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Better Life Maids


Building a BETTER Green House Cleaning Franchise

In developing the Better Life Maids Franchise System, we knew we wanted our owners to be able to have an opportunity to work “on the business”, rather than being overwhelmed by working “in the business”. Operating any business can be time consuming, expensive and come with great personal risk. We built the Better Life Maids system to limit each and allow our owners to benefit from our advanced internet strategy, a proven sales system and a quality service offering that removes all the dirt and leaves nothing, but satisfied customers wanting more.


Home Office Support
As a franchisee we promise, you will never be alone. We understand and are committed to the very basics of franchising, being there for your franchisees. So, while the other guys are urging the franchisees to read the blog, view the video or peruse the newsletter, our franchisees can always just pick up the phone and call us. We’ll always be there to help.


Internet Icon
Sure, we’re bragging, but we are good, really good at exposing Better Life Maids on the Internet and throughout the leading social media outlets. Not sure what that means, ask us, we’ll show you firsthand how Better Life is beating the competition to the next client and why if your cleaning business is NOT fully engaged, and winning on the Internet, that it will likely fail to thrive. As a Better Life Maids franchisee, we will work tirelessly to provide your location with all the same benefits and internet reach our corporate location enjoys. Put simply, we are committed to reaching more clients, for less money and the Internet is now ground zero for house cleaning marketing and lead generation.

Additionally, we intend to further develop cooperative advertising strategies as the Better Life Maids system grows and expands.


In Home Sales Kit & TechniquesOnce we get the call (or the internet lead), we know how to close, and as a Better Life Maids Franchisee, so will you. We have an exceptional in-home presentation kit, along with a proven strategy for closing the next long-term client. Continually in development, our sales kits are exceptional and effective.


Technical Expertise and ToolsOnce you are open for business the real time savings can start, and we utilize the most advanced technology and technical resources for the benefit of each franchisee. We will provide you with your own Better Life Maids Website, access to our Franchisee Intranet for 24/7 support, an account in the Better Life Maids Client Management System, access to the Better Life Maids Print Library (for printed materials ordering) and more. Further, we actually USE the tools we provide, so we will be able to help at a moment’s notice with any issues that arise in the high-tech world.


Exceptional Cleaning Supplies And Cleaning SolutionsIt may seem like details, but we spent months and months putting microfiber cloths to the bitter test before we settled on the one and only design we were confident could deliver the consistent results only a jet aircraft pilot would accept. Knowing that, imagine what else we’ve done to make your business simply “works” from day one. Each and every cleaning supply we recommend is exceptional and cost-effective, and with our Partnership with Better Life - Green Cleaning Products, our supplies and cleaning solutions are in a class all their own.


Retail Product Sales OpportunityYou’ll come to love the line of Better Life cleaning products (go get some at Whole Foods Market if you haven’t tried them yet). You’ll use them in your business everyday and it won’t be long before your clients learn to love them too. Imagine using products so good that your clients want to buy them from you to use when your crew is not around.


Extensive Initial and Ongoing Franchise TrainingPeople always ask. “Do you really need to train people to clean”? Yes and know. Most people know how to clean, but only a rare few know how to clean the BETTER way.

Not to worry, you and your staff will learn in a real customer setting ALL the ins and outs of not just cleaning, but cleaning BETTER, all the while doing it quickly and profitably. Then, once your training is complete, we will continue to test, re-test and improve the Better Life cleaning methods and share the results with you, so you can work “on your business”, rather than “in your business”.


Protected Franchise TerritoryOnce you have invested in and worked hard to grow you Better Life Maids business, rest assured it is protected and exclusively yours. We work hard to award territories that are generous,  equal in demographic characteristics and afford our owners the opportunity to work cooperatively with one another. You can always acquire more territory should your expansion goals motivate you, but what you have is yours as long as you remain an active franchisee with Better Life.

DISCLAIMER: There are some US States that require registration prior to having any detailed discussions regarding opening new locations. If you are interested in one of these states listed below, we can take your name and contact information, and then notify you when we become registered: California, Washington, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Hawaii, New York

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