Bach 2 Rock Business Opportunity

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Bach 2 Rock

Open a music school where you live.
Music expertise/background is NOT required.
You will hire musicians to be your "subject matter experts".

Music has never been more central to popular culture. From television shows like American Idol, America's Got Talent and Glee, to video games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, America's never been more addicted to music and Bach to Rock is poised to meet this growing demand.

Why Music Education?

As schools and local governments cut music education programs, many are turning to private music lessons to fill the void. In fact, private lessons are now the number one way for students to learn to play an instrument, overtaking school lessons in the past few years. Combine with with Baby Boomers, the largest and wealthiest demographic in America, taking up new hobbies as they retire, and the demand for music lessons will continue to grow.

Why a Bach to Rock franchise?

  • Proprietary web-based management system saves time and money.
  • Named top ten franchise by Inc. Magazine.
  • Proven advertising and marketing programs help drive students to your school.
  • Prime territories now available.
  • Several venue streams (rent out your recording studio to local bands, host parties and more).

Is Bach to Rock Right for You?

We seek leaders with strong management or business backgrounds. Although music experience or ability is not necessary, a desire to succeed and have fun while doing it is.

  • The ability to create a team of energetic, dependable and committed musicians to make great things happen is essential.
  • This is the opportunity to build a business that fits your personal goals and lifestyle.
  • If you seek to become more connected to your community, helping kids, seniors, and adults have fun through music, then Bach to Rock is right for you.
  • If you have the ability to sell and persuade, the keen talent to manage people and the strong desire to succeed, then Bach to Rock is right for you.
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