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Established in 1993, the licensed professionals of BFS®, a childcare and school brokerage and consulting firm, are here to help you buy, sell, finance, evaluate or improve your childcare company or school in 42 U.S. states. References and a list of our Recent Transactions are always available for your review. BFS has a long-standing A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, and we are a member/friend of the following childcare organizations:

NCCA--National Child Care Association
NNCC--National Network for Child Care
ACEI--Association for Childhood Education International
The Children's Foundation
NAFCC--National Association for Family Child Care

BFS® is in the business of assisting you in buying, selling, financing, or improving your childcare or early education company. Whether you are in the middle of Manhattan or America's heartland, we are here to help. BFS®, Barnett Real Estate Services, Inc., is a licensed real estate brokerage firm with brokers and lenders available throughout the contiguous United States with the exception of the following states: FL, ME, MT, ND, SD, and WY.

BFS® Mission Statement: Be the all too rare, integrity-based, high performance, results-driven specialty brokerage firm that earns client endorsements, employee pride, partner confidence, and competitor respect.

** Referral Fees Paid.

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Brad Barnett (800) 467-1774


Established in 1993, the licensed and experienced professionals of BFS® are here to help you with your childcare company, preschool, Montessori school, private elementary or special needs school.

Services Provided

We will help you buy, sell, finance, evaluate or improve a childcare company, preschool, or Montessori School. ** Referral Fees Paid.

Areas Served

Davidson, TN

Business For Sale Listings

Cash Flow: $96,960 
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01140--IL Childcare Earning Nearly $100K a Year While Employees Manage

#01140-IL*****Center managed by non-owner, employees.*****Primarily private pay clientele.*****Less than 30 minutes from St. Louis.*****Room for expansion.*****Owner retiring.*****Real estate appraised...available for sale or lease.*****Financing available with as little as 10% down for qualified buyers. More info

Cash Flow: $475,073 
New Jersey 
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#01201--NJ Childcare Center Earning $475K EBITDA--Seller Retiring.

#01201--NJ: Well-established private pay clientele*****About 90% of new clients come from referrals*****Daily operations managed by non-owner employees.*****Located in growing area.*****An hour or less from Philadelphia, NYC, Princeton and Trenton NJ.*****Real estate for sale or lease based on buyer / tenant qualifications.*****Seller is retiring.*****Financing available with as little as 10% down for qualified buyers. More info

Cash Flow: $265,941 
Albuquerque, NM 
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#01088--NM Childcare Making $265,000+...Buy or Lease Real Estate.

01088--NM *****Cash Flow (EBITDA) continues to climb (over $265,000 in 2017) in this center while non-owner employees manage the daily operations.****Seller financing and SBA / Bank financing available. SBA financing allows for 10% down payment. All financing pending buyer qualifications.*****Real estate for sale or lease. More info

Cash Flow: $190,837 
Albuquerque Region, NM 
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01087NM--Childcare Earnings (EBITDA) Double--Employees Managing Ops.

#01087NM*****Cash Flow (EBITDA) more than doubled 2017 over 2016. Financing available with as little as 10% down. Buyer can purchase business and buy or lease the real estate subject to qualifications.*****Employees manage daily operations *****Real estate value based on 2016 appraisal.*****Seller Financing available in some circumstances*****Clean books...Financial performance verified by tax return. More info

Cash Flow: $18,877 
North Carolina 
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#01145--NC Great Property and Childcare Business for Sale.

#01145--NC: Buy this profitable childcare business, real estate, $463K in revenue, all of the furniture, fixtures and equipment for less than the appraised value of the real estate alone. Financing with 10% down for qualified buyers. Any knowledgeable buyer will see the obvious cost overruns in the amount of 15% or more. This is a genuine find for a turnaround. More info

Cash Flow: $130,939 
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01204-KS Childcare Pays Owner $131K/Yr. In KS, Near Both Kansas Cities

#01204--KS*****Private Pay Clientele*****Strong enrollment with room for growth.*****Dominant center in area.*****Exceptionally well-qualified staff.*****Income verified by tax return.*****Real estate for sale or lease pending buyer qualifications.*****Current real estate appraisal included in BFS portfolio.*****Original cost of all Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment is $232,166...everything included in asking price. More info

Cash Flow: $41,168 
Davidson Co., NC 
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#01205-NC Profitable Childcare w Exceptional Upside Little Downside

#01205--NC--Large, highly rated, profitable childcare center for sale under market value in area of Charlotte, Winston-Salem and Greensboro, NC.*****Get profitable business, all furniture, fixtures and equipment and beautiful real estate for the appraised value of the real estate in January 2016.*****Long-term, non-owner director manages daily operations.*****Seller retiring.*****Center has great upside potential with very little downside risk. Detailed portfolio provided to qualified buyers. More info

Cash Flow: $380,251 
Elnora, NY 
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01096NY-Childcare Making $380K While Employees Manage Daily Operations

*****Clientele is nearly all private pay.*****Company managed by non-owner employees...well-organized for new ownership.*****Financial results verified by tax return.*****Stable staff...10 employees with 10+ years in this school.***** More info

Cash Flow: $24,063 
Indianapolis Within One H..., IN 
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Profitable, Long-Standing Childcare Center for Sale

*****Starting August 1, 2014, the price of this center is being reduced by $1,000 per day until an offer is accepted or September 1, 2014--whichever comes first. *****Based on 2013 tax return, this center pays over $50,000 annually to a person who is both owner and Director of the center. It can also pay an owner $24,000+ if the owner chooses to let an employee manage (Direct) the daily operations*****Results verified via tax return.*****Center has a mostly private pay clientele, but could be adjusted to qualify the center to receive funds from the Federal Food Program.*****Center has not raised tuition rates for five+ years.*****Referral Fee Paid. More info

Cash Flow: $120,447 
Albuquerque Area, NM 
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Profitable and Growing Childcare Company For Sale

#01104NM*****June 2015 Center just received more contracts...should increase revenue by approximately 50% over 2014.....profits should increase similarly.*****5-6-14 Center was just approved for 40 Pre-K Extended students for the next three years increasing revenue by $60,000 annually with no need for additional staffing.*****Financial results verified by tax return.*****Center has a long track record of success.*****Positioned for near-term substantial growth.*****Highly rated center.*****Operational expenses are a little high, but the center is still producing nearly 16% EBITDA (Cash Flow). More info

Austin, AR 
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Profitable Childcare Co. with Easily Improved Profit Margin For Sale

01101--TX *****Seller wants to retire.*****Center was profitable in 2016.*****Mostly private pay clientele with 25%+- subsidized students.*****Seller financing available to qualified buyers. More info

Cash Flow: $38,410 
St. Charles Co., MO 
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Profitable, St. Louis area childcare center available.

*****Buy for as little as 5% down...Seller financing provided*****Price reduced by $70,000+*****Center serves nearly 100% private pay clientele.*****Financial results verified by tax return.*****Center produces the stated profits in spite of payroll cost that is 10% too high.*****Recently appraised real estate.*****Referral Fee Paid. More info

Boston, MA 
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01103--MA For Sale-Childcare Ctr--Profitable in Spite of 62% Payroll

#01103--MA*****Clientele is 100% private pay.*****Business and real estate can be purchased for less than the appraised value of the real estate alone. *****The property is exceptionally well-maintained and the staff is stable with an average tenure of more than five years. All teachers hold college degrees.*****Referral Fee Paid. More info

Cash Flow: $75,423 
Asheville Area, NC 
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01082--NC Profitable Childcare For Sale--Material Upside.

Profitable*****Daily operations are managed by non-owner, employees.*****There are several opportunities to increase enrollment and profits that current owner chooses not to implement.*****Beautiful Area.*****50% Referral Fees Paid.***** More info

East Detroit, MI 
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#01113MI--Buy Profitable Childcare Co. for $500K Under Appraisal

*****Appraised for $1.5M....will sell everything for $900,000*****Commercial property with many uses.*****Private pay clientele.*****Financial results verified by tax return and detailed portfolio.*****New, experienced director inserted in 2016 More info

Cash Flow: $147,349 
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#01119--IL Profitable, Staff Managed Childcare Center For Sale

*****Six figure income while employees manage daily operations.*****Well established.*****Earnings increased slightly in 2015 over 2014. Results verified by tax return.*****Real estate can be purchased or leased.*****Very profitable but has room to improve margins.***** More info

Cash Flow: $65,174 
Fairfield Co., CT 
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#01123--CT Established, Profitable Child Care Center for Sale

*****Financial results verified by tax return.*****Daily operations are managed by non-owner employee.*****Private pay clientele*****Real estate available for lease. More info

Cash Flow: $121,223 
Abilene, TX 
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#01138TX--Childcare Center with $103K Income--Ops managed by employees

#01138--TX*****This center makes over $121,000 a year with non-owner, employee director in place. The real estate is appraised for $340,000. The original cost of the Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment is $146,944. The normal market value of the Business Component is $345,000. The owner will sell everything for $340,000.*****Income (EBITDA) is verified by tax return. *****Center is well-established.***** More info

Cash Flow: $841,419 
United States 
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0113036MWR--$800K in Earnings--Established Childcare Company For Sale.

#0113036MWR*****Daily operations managed by non-owner employees.*****Company is well-organized and prepped for divestiture / acquisition.*****Real estate can be purchased or leased. More info

Cash Flow: $95,844 
Marne, OH 
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01073--OH $100K in earnings--Employee Mgmt.

#01073--OH*****This employee managed center in the Columbus area consistently produces earnings of around $95K a year after all expenses.***** Seller is ready to retire.*****The center is qualified for the Federal Food Program but is not enrolled.*****There is material upside for the buyer who does the paperwork to enrolled in FFP.******There is still greater upside for the buyer who wants to be the owner and director. More info

Cash Flow: $354,448 
Springfield, MA 
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0115123MA Childcare Earning $350K+ While Employees Manage Ops-For Sale

#0115123MA*****Company earning over $350,000 a year.*****Employees manage operations.*****Owner lives in MA only part of the year.*****Results verified by tax return....clean set of books.*****Stable Staff.*****Owner prefers to sell real estate but will consider lease. More info

Cash Flow: $137,708 
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01154KY--Childcare Making $137K a Year While Employees Manage Ops.

01154KY*****Results verified by tax return.*****Cash Flow Adjusted for Real Estate Mortgage.*****Employee director with proven track record.*****Facility is well maintained.*****Over due for a tuition increase.*****Approximately 80 miles north of Lexington and Louisville.*****Owner prefers to sell real estate, but leasing options are available for qualified buyers / tenants. More info

Cash Flow: $107,372 
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01163--OH Owners Moving Out of State--School for Sale.

#01163OH.*****Buy this childcare business for less than two time earnings. Center managed by non-owner employees.*****Owner does not live in the area.*****Center has been consistently profitable****Relatively large center with room for expansion.*****Highly rated by the state.*****Real estate for sale or lease. More info

Cash Flow: $137,444 
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01171--GA Atlanta Childcare Ctr Earning $137K EBITDA / $220K EBITDAR

#01171GA--Atlanta Area--This center produces $1MM+ in revenues and $137K earnings (EBITDA)*****Owner travels two-plus months of the year.*****Well established.*****Mostly Private pay clientele.*****Employees manage nearly all of operations.*****Tuition rates haven't been increased in three years.*****Room for growth.*****Owner prefers to sell real estate but will consider lease. More info

Cash Flow: $115,060 
Union Co., NJ 
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#01142NJ--Childcare Center Pays $150K to $200K to Buyer Annually.

#01142NJ*****Lower Price***** $947K Revenue, $115K to buyer when employees manage daily operations...$163K to buyer / director.*****100% private pay clientele.*****Very clean set of books.*****Owner wants to retire.*****Less than an hour from NYC, Newark and Morristown, NJ.*****Real estate for sale or lease.*****Room for expansion. More info

Cash Flow: $91,789 
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01168PA--Revenues Increased 35% Over Last Two Tax Returns

#01168PA*****Dominant Center in Smaller Market Serving Mostly Private Pay Clientele.*****Wilkes-Barr and Scranton region*****Genuine teaching center*****Real estate for sale or lease***** More info

Cash Flow: $393,447 
United States 
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#01099100--SER $2.4MM Revenue, $601K EBITDAR & Employee Mgmt in Place

#01099100--SER: Normalized occupancy cost...Anticipated Buyer EBITDA is $367,396 with only 15% down payment.*****100% private pay clientele.*****Employee management team in place.*****EBITDA OF $393,447 made from three items...very clean financials.*****2016 expected to be better than 2015...current (Oct 2015) market value based on 2015 results.*****Professional facilities.*****Location in southeastern city.*****Real estate can be purchased or leased pending buyer qualifications. More info

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01196--AR Buy Real Estate and Equipment and Get Business for Free.

01196--AR ***** Center located approximately 30 minutes northeast of Little Rock, AR.*****Small center is operating near breakeven....three more children enrolled makes the center profitable with considerable upside.*****Mostly private pay clientele.*****Long track record, but needs fresh eyes.*****If you buy the real estate for appraised value and the furniture, fixtures and equipment at discounted price, you start with a center that is more than half full instead of starting from scratch. More info

Cash Flow: $154,338 
Will Co., IL 
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01083--IL Earnings (EBITDA) of $111K, $127K and $154K last three yrs.

#01083IL*****This Chicago suburb childcare center consistently earns over $100K a year.....last three years $111K, $127K and $154K*****Long, established, verifiable track record.*****Owner wants to retire. Seller Financing Available. More info

Cash Flow: $6,314 
View Details 
01199--TN Buy Real Estate & Get Business Revenue of $448K Almost Free

#01199--TN*****Results verified with detailed portfolio.*****Mostly private pay clientele.*****Seller wants to retire.*****Seller prefers to sell real estate, but leasing of real estate possible pending business buyer qualifications.*****2017 appraisal for real estate provided.*****Opportunity for material decreases in expenses.***** More info

Wapping, CT 
View Details 
01200--CT Childcare with Out of State Owner Needs More Local Owner

#01200--CT*****This Operating Childcare Center has enrollment, staffing and real estate.....everything necessary to operate a professional center. The owner has many investments in other areas, but this one doesn't fit logistically. This center can be purchased for the appraised value of the real estate and a discounted price of the equipment. Detailed portfolio and financing available to qualified buyers. More info

Cash Flow: $240,824 
Memphis, TN 
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0117275--SER--Childcare Co For Sale--$2M Revenue and $241K Earnings

#0117275--SER: *****Childcare Company for sale with flexible terms and structure...centers can be purchased together or separately.*****Employee management team in place.*****Seller wants to retire. More info

Cash Flow: $120,888 
Fairfield Co., CT 
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01202--CT Mostly Private Pay CT Childcare Earning $121K--Retiring.

01202--CT*****Six-figure income ranging from $121K (paying a director) to $159K (for owner / director) without having to buy the real estate*****Well-established*****Rates haven't been increased since 2015*****Located in southwestern CT***** More info

Cash Flow: $20,286 
Boone Co., KY 
View Details 
#01191--KY Buy Profitable Childcare Between Lexington & Cincinnati.

#01191--KY: Center is profitable and well-established, but there is room to reduce two primary expenses by a total of approximately 15% to 23%.*****This could be a very good first center. All of the basics are in in place and most of the purchase price is the real estate.*****More than 60% private pay clientele.*****Center has not increased tuition rates in several years.*****It is a good basic center with material room to increase revenue and cut expenses....or it could continue to run the way it is. As is, a new owner who would also be the director could make $47,000 a year without making any changes. More info

Cash Flow: $253,897 
View Details 
#01139KY--Childcare Company Earning Over $225K annually--For Sale.

#01139KY*****Income verified by tax return--Clean financials.*****Non-owner management team in place.*****Stable staff.*****Well-established.*****Not a franchise.*****Cash Flow Available for Debt Service is $336,044*****Highly rated.*****Proven location.*****Real estate for sale or lease. More info

Cash Flow: $225,082 
Decatur, GA 
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01146--GA Atlanta Childcare Center Earning $225,000 Annually For Sale.

#01146--GA*****Established, consistent earnings verified by tax return...nearly all of earnings on the front page of tax return.*****Non-owner, employee director in place.*****Real estate appraised September 2015.*****Owner wants to retire.***** More info

Cash Flow: $126,541 
Ellington, CT 
View Details 
#0111417CT--$1.4M in Revenue...$126K EBITDA....Non-Owner Mgmt in Place

*****Private pay clientele*****Earnings verified by tax return*****Seller wants to retire*****Daily operations managed by non-owner employees*****Real estate for sale or lease.*****Dominant in market. More info

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