good chance for success. I liked the Andy OnCall® business plan because it is based upon good administration skills, rather than doing the jobs myself. I also liked the fact that I do not have to deal with the headaches associated with having direct employees. All of my craftsmen, and my customer service representative, are sub-contractors, which enables me to be more autonomous and flexible in selecting who is measuring up to my expectations and who is not.

I have a pretty good background in carpentry, electrical, plumbing and other handyman skills, so I have a good grasp of what is involved with most home repairs. However, the more important part of being successful in this franchise is following their nicely detailed business plan manuals, and, using the Franchise software that they provide.

What the experience as a franchise owner means to me. I really like running my Andy OnCall® franchise. I find that it is a great mix of hands on and administrative skills. The training they provide, and the Franchise Manuals, have given me a clear path to follow in my day-to-day activities. These processes and systems have been proven to be successful with many of their existing franchises.

I feel that the Manuals and Software provided by Andy OnCall® have helped me stay on track and provide an excellent way to keep me properly focused regarding how to move from a fledgling to a profitable business. I am glad that I chose Andy OnCall® - their plan is not overly complicated, and they continue to provide excellent support and encouragement to me.

Best regards,
Chuck W

We want you to succeed!

We work closely with you, offering you the support and guidance crucial for the success of any new business. Since you will not perform the home repairs yourself, experience in the home repair or construction industry is unnecessary. Instead, you need good management and organizational skills as we teach you to follow the ANDY ONCALL procedures and connect homeowners with craftsmen.


For Immediate Release!

"Tom Harris, founder and president of ANDY ONCALL Franchising, Inc. announces a special financing option effective immediately. Qualified franchise applicants can now opt to finance 50% of the current franchise fee for a period of 36 months at prime plus 1."



Franchisees of ANDY ONCALL® Franchising, Inc are eligible for expedited and streamlined SBA loan processing through the SBAs Franchise Registry Program,


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