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Book Smarts

A Business For All Seasons

The Affordable Franchise — BookSmarts is one of the most affordable retail franchises with a total investment under $100,000. As a BookSmarts owner with a CONVENIENT RETAIL OFFICE, you and your staff provide tax preparation, bookkeeping and other business services to small business owners and your community.

BookSmarts was started by a CPA firm as a tax preparation business back in 1990 known as Tax Tech. The cornerstone of the business model has always been — convenient office location. Operating Tax Tech for over 18 years it became apparent that taxes was just one of the services that customers wanted. So in 2008 the company was rebranded to reflect our YEAR-ROUND BUSINESS services and our franchise program was introduced. You do not have to be an accountant or CPA to own a BookSmarts franchise. Our training and support will prepare your entry into the lucrative tax preparation and business service sector.

Market Niche — Why is tax preparation so lucrative? There are 230,000,000 tax returns filed each year in the U.S. and 60% of those are professionally prepared. Every year more people are using a professional to prepare and file their return and in 2008 THE INDUSTRY GREW 8.2% in spite of a slow economy. The industry is growing because few people enjoy or are qualified to prepare their taxes today. More people would rather pay somebody to do something than do it themselves. This is true for tax preparation, house cleaning, lawn cutting or any other service that must get done. The tax code is getting more complex and most people are concerned about making a mistake that will trigger an IRS letter or audit, so there is a comfort in having a professional tax preparer.

How is BookSmarts different than the other tax prep companies? In addition to tax preparation, BookSmarts offers bookkeeping, payroll, small business accounting, QuickBooks training and other business services like SmartBook and SmartTime. Our vision is to add additional personal and business products that would benefit our customers and provide another revenue source after tax season.

Our offices are professional but, not ostentatious and expensive, so we can attract the small business owners in your community. Having a year-round business is a competitive advantage! Our market niche is the small business owner looking for affordable rates, convenience and relief from doing their own books.

Winning Combination — Combine your skills and talents with our proven business model. BookSmarts clients will trust you with their business records so accuracy, timeliness, and confidentiality are critical. New clients are obtained through referrals, networking and marketing.

As a BookSmarts business owner you have several balls in the air at once. Marketing to add clients, the day-to-day operations, recruiting and training staff, all make for a fast paced professional office environment.

BookSmarts provides training, site selection advice, accounting and tax preparation software, advertising, CPA support, and the marketing tools to grow your business.



Build Your Business

BookSmarts is a GROUND FLOOR FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY that provides multiple revenue streams and ability to build equity in your local business office. Consider the BookSmarts advantages:

  • Multiple Recurring Revenue Streams
  • Year-Round Business
  • Professional Business Climate
  • Ground Floor Opportunity
  • Growing Industry
  • Recession Proof Business



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