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Apps Unloaded

Apps Unloaded Company Ltd

Worldwide distributor of Smartphone Apps, cheap enough and simple enough so that every small business can afford it's own app. It's a huge market with unlimited potential and Apps Unloaded are a market leader in this industry. There are 10 Regional Distributorships available across USA, Canada and Central America(average population per region 40 - 50 million) with the opportunity to build your own sales network selling sub distributorships all with residual income, marketing a quality, well supported product. This is the new wave of mobile commerce and communication, so don't miss this opportunity.

Company Details

Apps Unloaded is expanding worldwide from it's base in Australia and are looking for 10 Master distributors to cover an area from the Caribbean to Alaska. The whole of North America has been divided into 10 regions and the people who lead each region will have the opportunity to establish their own network of sales people so as to cover their region thoroughly and have the potential to earn a lot of money for an investment that would be considered light in proportion to the return in any franchise opportunity. Apps Unloaded has the product, the time is right and the opportunity is there for those with the correct mindset and the vision to make this opportunity into a reality for them.

Here is a brief overview of Apps Unloaded and from there you can judge if you are right for us and we are right for you. The opportunities and a bright future is here if the business model and the concept of being self employed master distributor within the support network we have suites you. Apps Unloaded has created the vision of being able to give every company in the world, large or small, the opportunity to own an app at an affordable price. Many companies and organisations want an app, but don't know where to start, and believe they can't afford it. Going back 15 years ago, few companies had websites, today pretty much every company has a website, a lot of individuals have websites. Similarly one day most companies will have apps. I don't know when, it could be 2 years, 5 years or 8 years, but what I do know is, it will happen.

With apps there are two problems; firstly no one has the slightest idea where to start when thinking about an app for their business. Secondly; when they find out about it, till now an app has been well out of their budget.

Apps Unloaded

Apps Unloaded has developed a platform where the customer can have their own app at an affordable price, and the app can be built without any technical experience or programming skills. The staff here in the office who build apps aren't developers, they are graphic designers. The platform is so simple the customers can even build the apps themselves!

We have the product, the market is curious and becoming ready for apps, and we have a price developers can't compete with. We handle everything for the app side of it, all the technical things, managing the app, the servers, etc. We then have a franchise model where we have the power to get our products to the market.

The cost of creating an app using our system is very comparable to the cost of a website, maintaining and updating the app is so easy the customer can do it themselves.

An app provides a number of advantages over websites. People are using apps more and more, and the internet in general is being used less. Eg, people use the ebay app instead of the ebay website, the facebook app instead of the facebook website. Apps are easier to use, and can get to the info more easily than when using a website. Apps also provide great performance and response, no loading times, and they work without internet. People expect things to work instantly when using a smartphone, and apps can deliver that performance, websites can't. On top of all that the app has an icon placed on the most valuable piece of real estate available and one that travels with people wherever they go, on the face of their mobile or cell phone.

Our business model is not just to put a product on a website and hope that people will find it, but to actually have a sales force who will go to customers, explain what they need to move within this new wave of mobile business technology and help them achieve it. Our sales people will sit face to face with a customer and provide a level of service and salesmanship that no website marketing can compete with. The market is yours for those who want to join us.

Here is a proposal which outlines our company's unique position in the App market, and an opportunity to be a first mover in this first wave toward mobile commerce, at a very affordable price, with excellent support. The transition to mobile commerce is an exciting leap, and we are delighted to be ready and able to provide a solution to quick, easy market entry.

Product Outline

Apps Unloaded have developed a framework to allow quick and easy building of Apps. The platform makes Apps affordable. Typically in the past Apps have cost anywhere from $15,000 to $150,000 for simple to moderate Apps. Apps Unloaded provides everything required, in one single package at an affordable price.

Apps Unloaded takes care of your App maintenance, provides server space for content, maintains servers, updates your App to work with new operating system updates, and is continually developing new features to add to your App.

The App allows you to add as much content as you wish, customise the look and feel to suit your business, integrate with social media, order and pay instantly, send push notifications, and more. The App is so simple to build, anyone can do it, there is no programming or coding required. People are using their Smartphones more and more, over half of all local searches are now performed on Smart phones. Over 90% of all Smartphone users have their phone within arm's reach 24/7.

Any business can be just a few slides or touches away from the customer at any time.

An App creates a deeper engagement with customers.

In most cases in the past businesses would pay twice to have App software designed for Apple and Android. Our package provides both, for the same great price. (Android software is in the final stages of development and will be available shortly).

Apps Unloaded

Our apps are leased to the customer, either monthly, annually, biannually, or triennially. All companies either lease their apps or sell them then charge even more than a lease to host and maintain their apps, for us it's a simple one off charge. (There is some very misleading advertising out there with all sorts of offers but in the end result they are designed to get the maximum from a customer). For us, we value our reputation and keep it simple, that onecharge that covers everything. No hidden costs. Our renewals are automatic and the money flow automatic which can give all our sales force a great income and even greater residual income.

We can offer a range of services for apps, such as ability to order and pay on line, beating the queue at outlets, social networking features, image galleries, video, staff profiles, events, competitions, newsletters, promotions, advertising, contact pages, etc.

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Sales Structure

Apps Unloaded uses a 3 tier distributor structure. Each level is an opportunity to own your own small business, (along with all the tax benefits of owning your own business), within our business and with Apps Unloaded's global network of support. Local distributors sell the product, For every 10 local distributors, there is one Area manager. The Area manager is responsible for communication with the local distributors, assisting them in any way possible, helping share experience between local distributors to increase sales. The Area manager is the company point of contact for any of the Local distributors. The Region manager is the point of contact for the Area managers, and handles all matters of the region level (such as California). The Regional distributor is who we are concerned about here. The opportunity exists to establish a sales force under the model that we have proved very successful in other parts of the world. It is a simple but successful business model. It is the distributorship that cost the most because the rewards are the greatest and the cost to us of helping you set up are greatest.

Once you have paid and been given the rights to your region you would then plan your region by dividing it into suitable population areas of approximately 2 - 3 million people. Those areas are in turn divided into local sales territories of approximately 200 - 300 thousand people depending on the socio economic conditions of the territory. Each of these areas and local territories are sold as a sub distributorship and a commission is earned on each sale. This helps you recover the costs of helping people start and establishing your network of distributors. This stage of the business can be very profitable but we are in the business of selling Apps not distributorships. You then earn a healthy commission out of each app sold in your Region. (eg for a population of 40 million you would most likely have 15-18 area managers and 150 - 180 salespeople) You sell areas for $15 000 and local territories for the small figure of $5000 and ask that each sales person buys a territory rather than just be a commission salesperson. This system means that you then have committed professional sales people rather than those who will leave the moment someone comes with a better offer or after their first hard customer. It's a commitment, not a large commitment, but a commitment none the less and one which gives you a better more committed sales force working for you. Of course if people buy a territory they can sell it again but only to people you approve of. The network is simple but as a regional distributor you get a commission an each sales area set up. I will supply more of that information once we get into more serious talks.

The sales target per salesperson is 2 apps per day. They will not do this in the first few months but once they get their territories established and lead referrals generated they should achieve this. Estimated time is about 4 - 6 months to achieve this turnover. The average sale is over $1000 per app and the sales person gets a 33% commission so it is easy to do the calculation as to what each salesperson should earn in a year. (Commission salespeople generally need to earn at least double what a salaried person earns as a reward for taking the risk of working without the surety of a guaranteed income and we think our people exceed that by several times)

The Area person earns 11% of each App sold by each of his sales people and the Regional person earns 4% on each sale from within his region (approximate example: 150 sales people selling 2 per day, average price $1000 = $300 000 per day sales @ 4% = $12 000/day. That is a theoretical figure but I'm sure you can see the potential) (We require all distributors to have an Apple I-Phone and I-Pad (Std or mini with a sim card) as a standard piece of operating equipment. We need to standardise our operating systems and even though other systems such as android are offered we wish all staff to standardise on Apple for the sake of company unity. Part of the commitment that we ask is that you be prepared to buy these two items as part of your work kit.)

The asking price for a region is USD $50 000 but when you see the potential returns that figure is quite small. You would need some case reserves after that but not large as your first job is to plan and divide your region into Areas. For each area that you sell you receive $5000 so if you sell 15 areas your return should be $75 000. Your regional expenses are then covered. Then in turn your Area distributor sells 10 local territories for a commitment of $5000 each. Of this figure your area person gets $2000 and you get $1000 so with 150 sold you get $150 000. This total of $75 000 + $150 000 Total = $225 000 is there to help you cover the costs of establishing your workforce of committed people but the real income starts as they sell Apps. The territory sales are one off and the app sales are recurring.

Apps are sold on an annual basis and are automatically renewed. When your sales person sells an app you get 4% paid automatically the month after we are paid for the app. Next year and the year after that App is automatically renewed and the month after we are paid you are automatically paid 4% again and again each year that the app is renewed. So if a business's app is working well for them then you can be sure they will renew so if this happens in theory you will earn twice as much next year as you do this year and again 3 time as much the year after. This is a great residual income and very very rewarding.(Salespeople get 16.5% and Area 5.5% on renewals but Regional people get the same 4% as on the original sale.)

There are some things extra to discuss with regard to terms and conditions for local sales people but we will discuss this once we have established that you are interested in working and committing with us in this opportunity.

The regions available with North America are based on the following cities.

Region 1: N E USA based on either New York or Boston

Region 2: Eastern USA based on either New Jersey, Philadelphia or Washington DC

Region 3: SE USA based on either Atlanta or Miami

Region 4: Southern USA based on Texas or New Orleans

Apps Unloaded

Region 5: North Central based on Detroit or Chicago

Region 6: Mountain and NW USA based of Denver or Seattle

Region 7: California and Hawaii based from San Francisco or Los Angeles

Region 8: Canada based either Vancouver or any major Eastern City.

Region 9: Mexico based Mexico City

Region 10: Central America (except Mexico) and Caribbean nations based any large significant city.

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