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Baby Bump and Beyond

Want to be your own boss?

Baby Bump and Beyond offers franchise, and/or equipment sales and training programs. This could be the opportunity that you have been looking for! 4d Ultrasound technology is becoming the standard for ultrasounds nationally. It's time to jump on board with this fast vgrowing industry. Our various programs offer full technical support, including a proven marketing strategy to get your business off the ground running!

Quality 4D Ultrasound Equipment:

We have taken our #006666 Ultrasound experience to the next level with the addition of GE's most powerful and technologically advanced 4D Ultrasound machine available today; the Voluson 730 Expert! This machine allows you to explore images in any plane to reveal the smallest details with stunning clarity. It also allows us to apply sophisticated analytical tools to answer virtually any clinical questions regarding your child's health and well being. (Not to mention, it is pretty cool to see your little bundle of joy in 4D.)

4D Ultrasound vs. 3D Ultrasound:

3D ultrasound images are made when the sound waves used to help generate the fetal images are sent at different angles. With the help of computer software these sound waves will create an image that is more life like and in depth than the classic 2D ultrasound. However neither the 3D ultrasound, or 2D ultrasound methods compare to the superior technology that stands behind the 4D ultrasound.

With a 4D ultrasound the advanced software allows you to add the element of movement. The sound waves are used to capture the movement and positioning that happens inside the uterus. As a result, a 4D ultrasound appears as a video in most cases.

Baby Photography:

At Baby Bump and Beyond, we take you on a journey from maternity photography, to newborn photography, and finally on to baby photography! We provide every one of our clients with very special photography packages to make sure that none of life's precious moments are missed.

Prenatal Massage:

Yes, you deserve it! With our prenatal massage packages we aim to please. But not only do you deserve a prenatal massage treatment, some would argue that you need it. Studies indicate that massage therapy performed during pregnancy has great therapeutic benefits for your child. Sounds like a good enough reason to us! So what are you waiting for? All of our prenatal massage's are performed by a professional prenatal massage specialist!

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