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Bundle Diaper Service

Bundle is designed to serve you.

In developing the Bundle Franchise System, Bundle wanted owners to be able to have an opportunity to work "on the business," rather than being overwhelmed by working "in the business." Operating any business can be time consuming, expensive and come with great personal risk. Bundle's franchise system is intended to limit each and allow our owners to benefit from an advanced internet strategy, a proven sales system, technology resources that leave nothing to chance, and a quality service offering.

Below is a summary of the service areas Bundle provides for its franchise owners.

Home Office SupportHome Office Support –

As a franchisee, you will never have to figure out your buiness problems by yourself. Business is complex, and we understand the value of having someone to call who has 'been there' before. So, while others urge their franchisees to read the blog, view the video or peruse the newsletter, our franchisees can simply pick up the phone and call us for support. We are always here to help. We take the word 'team' seriously, and we are fully invested in your success.

binocularsInternet & Marketing Strategy –

The moment you return from training as a new Bundle Franchisee, your very own Bundle Website will be live and working for you. Bundle designed its online marketing strategy to permeate your community online.  Your ready-made but highly customizable and content-rich website presents your Bundle location as the authority on diapering in your community.  We know that in today's business environment being fully engaged online is crucial to success. With a detailed strategy and a beautiful website, you are poised for out-of-the-box success. It is from a polished platform on the web that you can leverage Bundle's brand and your passion into a winning combination.

Marketing Technical Expertise and Tools -

Running a combined service and retail business is complex, and that is why we custom built a software to manage our customer information, routing, and billing.  The time-saving, headache-saving, and customer-complaint-reducing benefit to this system cannot be underestimated! Bundle utilizes the most advanced technology for the benefit of each franchisee. We will provide you with your own Bundle Website, access to the Franchisee Intranet, an account in the Bundle Client Management and Scheduling System, access to the Bundle Print Library and more. Further, we are able to help at a moment's notice with any issues that arise in the high-tech world.

StarExceptional Products. Exceptional Results. –

Bundle has literally searched the world for the best cloth diaper products and eco-mod baby products available. Our retail products come from around the globe, all with a commitment to fair labor practices, lovely design, and earth friendly materials.   And we continue to search and innovate, so you can be certain that you will have the newest and most sought after products and services in your shop.  Bundle is reliably on the cutting edge of the Diaper Service and Baby Shop industry, carrying products and offering services long before others. With a forward thinking business team behind you, you are free to focus on growing your business in your community.

mailboxRetail Product Sales Opportunity -

Part of the Bundle business is operating a small retail shop. We make managing this retail component as simple as possible by offering a single wholesale site where you can order all of the products and supplies for your shop. From baby carriers to bamboo swaddling blankets, these products directly compliment the Bundle brand and experience.  

Stocked and managed properly, the Bundle retail baby shop can be a rewarding income producer and diaper service client lead generation source. This substantially rounds out the Bundle business strategy and gives local parents a physical place to experience the Bundle difference.

pencilExtensive Initial and On-Going Training –

People always ask. "Do you really need training on how to wash and deliver diapers?" Well, it turns out running a diaper service means a lot more than washing diapers! Furthermore, providing Bundle quality service standards requires special training and attention to detail. Not to worry, you and your staff will learn, in a live setting, all the ins and outs of the diaper service business. And you will learn to do it all effectively, efficiently, and profitably. Once your training is complete, Bundle will continue to test, re-test and improve our methods and share the results with you. Managing customer relations and scheduling is another emphasis in training, with results that set Bundle apart.

TerritoryProtected Territories –

Once you have invested in your Bundle business, it is protected and exclusively yours. Bundle works hard to award territories that are generous and equal in demographic characteristics. This affords our owners the opportunity to work cooperatively with one another. You can always acquire more territory should your expansion goals motivate you, but what you have is yours as long as you remain an active franchisee with Bundle.

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