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Autism Oasis

About Autism Oasis

The past 15 years have seen a dramatic change in mandated treatments for children with autism. On May 3, 2001 Indiana was the first state to implement a mandate. Since then 43 states and D.C. have made it mandatory for insurance companies to pay for treatment for those individuals with autism covered under an eligible insurance plan. Ineligible plans are one's that are offered by companies which are self-insured. However, many self-insured companies have decided to abide by the mandates. Apple, Home Depot and IBM are just to name a few of the companies that have agreed to include autism coverage in their health insurance plans. The non-profit organization Autism Speaks has an extensive list of these companies. On March 23, 2010 the Affordable Care Act was passed and the availability of health insurance plans for children with autism changed dramatically. Under ACA pre-existing conditions are covered and parents are able to buy individual policies and receive therapy.

Our treatments our extremely effective and the skills learned through our Autism Therapy are applied to real world situations immediately. There is real evidence that Applied Behavior Analysis is a treatment of Autism that is highly effective in curbing certain behaviors and provided better communication for people with autism.

Why Own an Autism Oasis?

Many factors make our operations successful and the impact our franchise has on communities allows for a brighter & future for all.

Our Stability -You purchase a business concept that has already been tried and tested in the market. We have years of Industry experience & we're thriving in our segment.

We Provide Training & Support -Comprehensive training in all aspects of running our business will be given to you by the franchisor.

It's Low Risk -The risks of setting up a franchise business are substantially reduced when compared to establishing a new business in the same market.

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