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Michael Annese (718) 407-9676


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Once you have made the decision to buy or sell a business, it is in your best interest to engage a professional business broker to represent your interests in the transaction.

The use of a Asset Management professional intermediary in the transactional process can help to smooth out the emotional rollercoaster that both parties will ultimately experience throughout the transaction. A Dealstarr professional intermediary will keep the transaction proceeding towards the ultimate goal: a successful closing.

Professional intermediaries such as the Business Brokers at Dealstarr Business Brokers, have the experience and training to ensure that the closing occurs in a timely, confidential manner. This is essential to maintain the integrity of the transaction and to ensure that there is no disruption of the ongoing operation of the business during the sale and transfer process.

At Dealstarr biz brokers, the broker{s first responsibilty is to pre-qualify the buyer or business opportunity to ensure a suitable match. When a prospective buyer is located, a Confidentiality agreement is executed and a complete buyer profile form is filled out to ensure that the buyer is qualified to complete the transaction. Once we have pre-qualified the buyer, we foward a very complete and professional confidential memorandum of offering to the prospective buyer for review. The "CMO" should give the prospective buyer all of the information necessary to proceed with the transaction.

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We are there from soup to nuts we are very old school in the way conduct business for business we are to help you sell your business,or buy one.

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  • Kings, NY
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