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Buck's Pizza

Taste the Bucks Pizza difference

If youre thinking of becoming your own boss, Buck's Pizza could be the food franchise opportunity youve been looking for! A few short years ago Buck's Pizza opened the doors of our first shop. Then, as now, our first commitment is to quality. We recognized the opportunity to bring to customers across the country something really special - real pizza made the old-fashioned way. Invest in the Bucks Pizza franchise today and you could soon be wowing your own customers with the benefits of our expertise and experience.

Buck's Pizza has enjoyed this success by sticking to a few basic principles. When it comes to pizza we never cut any corners. It is a source of pride that what we prepare is always superior quality. To serve the best food, we buy only select ingredients and prepare them in our own special way.

Bucks Pizza is a delicious blend of natural ingredients delicately flavored with special spices and kissed with extra virgin olive oil. The basis for the best pizza starts with the dough. Ours starts with the highest protein top grade flour and is made fresh in each store, using only 100% natural ingredients - no preservatives or extenders are ever used. Our dough will never be made in bulk and trucked in from a remote commissary. Our sauce is made from VINE-RIPENED, FRESH PACKED TOMATOES. It will never be made from re-manufactured tomato products using bulk tomato concentrate and water. Our special blend of cheese is 100% real cheese.

At Buck's your customers will know that great pride is taken in preparing their pizza. Our family-owned franchises continue to gain loyal customers because we are committed to serving families the very best.

Experience required

Buck's Pizza franchises are awarded to individuals who can demonstrate the ability to direct day-to-day operation of a business and can work with franchise programs dedicated to long term business growth. A food service background is helpful but not required for you to be awarded a Buck's Pizza franchise. Buck's Pizza field consultants provide on-site training and support, in areas of product preparation, employee scheduling, food cost control, reporting, and marketing that will help to prepare you for the management of your Buck's Pizza franchise. Field consultants provide continuing on-going franchise support.

Buck's Pizza is more than a company with a great pizza. We're a company dedicated to the success and profitability of our franchisees. The success and profitability of our franchisees IS the success and profitability of Buck's Pizza!
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