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Back to Black

Questions About The Pavement Maintenance Industry

  1. Over 60% of all pavement is asphalt. Every year millions of tons of new asphalt is put in. That means all of these new driveways need to be maintained with some form of preventative maintenance. This is where Back to Black comes in. We have set ourselves apart as the industry leader in both quality and service since 1992.
  2. How have we set ourselves apart? First of all we use the best materials available. Our sealant is delivered directly from the manufacturer’s plant to our shop. We have developed a special formulation to give us that extra edge over the competition. We give our customers top quality materials and guarantee our work. We have set sq. ft pricing with no hidden costs. We have thousands of past customers that use us every two to three years. As a franchise you will get hundreds of our customers handed to you every year. It doesn’t get much easier than that.
  3. Name Recognition: With every new franchise sold, we get even more exposure. In any business name recognition is worth gold. When a potential customer is ready to get their driveway sealed they look for someone they recognize. This gives them a sense of security. People recognize us and our reputation makes people confident they choose the right company.
  4. Why people sealcoat their driveways. It has been proven that regular sealcoating and crack repair adds up to twice the life expectancy of their asphalt driveway. The Asphalt Institute recommends sealcoating. (Who knows more about asphalt then them?). They say without sealcoating asphalt can lose up to half its thickness in as little as five years time. Homeowners and property managers want to protect their investments. Not to mention they just love the deep dark new driveway look.

The Opportunity

  1. It is a business opportunity with very low start up costs compared to earning potential.
  2. The service industry accounts for over 50 billion dollars annually. That is 5 times what do it yourself maintenance services account for.
  3. Low overhead. Keep your equipment at home, no costly warehouse or rent payments. Office in your home.
  4. Very low receivables. Payment is due upon completion of work.
  5. Tax Benefits, and there are many. We explain this in classroom.
  6. No more commuting to work in rush hour traffic.
  7. Be you own boss, make your own schedule.
  8. Low risk with a Back To Black proven business model.
  9. Franchise support to help you succeed.
  10. Very limited professional competition. There are only a handful of true sealcoating professionals in the area. Most of the competition is what we like to call bucket rats, not true professionals.

Earning Potential

  1. Much off this depends on you. Your willingness to work hard and how much you want to make.

  2. High repeat business every couple years, results in higher earnings. You should double your business in two to three years time.

  3. The average sealcoating season is 22 weeks. So you have to work hard for that time. Enjoy your money after the season is over.

  4. Based on a 15 driveway per week at the minimum $185 price at 22 weeks results in a $61,050 Gross income.

  5. In reality the average is more like $225 but we do a lot of $500, $600, $700 and up driveways.

  6. So if you did 15 driveways a week at $225 that would put you up to $74,250

  7. 20 driveways a week at $225 then you’re at $99,000 gross.

  8. The amount you make depends on you. A two man crew could easily do 700 driveways a summer. At $225 that would be $157,500 that would be 31 driveways a week.

  9. A two person crew should be able to do 8 driveways a day no problem.

  10. We provide you the reputation, tools, training and know how, you need to provide the drive, customer service and quality workmanship.

Back to Black Training

Field Training

Our professional training course involves classroom and field training with one of our professional field trainers. While in the field we will teach you everything there is to know about asphalt sealcoating.

Classroom Training

  1. Marketing: How to advertise to get the most bang for your buck. We give you more than enough information to succeed.

  2. Sales Techniques: Includes Intensive education on services and products you are selling. And techniques that will help you close the sale.

  3. We will provide you with startup marketing materials to help get you jobs the day you start.

  4. Classroom will supply you with so much information to succeed you will leave excited and motivated to start making a good living being your own boss.

  5. Tax advantages and how to take advantage of them.

  6. Accounting principles and programs to use.

Why A back to Black Franchise Makes Sense

  1. Compared to other Sealcoating franchises we offer more for your money.

  2. Bigger and better Sealcoating rigs, with 550 gallon capacity.

  3. Our rigs have hydraulic agitated tanks, no hand mixing.

  4. Our rigs have water spraying hoses built in.

  5. We only charge a 6% of gross sales fee, which is less than other Sealcoating franchise offerings.

  6. Larger franchise areas. Not on top of each other like the competition does to their franchisees.

  7. Quality controlled. We make sure every franchise is doing quality work. There will be no inconsistent quality franchises. We are the best and will stay the best.

  8. With multiple franchises to split advertising, it cost you less for more advertising. It also keeps material prices low for higher profits.

  9. 15 years of satisfied repeat customers. Plus we have many relationships with several commercial sealcoaters that give us there leads on residential sealcoating. As well as many asphalt companies in which we have exclusive relationships with. You will get there leads to.

  10. Unmatched support. You can and will have direct access to the president of Back to Black and his unmatched knowledge of the pavement maintenance industry. We want you to succeed.

Franchise costs and what you get

  • The cost is $39,000

  • Exclusive territory larger then other franchise offerings

  • Training on all aspects of your business

  • 550 Gallon hydraulic agitated Equip Manufacturing Trailer rig with 30 Gallon Melter, 13 h.p. Honda motor, 30 gallon air compressor, and many other features

  • 9 H.P. Little Wonder High Output Blower

  • Red Max Power Edger

  • 2 Edger Blades

  • 2 Gallon Pour Pot for crack filling

  • Carbon Fiber Broom

  • 36" Sealcoating Broom complete

  • Measuring Wheel

  • Roll of Back To Black Flagging Tape
  • 150 Gallons of Sealant

  • 1 Gallon of Prep seal

  • 100 Pounds of Direct Fire crack filler

  • V Shaped Squeegee for crack filler application

  • 5 safety cones

  • 30 Gallon Propane Tank

  • 20 Gallon Propane tank and fittings

  • High output propane torch

  • Striker For lighting torch

  • 12" scraper <

  • Steel Hand tamper

  • Gas can

  • Shovel

  • Hand Maul Hammer

  • 5 Steel Spray Tips

  • Extra spray valve and extra elbow

  • Two pair Tyvek Spray Pants

  • Metal Job Folder

  • Calculator

  • Roadside Triangles

  • Fire Extinguisher

  • Truck First Aid Kit

  • Tool Box and Kit for on site repairs

  • 2 Weeks supply of flagging stakes

  • Truck vinyl complete kit

  • Website And Scheduling Program

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