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Broke Ass Phone

A Proven Need

Are you looking for an exciting business opportunity with a promising future and expert support from a trusted and highly respected company? With a Broke Ass Phone franchise, you will become a partner in servicing a need that virtually everyone has at some point in this technological age—repairing and replacing parts for a variety of smartphones and smart devices.

As we thrust toward a mobile-saturated society, this need will only increase as millions of people begin to rely solely on these devices for their daily needs. That significant increase in users, coupled with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, means that more and more of these mobile devices are bound to experience natural wear and tear, as well as some wear and tear that is not so “natural.” While this is not always a great experience for the owner, they can find solace in knowing that a Broke Ass Phone franchise is right around the corner—meaning that this system is replicable, and that you will have security and return on your investment.

What We Do

Broke Ass Phone offers repair and parts replacement for a variety of smartphones and other smart devices including the following:

Smartphone Repair: Apple, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and LG

Smart Device Repair: iPads, iPods and Galaxy tablets.

Water-Damage Process — Broke Ass Phone offers a comprehensive water damage process that includes:

  • Chemical process to remove the corrosion and moisture
  • Silica chamber drying time
  • Replacement of damaged parts and
  • Thorough testing to ensure your device is ready for use.

A Tradition of Excellence

This unique need also requires a unique solution—which is where the Broke Ass Phone brand has greatly succeeded. Our revolutionary ability to typically turn orders around in mere hours instead of days, positions us as leaders in the industry, because we understand just how important these devices are to our customers. This type of service has resulted in strong brand loyalty and trust, which are perhaps the two strongest relationship qualities necessary for both brand expansion and consumer growth.

A Team to be Proud of

We are seeking partners for our brand who are not only business-minded individuals possessing a strong ambition to succeed, but who also share our passion and vision. Staying connected through mobile devices is vital to our customers, and we work to ensure that their needs are addressed as quickly as possible. As a franchise owner, this will bring you the return on investment that you seek, and also a sense of pride in knowing that the customer did not have to be inconvenienced without their phone a moment longer than necessary.

With the 3 franchises already established in Northeast Ohio, we are extremely exciting to assist during the entire opening process. We will do our best to assist in every capacity; including geographic placement, opening the new location as quickly as possible, and marketing appropriately in your area.

Why choose Broke Ass Phone Smartphone Repair franchise?

Fast Turnaround — Our fast turnaround (typically 2 hours or less) means you won’t be without your smart device a moment longer than necessary, while our comprehensive parts inventory eliminates shipment delays for those items most frequently replaced.

Warranty: All smart device repairs come with a 90-day warranty, which includes a 100% coverage on any replacement parts installed by our technicians. (The warranty does not cover accidental damage, only manufacturers’ defective parts that we replaced.)

  • Emerging brand quality and assurance in a rapidly growing electronic repair industry
  • Brand recognition and preference that is unmatched
  • Customer-friendly store environment
  • Highest quality repair parts in the industry
  • Established business model and strong franchise support

Franchise Fees

Broke Ass Phone franchisees pay an initial franchise fee of $25,000. During the Franchise agreement and development process, Broke Ass Phone will provide you with support throughout your build-out phase, store design, suggested initial inventory, suggested tools and equipment, and POS setup.

The Broke Ass Phone franchise royalty fee and technology fee totals 8% of gross sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basic financial requirements for franchising with Broke Ass Phone?

Broke Ass Phone requires at least $100,000 net worth, $40,000 of which must be liquid assets. (Guestimate)

Do you require smart device repair experience?

No, we do not require direct repair experience, although a technological background is recommended.

What does Broke Ass Phone look for in geographic location?

Our ideal site would be on the corner of an intersection with an average traffic count of over 50,000 cars per day, and clear visibility from all points of the intersection. Our average store size is approximately 1,000 square feet. Although this selection is ideal, any location with street visibility is preferred. This area should also have at least an average annual household income of $55,000 or greater, and a population of 45,000 within a 3-mile radius. Keep in mind this is not absolute criteria, as specific sites are evaluated on their individual features and demographics. (Guestimate)

Does Broke Ass Phone provide training for franchisees?

Yes. Our training resources consist of: 2 weeks of new franchisee training onsite, continuing support for new devices including 'How-To' videos for each type of repair, and ongoing support from other employees and franchisees through our message boards. We also have a full-time website which is always available during normal operating hours to assist with any technical/training questions our franchisees or their staff may have.

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