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Antonio Villard Premium Electronic Cigars

About Us
Antonio Villard provides the highest quality electronic cigars in the market today.  With many distributors throughout the United States, we’ve reached unparalleled success in a growing industry.  Keeping our consumers at the center of our design, our premium electronic cigars are designed to bring the satisfaction and luxury of a traditional cigar, without any of the smell, toxins or hassle.   The Antonio Villard brand is quickly becoming a household name and you can be part of it!

Now you can realize your dream of owning your own Antonio Villard Distributorship:

  • Low Cost.  You can own your exclusive, protected territory for a total startup cost of $15,000.
  • Low Risk.  Startup cost includes over $7,000 worth of inventory as well as all the equipment & training you will need to begin.  Your startup cost is used to catapult your future revenue.
  • Extensive Training.  We include in the cost 2 days at our corporate training facility to properly educate you about the product and how to present it to the multitude of different potential clients.  After this, you will have access to a master distributor as well as our corporate staff to answer any questions.
  • Little Competition.  While the electronic cigarette industry has dozens of brands, the electronic cigar industry has remained an untapped market.  The growth potential is extremely large!
  • Home Based Business.  No commute, no traffic & low overhead.  You can keep it small with just yourself or you can add employees as you expand.  It’s entirely up to you!
  • Fast Start-Up Period.  Be fully operational in less than 30 days with full training & support.
  • Outstanding Systems, Processes and Procedures.  Gain a unique competitive advantage through our streamlined operations.  The more efficient we make you, the more clients you will land in a short period of time.

Industry Overview
Since its inception, the electronic cigarette/cigar industry has demonstrated exceptional and rapid growth.  From 2009 to 2012, the market experienced a growth of 250% and is expected to meet or exceed such growth for the foreseeable future.  This initial and projected growth finds its roots in a number of factors:

  • The ability to “smoke” in locations that do not allow traditional smoking
  • No Second or Third hand smoke
  • Lack of harmful chemicals that are found in traditional tobacco 

Such tremendous growth and market explosion has definitely not gone unnoticed by both entrepreneurs and large corporations, which has opened up a variety of different avenues for the sale and distribution of electronic cigarettes.  Traditionally, the electronic cigarette market has been dominated by internet sales as well as a variety of retail locations, including mall kiosks and convenience store locations.  However, with recent acquisitions, such as Lorillard Inc’s purchase of Blu e-cigs in April of 2012 for $135M cash, the potential for distribution accounts and a growing customer base is more prevalent than at any other point.   

Through a great deal of market analysis, Antonio Villard Premium Electronic Cigars show not only a superior quality to the limited options currently available for electronic cigars, but also have a unique marketing and business approach.  To date, there is a virtually untapped electronic cigar market with minimal competition. With the increasing popularity of these products, as well as the freedom to use them in places where traditional tobacco cannot be used, we believe that a tremendous opportunity exists for market dominance and profit potential.  We have conducted preliminary market research in a variety of locations and utilizing various demographics.  The results of this market research strongly indicates that not only is there a rising demand for novel items such as electronic cigars, but that there is also very little (if any) market saturation at this point.  Consumers, whether they consider themselves “smokers” or not, are intrigued by a unique alternative. 

While there is increasing competition in the electronic cigarette industry, there are few players in the electronic cigar space.  They are mainly sold online and have yet to have any true and lasting impact.  We have analyzed the market and see a large upside growth potential, especially in the Premium Electronic Cigar Market which is virtually untapped. With the increasing popularity in these products, as well as the freedom to use them in places where one cannot or would not use traditional tobacco products, we believe that a tremendous opportunity exists.

Why choose Antonio Villard?

Antonio Villard Premium Electronic Cigar’s provide a distributor with the opportunity to sell a product through multiple sales channels and market segments. Antonio Villard Premium Electronic Cigars are an excellent product for entertainment venues, event and party planners, hotels, restaurants or for individuals who already enjoy traditional cigars. Whether it is through direct sales, internet referrals or through large events, Antonio Villard distributors are not limited to a specific strategy or clientele.  Antonio Villard distributors enjoy the benefit of 3 different revenue streams:

  • Direct Sales
  • Event Sales
  • Online Profit Sharing

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