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We have over 14 years of experience with owning and operating internet businesses and we now bring that expertise to brokering businesses. We specialize in the sale of mobile application businesses and internet based businesses.

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Internet Businesses, Mobile Application Businesses

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    Chicago, IL 
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    When the founders of this app gathered together, they had a specific, unifying thought: how do they bring lonely people together? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of apps that bring people together based off swiping through profiles. The founders did not want to be one of these apps. They didn't want their users being rejected, or accepted, based off of their physical appearance. They wanted to bring people together for a different reason - mutual interests and events.With this app users can see people on the app with similar interests and what events they are going to. Once they get to the event, they can check in on the app. This concept brings people together without the pressure of More info

    Montreal, QC 
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    Gadgets One-Stop Shop eCom Store

    For sale is a successful eCom business that was built following a unique drop shipping model. While the company does not hold any inventory, they work closely with a private supplier that ships their products within 3 days, and has a faster way of expedition (12 days instead of 30 days). This allows the company to keep more consistent revenue and maintain a lower dispute level than its competitors.The company advertises its wide array of products (2500+) using Google. They get a decent amount of organic traffic due to their listings being geared around SEO. But most of the companyÕs sales are attributed to Google Ads, specifically Google Shopping Ads Ð an untapped and endless source of More info

    Nashua, NH 
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    Animal Niche eCom Store-Unique Designs and High-Quality Products

    For sale is a print on demand and drop shipping eCom business created in October 2016 in the apparel & accessories niche. The business was the first online store to target a particular type of animal lover on Facebook where the audience is really large.The Shopify site features a range of products including apparel, jewelry, bedding, canvases and more relating to this type of animal. With plans for expansion in place, the owner is implementing a subscription box soon. Most of the items are drop shipped from suppliers in the US, Russia, and China. A few others are stored in a warehouse to shorten the shipping time for the holidays and increase customer satisfaction. The business also has a More info

    Nashua, NH 
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    Dating and Friend Following App

    For sale is an app for people to share their internet profile such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with people around their community. It helps someone find new people nearby who share their interests. The app is easy and simple to use. It locates who is around a person at the moment. A user can share his social networks to others and discover who is around. The app gives users a safe and fun new way to meet new people and to chat around.NOTE - financials shown are run rate numbers based on the recent 3 months.Highlights & Key Assets:o High user engagemento Subscription-based revenue which continues to growo Minimal time commitmento Strong customer loyalty that leads to recurring More info

    San Francisco, CA 
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    #1 Monster Catching MMORPG on Mobile

    For sale is the #1 monster catching MMORPG on mobile that has reached the top 10 grossing in over 40 countries. With over 40 million downloads the game has grossed $100M lifetime. For detailed userbase info, installs, monetization and financials please inquire and sign the NDA. More info

    Euclid, OH 
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    Multipurpose File Downloader App - 178K DAU

    For sale is a multipurpose downloader app with over four years of history. It has the ability to grab any file format from websites whether it is media, document, apps and even other files that are used to display and render websites. This application is a whole new dimension in mobile download management software as it is known to be a perfect tool for downloading multiple file formats.Highlights & Key Assets:o 2000 daily installs (organic traffic)o Stable app audience that does not decline with 178K DAUo Revenue has been very consistent over four years without doing much marketingo Fully integrated web browser and has a smart and unique parser which supports most all websiteso Fast More info

    Nashua, NH 
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    Interactive 3D Mini Golf Game w/ 27K DAU

    For sale is a set of two 3D mini golf games for Android with over 2 years of history. The main game has had 21.98M organic downloads. The owner as continued to improve and make the app the best mini golf game available today. Even now, thousands of players are still using this interactive game. To date, the apps monthly downloads have reached to 142K for the main app and 13K for the secondary app respectively. The game and downloads are very stable on an organic level. Things are now positioned to grow with additional marketing and an iOS version.Highlights & Key Assets:o Lots of room to expand (big growth opportunity to publish on iOS)o Loyal players and high DAUo Big organic downloads to More info

    Nashua, NH 
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    Street Racing Game on iOS and Steam

    For sale is a very popular drifting/racing game on Steam with three years of history. It features the streets and highways of Japan as the game's primary location. This game has high quality visuals, realistic physics, large choice of cars with advanced engine tuning and real-time power graphs.Highlights & Key Assets:o Popular game with a branded nameo Trademark for app nameo Good traffic with no marketingo Strong community of playerso Nice cars and advanced engine tuningo Realistic physicso High quality graphics inside and outside the caro Realistic engine power real-time graphso Nice scoring systemo Online mode up to 600 playerso Local multiplayer - users can play with up to 32 More info

    Nashua, NH 
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    Leading eCom Store for Ionic Bracelets/Magnetic Jewelry/Power Bands

    For sale is one of the world's leading manufacturers of Power Bands, Ionic Bracelets and Magnetic Jewelry for men, women, kids and pets. It was established in 2011 after its founder noticed a growing trend in alternative therapy products, which customers wear to improve their well-being, get better sleep, reduce pain and use for sports.The business generates the bulk of its income from 4 different verticals. There are countless others to explore but the four working well, with years of history, are: 1. Pain relief - customers wearing a bracelet to reduce all kinds of pain; 2. Improving sleep - customers getting a better/deeper sleep wearing a bracelet, 3. Golf niche. Golfers have always More info

    Pine, NY 
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    Skin Care & Beauty eCom Brand with Wholesale & Retailer Relationships

    Available for acquisition is a brand that was founded in July 2015. It offers clean beauty and skin care products derived from natural ingredients like herbal extracts and rich botanical oils. They focus on developing pure, natural anti-aging solutions that work. The mission is to become a go-to source for healthy beauty products for men and women.Their full line of skincare products includes hair, lips, nails, and candles. Their vitamin enriched skin care products are formulated for all skin types. They use potent antioxidants and natural botanical oils to moisturize and comfort the skin. All their products have all been tested by dermatologists, are hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. And More info

    Miami, AZ 
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    Growing Patriotic/Tactical/Outdoor eCom Store w/ 2+ years of History

    For sale is a Patriotic/Tactical/Outdoor eCom store started in May 2016. The target audience is mainly males age 22-45 years old. The store has had hit products ranging from Donald Trump gear to waterproof jackets. They have a growing social media presence with over 79,100 followers on Facebook and over 21,500 Instagram followers. The company's Facebook and Instagram channels account for 80% of the traffic while the email list, Google AdWords, and direct traffic combined make up the other 20%.The store has been growing steadily and has huge potential with white labeling products and by adding a subscription box.Highlights & Key Assets:o Extremely passionate and loyal niche (products sell More info

    San Francisco, CA 
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    Top App Marketing Agency - 50% YOY Growth

    For sale is one of the top app marketing agencies.The business is highly profitable with high margin products and services including digital courses, app marketing services and membership programs.In 2015, global mobile app revenues amounted to 69.7 billion U.S. dollars. In 2020, mobile apps are projected to generate 188.9 billion U.S. dollars in revenues via app stores and in-app advertising. App marketing is the dominant and most sought after marketing channel for app developers. This business is the leading knowledge base of app marketing strategies that are working in todays changing climate. They provide app marketing consulting to startups and independent app creators. Their proven More info

    Austin, TX 
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    App Marketing Agency Business

    For sale is one of the first mobile app marketing companies in this niche. They provide proven, tested app marketing strategies to help clients reach their goals. Whether clients have a game, business, social or other app, this business can help the client achieve results with their marketing plan.This is a service business where once the new owner has acquired the company they simply need to continue to rely on inbound sales via website, Google ads, partnerships with app development companies, and occasional trade shows. Traffic generation is currently mainly organic through SEO. Their Google ad campaigns work as well. And they have partnerships with other app development companies who More info

    Columbus, OH 
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    App Source Code & Training Business

    For sale is an app business that primarily serves other app developers and marketers. The business was started in April of 2014. The current owner bought it from the original owners in April of 2016 and has built it up to what it is today by adding higher end products, services and content. The business sells software (source code licenses) and training courses. The main source code is based off a live app that also earns revenue in the iOS app store with advertising and in app purchases. Highlights & Key Assets:o Dedicated email subscribers and fans (email list of 1,700+)o Minimal time commitmento Main App Template that generates revenue from licensing to other developerso Main game More info

    Lodi, NJ 
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    Creative Photo & Movie Editor Apps w/ $3mm+/Year Subscription Revenue

    For sale is a set of four photo and video editor related apps that are currently doing over $250K/month ($3mm+/year) in subscription revenue and growing.The company focuses on developing mobile apps in the photo/video and entertainment market. For the past 5 years they have honed and tailored their apps to fit customer's needs. Their mission is making editing content easier for amateurs and professionals alike.Highlights:-High quality apps with a growing and recurring revenue-Almost no management required (business is setup to mainly be on autopilot)-Super low expenses-Subscription-based revenue which continues to grow-Multiple apps that produce revenue-Digital Photography and Editing is a More info

    Nashua, NH 
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    Video/Movie Editor App w/ $125K+ Subscription Revenue

    For sale is a video/movie editor app with two years of history that is doing $125K+ in monthly subscription revenue.NOTE - Financials shown are current annualized run rate based on the most recent 4 months. More info

    Nashua, NH 
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    Text Caption Editor App w/ $65K+/mon Subscription Revenue

    For sale is a text caption editor app with four years of history that is doing $65K+ in monthly subscription revenue.App has 1,708 DAU and 97K/month downloadsNOTE - Financials shown are trailing 12 months. Current run rate based on last 6 months average is $787K/year. More info

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    Nashua, NH 
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    Biking Tire Tool Brand - Established & Poised For Rapid Growth

    Available for acquisition is a biking tool brand that has changed the way riders change tires forever. This is an established business with 6 years of history and sells in more than 60 countries. It is the only established brand in this particular niche market and has an engaged loyal fan base of over 11,000 community members.The key product is used by top world pro riders and most elite national racing teams. Close partnership with pro teams gives the company incredible product development insights and possibilities for testing and promotion. Within the last 6 years, the company has built a dealer network of over 250 resellers in Europe, the US and the rest of world. Over that time the More info

    Fort Lauderdale, FL 
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    Content Site & Viral Content Production Business

    For sale is a hugely popular online publisher and viral content producer that was started in 2014. The main website receives millions of visits per month who keep returning for more inspirational, funny and thought-provoking content pieces. The business curates its content from trending pieces from around the world, and the content team models the content around our target market. The majority of visitors to the main site are US-based, between the ages of 21-34, and fairly evenly split between male and female.One of the strengths of the business is the technology the site is built on provides a huge advantage. Development is very easy because the owners have invested hundreds of hours in the More info

    West Linn, OR 
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    Hidden Camera Detector App

    Founded in December 2012, this unique mobile app is the first comprehensive hidden camera detector for mobile phones. The app helps users make sure there are no spy cameras invading their privacy. The creator of the app has years of experience in the counter surveillance and security industry and used that to develop the app. This paid app is used by over 14,000 individuals, companies and professionals worldwide and growing. Highlights & Key Assets:o Over 14,100 paid users and growing ($4.99 each)o These are iOS App Store results only. The Android version could be developed and released (strong potential to double revenues and growth by launching on Google Play). Owner has an email list of More info

    Grandview, IL 
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    Functional Fitness Competition Business

    For sale is a leading functional fitness competition business. The first competition was held in 2011 with about 70 athletes and has since grown to over 19,000 athletes in 2017. The concept was simple yet long overdue. Many fitness competitions were focused on advanced athletes. However, since novice and intermediates make up 95% of athletes, it made sense to have a competition designed only for them. When athletes compete in these events they can expect to be challenged but can also expect to have a lot of fun. The product is the sale of a registration for individual athletes and 2-person teams. They offer an Individual event in April and a 2-Person Teams event in October each year. At the More info

    Burbank, IL 
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    Top Vaping eCom Brand - 5 years of history

    For sale is an established eCommerce business with 5 years of history selling vaping products. The business has a long history of outstanding customer service. They don't cater to everyone, and instead carry specific products and offer brands of liquids that other companies don't have or can't get.Also included is the right to offer the products at wholesale. The wholesale part of the business is mostly drop-ship and has strong growth potential.With its market positioning and assets this is a great acquisition for new owner that loves this niche and has the skills to grow the business or a company already in this niche. Depending on the new owner's goals this business could be grown and More info

    Kaufbeuren, DE 
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    B2B Software Business - Cross Browser Testing

    For sale is a B2B software business that develops and sells downloadable software and training material under three different brand names. The software and training material helps web developers and testers test their web projects on different browsers, mobile devices and operating systems.Customers are mostly enterprise companies like banks, insurance companies, healthcare providers and government agencies. Started in 2014 there are still currently no real competing downloadable products.NOTE - Financials shown are TTM. Run rate based is currently at $144,309 in revenue and $130,801 in profit.Highlights & Key Assets:o Downloadable softwareo Does not need any third party or server More info

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