Boozelator Breathalyzer Vending Business Opportunity

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Boozelator Breathalyzer Vending

Earn cash with BD & Son's unique vending machines with advertising capabilities for additional revenue.

Boozelator® 5000 SMART Breathalyzer Vending Machine w/Advertising Monitor: Placed in bars, pubs & nightclubs to allow bar-goers to test their breath alcohol content for a fee. Sell ads on the SMART advertising screen for additional revenue.

MyBFF™ Hair Spa Vending Machine w/Advertising Monitor: Placed in women's restrooms (at clubs, spa's, gyms, airports, malls and more!). Purchase time on the machine to straighten, curl or waive your hair. Sell ads on the SMART advertising screen for additional revenue.

By starting a Boozelator® breathalyzer vending & advertising route you are on your way to making your community and streets a safer place, with the added advantage of taking control of your financial freedom with one of the least expensive and least maintenance investment products on the market. Once you own your machine, the markups can be astronomical! A disposable mouth piece that costs less than 1 penny and you can charge between $1-$5 per test (that is 9,900%-50,000% markup!), depending on what you set the cost of your test for. Advertising sales/uploading only costs you your time. And what's even better is that the Boozelator® 5000 is virtually self-sufficient, as it works for you while you sleep and requires little maintenance. Almost anyone can start a Boozelator® vending route without changing their current lifestyle or occupation.

The Boozelator® 5000 is a SMART breathalyzer vending & advertising machine. Due to it's high quality construction, law-enforcement grade Platinum Fuel Cell sensor, SMART LCD advertising monitor and other advanced & exclusive features, it is the most advanced breathalyzer vending machine in the world. The design has been copied, but never close to replicated, and many of our features are in-house exclusive and not available from the competition; There Is Only 1 Boozelator®! Don't let your pocket, bank account or your customers settle for anything less. Click here to see a detailed video inside & out of the Boozelator®. This video is of the 3001 model, the new released 5000 model video will be up shortly.

How To Profit: With our free guidance, place your Boozelator® in local bars/pubs/clubs to allow patrons to check test their BrAC (breath alcohol content) level for a fee ($1-$5/test via cash, coin or credit card. You set the price). The user inserts payment and the machine will cycle through 1 breath test, which includes a free disposable mouthpiece for sanitary testing. Sell advertising on the SMART LCD advertising monitor (available in 12", 15", 19"+) at a suggested $30-$50 per ad per machine for additional income. Call us for a free training session on proven techniques for placement, including what places to target, how to contact them, what to talk about/offer and much more.

How To Get Started. We are not a franchise, so there are no startup nor royalty fees owed to us, and there is no minimum purchase. Some people start with 50+ machines, some people start with 1 machine, that is up to you. Keep in mind that vending and advertising are a numbers game; the more machines and locations you have, the higher your sales can be. You will receive free training and lifetime support with the purchase of your first machine.

Maintenance: Visit your Boozelator® machine once every 6-8 weeks at just 2-3 minutes per visit to refill straws (used for clean mouth pieces) and to collect your cash. Calibrate your fuel cell alcohol sensor (takes only 60-90 seconds) during your regular maintenance every +/-500 tests. Total yearly costs of calibrating and refilling straws is +/-$25 per year per machine. Among the least time & cost for any investment or vending machine on the market!

Law Enforcement Grade Platinum Fuel Cell Sensor: At BD & Sons, LLC, we use only the BEST on the market to offer your patrons results they can trust. Breathalyzer vending machines have been around for about 30 years, but never became popular for several reasons, mainly due to the fact that prior and even current competitor models use a novelty-grade semiconductor sensor. Semiconductor sensors require a sterile air environment to work properly, which no bar/pub/club can offer, as alcohol-fumes in the air, cologne, perfume, hairspray and even elevation can drastically effect the accuracy of semiconductor sensors. Semiconductor sensors have never been approved by law enforcement. The Platinum Fuel Cell sensor that the Boozelator® 5000 employs works in any normal air atmosphere of any bar, and fuel cell sensors are the worldwide standard in law enforcement. Due to the high accuracy results of the Boozelator® 5000, you can capture life-long users that rely on the machine every time they visit your establishments, and even those that use the machine for entertainment value want an accurate sensor, otherwise it takes the fun out of it. We offer a semiconductor model to compete with competitor pricing, however, 99%+ of our sales are with our fuel cell model, as it garnishes more repeat users, is more accurate, has a longer life and is MUCH cheaper to maintain.

Why Blo Dad & Sons, LLC? We are the only breathalyzer vending company to have an "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau BBB Link. We offer unlimited free training, as well as unlimited free technical and customer support for life!

MyBFF™ Hair Spa vending machine w/SMART 12" advertising screen: is a pay-per-time flat iron that allows women to straighten, curl or waive their hair. Each vend gets the user 90 seconds of time, and you set the price per vend. The user must electronically sign a waiver relieving you and the establishment from any liability prior to use. The machine employs a GHD Professional & Commercial grade flat iron, among the best in the world. The MyBFF™ machine is built to the same high standards as the Boozelator® and is a similar concept when it comes to our support, selling advertisements and vends. This machine requires less maintenance than the breathalyzer, as the only maintenance you have here is collecting cash, unless you go with a credit card acceptor and the funds get deposited directly into your bank account, so you never have to visit your machine unless you want to.

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