Bitbox ATM

Min. Liquid Capital: $40,000

Total Investment: $36,590 - $157,980

Net Worth Required: $30,000

Initial Franchise Fee: $28,940

Training Provided: Yes

About Bitbox ATM

Are you looking for an easy to operate, high income, ALL CASH, ground floor business opportunity?Does the thought of being the first person providing a service thousands are already screaming for and millions more will need capture your imagination?Would a passive, regular, cash income improve your lifestyle, enhance your retirement, or help you reach your financial goals?

Get in on the Ground Floor of the Exploding Bitcoin ATM Market with no Technical Knowledge or Experience.

Immediate Income - Start generating revenue as soon as your first Bitbox is installed Home-based business - Make money from the comfort of your home, even while you sleep. Turn-key franchise - Bitbox takes care of all the in’s and out’s with knowledge, training, and support. Very low overhead and no employees necessary. Exploding Industry - Bitcoin ATM's are generating $20,000 - $300,000 in transactions per month, but are still missing from most prime locations.

Why Bitbox ATM?

Our Bitcoin ATM machines are designed to be robust and secure. Bitbox uses our experience in this industry and deep knowledge of Bitcoin to build a software platform that makes it easy to own and operate your own Bitcoin ATM. You simply log into the Bitbox platform to control your machine and view the Bitcoin transaction profits. Bitbox handles all compliance for our operators. We understand compliance and have compliance support experts to take care of all rules and regulations for your Bitcoin ATM business. Bitbox operators benefit from a superior support system. The Bitbox brand, customer support, marketing strategies and training provide you with an edge over your competitors. We are only as successful as our operators, which is why our continued support is thorough and a must. Our Market Research Department finds locations in your area based on our proven criteria and sends them to you. Once approved by you, our marketing team makes contact with the locations and starts negotiations. Once the contract is obtained, our marketing team coordinates the installation of your ATM.

  • One-stop shop with no further, ongoing royalties
  • Pre-qualified, high traffic locations provided
  • Site lease negotiation and contract management
  • Lifetime machine maintenance support
  • Delivery and professional secure installation
  • Legal Compliance assistance
  • In-depth training and on-site walk-through
  • Extensive web marketing and local signage
  • Lifetime continued superior support

Ideal Candidate

All cash business so there’s no headaches from receivables, payroll, credit, etc.- Fast return on investment so you’re enjoying residual income almost immediately.- Ground floor opportunity so competition is almost non-existent (completely non-existent in most cities)- Easy to operate, so no technological knowledge is needed.- Bitbox locates your machine for you in a high-traffic money-making area.- Full training and support program so you don’t need to understand Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, or software to get started and you can profit right away.- All network contacts are in place, so you can get started immediately even if you are brand new to the industry.- A service sought by clients, so you’re building your residual income right away, no pounding the pavement to get started. - Bitbox handles all installation so you can start making money right away.- Free and open software with additional crypto currency support giving you a full range of options so you have even more potential customers seeking you out.- Bitbox is the one stop shop for Bitcoin ATM's, so regardless of your requirements, you can rest assured we have you covered.- The highest quality hardware, free and open software and an extended partner network so running your own Bitcoin ATM business is as easy as plug and play.

Training And Support

Bitbox opens the market for any business owner who wants to start a ground floor, revenue-generating cash business with limited knowledge or tech skills. Bitcoin ATM's provide customers with cryptocurrency immediately to purchase goods worldwide. Other exchanges and means to buy Bitcoin take up to a week to receive.

In the past, Bitcoin ATM operators have gotten confused about the technological requirements and need for a network of providers. Bitbox handles all of that for you. We find your location, install your machine and take care of all compliance and regulations. You simply purchase a Bitbox package and sit back and relax.

The team at Bitbox is a collective of highly-skilled individuals who know how to do their job properly. We know the needs and expectations of our customers. Whether you want a Bitcoin ATM for your place of business, or would like to become our franchisee, Bitbox is clearly the best choice.Our workers are very dedicated and possess a specific set of skills that separate us from the competition. We know how to find the best locations for your Bitbox, as well as negotiate and secure the contracts with the owners of these sites.We don’t do anything unless we get your approval – at Bitbox, the customers are always our first priority. Our employees are always ready to help!


By acting now you will be in on the ground floor of the exploding Bitcoin ATM industry. You will be starting at the beginning of a very bright, profitable future. Bitcoin is a world currency with huge volumes bought and sold every day. With Bitbox you can make money from these transactions. Now is the time to act! These machines are already in very high demand and Bitcoin users are screaming for more machines in more locations. There aren’t enough machines to fill the demand. Bitcoin is going from a tight niche market to mainstream awareness so the opportunity is massive. Like most paradigm shifts, those who get in early will be the ones to profit the most. Those who wait will be left behind. Don't be left behind. Contact Bitbox NOW to speak with a franchise consultant and get started TODAY!
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