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Boca Spray Tan

Boca Spray Tan Business Opportunity

Boca Spray Tan proudly presents the launch of its new Spray Tan Prototype store, Boca Spray Tan.

"I am very excited to have developed this new business opportunity," says Dan Boronico, the founder of the Boca Tanning Club franchise, an exclusive chain of tanning salons that took the tanning industry by storm.

Here Mr. Boronico explains how his new concept was born:

The tanning industry has weathered a tremendous storm over the past few years. Inundated with bad publicity, plagued by a poor economy and imposed upon by a governmental tan tax of 10% for UV beds, salon owners battled hard to safeguard their investments.

One thing remained clear through all of this turmoil- our customers were unwilling to walk around with pale skin. Quickly and surely, our customers began making a dramatic shift from Ultra Violet beds to our Spray Tan booths.

The Spray Tan industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past several years and was recently cited as one of the fastest growing businesses in 2012, according to IBIS World, the largest provider of industry information in the United States.

Through careful examination, I deduced from my knowledge of the tanning industry that the revenue from spray tanning minus the high overhead associated with traditional UV tanning salons (i.e. high build out costs due to large electrical and a/c requirements, the cost of multiple tanning bed units, large square footage, etc.) leaves you with the following:

  1. A relatively small salon investment as compared to a full blown UV tanning salon
  2. A business that is growing steadily
  3. A business that is favored by good publicity
  4. NO federal tan tax of 10%
  5. A fun and exciting business to be a part of

I am very excited to share my new concept with the world! I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you and answer any questions you may have. I have taken my 20 years of experience in the salon industry to roll out a bulletproof formula for success.

Our Mission

Our mission at Boca Spray Tan is to offer entrepreneurs a turnkey business opportunity where they can finally embark in their dreams of becoming business owners without the hassles and headaches that typically come with opening and running a business. With Boca Spray Tan's turnkey design, it's easy for anyone to own their own business and remove the scare factors that tend to accompany entrepreneur ventures.

Spray Equipment

Boca Spray Tan will not compromise on equipment. We have aligned ourselves with the leaders in the sunless industry, Sunless Inc. Boca Spray Tan will be among the first to have the state-of-the art spray booth called the VersaSpa Pro.

Why Choose Boca Spray Tan Business Opportunity?

There is no substitute for experience and brand recognition. Drive around and look at all the signs in front of shopping centers and malls, almost everything you see will be recognizable to you. The days of "mom and pop" shops are over. The brand names such as McDonald's, Burger King, Radio Shack, Panera Bread, Toy's "R" Us, and other big names have stood the test of time and consumers have grown comfortable with name brands. This is referred to today as The Turn Key Revolution.

Each and every Boca Spray Tan owner will receive a unique opportunity. As a way to perpetuate the Boca Spray Tan name and roll out BTC salons in a timely fashion, each owner will be given an opportunity to sell Boca Spray Tan salons and receive 50% of up-front licensing fees and monthly royalties. This is called an area development agreement. Here's how it works:

When you purchase a Boca Spray Tan license, the cost to you is $35,000 and you will pay $1,500 a month licenseing fee

Once you become a licensee, you will have the opportunity to sell Boca Spray Tans in the same manner in which we sold it to you, and in essence become a 50/50 partner with us in the one's you sold.

Here's an example: once you've established your salon, if you were to sell 10 Boca Spray Tan licenses you will receive 50% of $350,000 and 50% of $1,500 per month. That equals $175,000 and a monthly revenue of $7,500 for you. The sky is the limit since we do not limit you in how many locations you can sell.

Normally an area development agreement such as this costs thousands of dollars, perhaps millions for some of the well known brands. We are offering this now for a limited time only absolutely free!

Why are we doing this? It's simple. We need your help to perpetuate the brand. We do not have enough man/woman power to do this by ourselves. Eventually we will have enough capital to hire staff to do this for us, but for now, this makes it a truly ground floor opportunity for those getting involved. It is an opportunity you won't want to miss!

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