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Brick by Brick

We Don't Get To Play With Lego's All Day, But We Sure Do Have Fun:

Brick by Brick® offers innovative and educational based programs designed to bring the concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) to life using Lego® bricks. Our exciting programs offer hands-on learning in a fun and challenging way through classes, camps, mom's morning out preschool, after-school classes, parents' night out, events and birthday parties. We are proud to inspire children to build with their natural curiosity while teaching engineering concepts. Brick by Brick has developed exciting programs that invite children to have fun while they use their knowledge of engineering and science to design, create and improve solutions to real life engineering problems. Children are natural engineers, and love building and taking things apart. Brick by Brick programs engage students with hands-on, real world engineering experiences!

The ever growing demand for the programs provided by Brick by Bricks has led to the establishment of the Brick by Brick franchise, a great opportunity for anyone who loves working with children and promoting their educational development. Currently, Brick by Brick's corporate headquarters located in Charleston, South Carolina operates a 2500 square foot learning center along with after school programs in over fifty-five local schools.

Our Story:

Brick by Brick was "Imagined, Created and Built" by Kendra & Matthew Randall, a dynamic husband & wife team that met when they were 13 years old in science class! So, in essence, love flourished from STEM Education....

Matt, a registered Professional Engineer and LEED Accredited Professional in Charleston, understands the importance of early exposure to STEM education and the impact it can have on our children's future. It just seemed natural when they had the idea to combine his enthusiasm for engineering and their love for children to form Brick by Brick, a Lego® Learning Center.

Behind every great business model; there is a marketing whiz – and that's Kendra! Her team has successful obtained contracts with fifty-five schools in the Charleston area in less then two years. Kendra has a keen understanding of how to market in a way that brings in results. Not only is she a marketing guru, she is a honest, happy, caring mother of two beautiful children, with a bold and brave spirit. "When you've got a great brand and a greater cause, great things will happen! When meeting with a new school, I emphasize why our brand is superior; because whatever business you're going into, whether it's educational services or retail, you won't be the only one. [But] Brick by Brick is truly unique, and I try to pull that out." Prior to "playing with Lego's" the travel, art, decorating and gym enthusiast had 10 years of experience in public relations and marketing — joining Barnes and Noble Booksellers as the Community Relations Manager after graduating from the College of the Holy Cross.

Brick by Brick provides project-based programs to teach the principles and methods of engineering, architecture, math and science using Lego® Bricks. It takes learning out of the pages of the textbook and into an imaginative, 3-dimensional, hands-on, fun learning experience! The kids build from full-color proprietary model plans which introduce developmentally appropriate concepts from counting, patterning and recognizing colors at the preschool level to reading plans, creating machines and programming robots at the elementary and middle school levels. At Brick by Brick we strive to develop effective problem solving skills; provide an opportunity for creative expression and encourage teamwork; while building self-confidence. Our programs provide an extraordinary outlet for children to build unique models, learn new techniques and have a ton of fun building with Lego® bricks.

We Are Here For You:

Brick by Brick is 100% committed to making your business successful! By owning a Brick by Brick franchise, you will enjoy the benefits of owning your own business, yet we will be there to support you along the way. If you are not successful, we are not successful! We train you to run a profitable Brick by Brick business by requiring you to complete our training program at our corporate headquarters and 3 days of on-site training at your location. We will hang out, share some laughs and teach you the inner workings of our business. We are not here just to "sell" you - we are here every step of the way. If a problem arises, we are available 23/7...we must sleep at least one hour a day.

We provide you with proprietary model plans, kits, curricula and instruction materials in all areas of operations; from a thorough review of the operations manual to hands-on classroom training. We will be here for you to ensure your success as you build your own Brick by Brick business!

Why Us - We Stand Apart From Our Competition:

  • Recession proof business with quick ROI, relatively low start-up cost (Franchise Fee $27,500) with high profit margins
  • Kids are natural engineers. They love to build things and take things apart.
  • Parents value their child's education and understand the importance of an engineering education.
  • Children will come back to your program time and time again. Due to the demand of our program, we have grown to fifty-five schools within Charleston County in less than two years. I don't believe you will find a competitor that match our growth. We have proven marketing strategies and our brand sells itself. Our reputation precedes us.
  • Proprietary model plans; our model plans cannot be found in a store or ordered through Lego Education. They are the exclusive property of Brick by Brick. We are constantly developing new models that will allow you to never use the same plan twice within a two-year period. Never hear "my child built that last year" or "why can't I just go to Lego Education and purchase the plan myself".
  • Most elementary schools do not offer engineering education and are happy to invite you into to their school to offer in-school field trips and after-school enrichment programs. We currently offer our program during school hours to the gifted and talented programs. This makes our business model superior as we have curriculum for both in school and after school hours.
  • We have received Federal and State Grants to teach students in lower income schools. We can guide you in obtaining grants in your area to teach our Brick by Brick program.
  • Brick by Brick franchises are easy to operate and can be run from home, giving you the benefit of low overhead costs. Everything you need will be provided to you. We are always developing new and exciting model plans and curriculum. Similar programs recycle the same camps/models from year to year. We are ahead of the curve in every sense - which is demonstrated by our growth in just two years.
  • Brick by Brick can be operated as a part time or full time business. With the high profit margins and the low fixed overhead, it is truly a profitable business from the start. You have the opportunity to have year-round income with camps during the summer and school vacations along with birthday parties and events. Our elementary age camps average 24 children, while our preschool camps average 14 children per week.

I Feel Your Excitement - So What's Included:

  • Use of Brick by Brick name, logos and trademarks, Proprietary Model Plans, Unique to Brick By Brick that cannot be purchased by schools or customers. (New plans generated quarterly.)
  • Large territories that include a population of 50,000 people and at least 25 schools.
  • Current Special Double Territory (Expires: 1/31/14) - Based on zip codes and schools in the area.
  • Support opening a brick-and-mortar location if desired.
  • Marketing support to schools and recreation centers.
  • Assistance obtaining school funding through federal, state and local grants.
  • One week comprehensive classroom and on-the-job training program.
  • Exclusive use of the Proprietary Operations Manual.
  • A well-managed website that will promote your Brick by Brick business.
  • Sales and marketing training.
  • Scheduled visits from Field Support Representatives, meetings, teleconferences and workshops.

Lego Teaching Kits included:

  • 10 - Engineers In Training Kits (20 students)
  • 6 - Little Builder / Jr. Builder Kits (18 students)
  • Explorers / Moms Morning Out - Large Soft Blocks
  • Curriculum (Take Home Sheets, Model & Lesson Plans in Digital Format)
    • Explorers Curriculum (Ages 1 - 3) 
    • Moms Morning Out Lessons (Ages 2-4) 
    • Little Builder Models & Take Home Sheets (Ages 3-5) 
    • Jr. Builder Models & Take Home Sheets (Ages 5 - 7)  
    • Engineers in Training Model Plans & Curriculum (Ages 6 & up)
    • Mindstorms & We Do Robotics Plans & Curriculum (Ages 9 & up) 
    • Lego Video Game Creator & Lego Stop Motion Animation Curriculum (Ages 7 & up) 
    • Summer/Holiday Camp Curriculum/Lesson Plans in Digital Format; – 24 Themed Camps (Ages 9 & up); Preschool Camps ( Ages 2-4)
  • Birthday Party Guide in Digital Format
  • Birthday Party Games/Challenges, Invitations, Vendor Contacts
  • Proprietary Operations/Management Manual
  • Press Release Template Letter & Template to Schools
  • Vendor Contact Database
  • Templates for Marketing Materials
  • Three business days of set-up coordination at your creative center with experienced Brick by Brick Staff, as well as on-site business development training and visits to local schools.
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