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Nobody is doing it like Book A Tailor

As a BookATailor franchise owner, you can be a part of bringing smiles to the faces of customers who are pleased after every visit to BookATailor. We will share our trade secrets with you and will show you and support you how to do everything, the right way!

Founded in 2012, BookATailor has taken the custom men's clothing industry by storm. We are vertically integrated, meaning that we own the production facility that actually makes the garments and we sell directly to our customers through our showrooms. We are also the only custom clothing company that is 100% bespoke, This means that each piece is cut one by one at a time for the customer as per his specifications. All competitors are made to measure,and they alter a suit that is 80% already machine made. Our short turnaround time and affordable price point keeps customers coming back time and time again.

BookATailor Franchise Models:

BookATailor operates and sells out of 2 concepts. A retail storefront showroom, or an office showroom. All franchisees must also get at least 1 smart car per location.

Note: your business is not stuck to just your location, but a mobile business too! An order can be taken in someone's home or office!

Office Showroom - the office showroom has a lower overhead and has proven to work with the effort of heavy marketing.

Retail Store - operating a retail store has proven to be very successful in the right location where foot traffic is heavy, especially in financial districts.

They both include the lease of a smart car. With our corporate franchise discount.

Franchise Benefits:

  • Attractive inexpensive business model
  • Proven retail, showroom, and smart car concepts
  • Garments with mass appeal
  • Market leading position
  • Appealing futuristic design
  • State of the Art production facility
  • Automated Technology to run the business; We will assist you in every step in the process from location scouting to the store, showroom and opening event. Once your store or showroom is up and running we will continue to offer support to help ensure your franchise success.

If you have business expertise, love to sell, and believe in offering the best possible customer service, a BookATailor franchise could be for you!

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