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Dominick Caravella

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We have successfully completed thousands of business transfers for business buyers and sellers since our inception in 1958.

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The President of Del Lingco International, Inc. is Dominick Caravella, III. He is a 5th generation native Houstonian, a noted and experienced Business Broker, a former radio and television business commentator and magazine Publisher. I'm also the very lucky, very proud daughter of Dominick Caravella, III and I"m so blessed to be able to follow in his successful footprints.

Having been licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission in the mid 1970’s, Dominick became an independent Business Broker specializing in the sale of small, Houston based businesses. He soon came to realize the advantages of being associated with a larger firm and in 1981 joined Del Lingco Business Brokers as a Broker/Associate, the undisputed leading firm in Houston. His stepfather, George Courtemanche, had been a partner with the firm for many years. The President and principle shareholder of Del Lingco at that time was Mr. Mike Aden. He approached Mr. Aden in early 1985 with an offer to purchase. Dominick led an investor team and purchased 100% of the company in October of 1985. He began buying the interest of the investor team and eventually became the sole owner. Management and ownership of Del Lingco were temporarily turned over to Mr. Gary Atkins in 1992. Because of a personal family tragedy, Mr. Atkins elected to leave the industry. Today, Dominick is once again the sole owner of what is now called Del Lingco International. It should be noted that he has been the Top Producer every year he has been associated with Del Lingco since 1981.

In 1986, Dominick became Host of a local radio show on KSEV called THE HOUSTON BUSINESS SHOW. In 1990, he founded and became Publisher of DBA Magazine, a local business magazine celebrating entrepreneurship. In 1991, DBA-TV debuted as HOUSTON’S BUSINESS SOURCE on KHOU-TV Channel 11 in Houston and Dominick served as Host and Executive Producer. In 1994 he founded, produced and hosted The Visitors Channel, an in-room Hotel channel playing an award winning show titled HOUSTON.THE REAL TEXAS. The show continues to play in most local hotels and highlights Houston area attractions.

After selling his interest in these companies, Dominick founded Business News Network to produce and license business programming to television stations around the country, BNN continues to produce TV commercials, corporate videos and other productions. He continues as sole shareholder of BNN.

Because of his extensive background and his own entrepreneurial endeavors as well as his 35 years experience as one of Houston’s leading Business Brokers, Dominick is uniquely qualified to help business buyers and sellers reach their goals. He now serves in a full time capacity as President and active Business Broker with Del Lingco International.


Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker.
Registered by the Texas State Securities Board.
Board Certified Broker, BCB.
Business Certified Appraiser, BCA
Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser, CMEA.
Senior Business Analyst, ISBA.
36 year Veteran Business Broker.


Texas Association of Business Brokers, TABB:

Dominick Caravella is Past State President of Texas Association of Business Brokers, TABB.
Dominick Caravella is also Six Term Past President of the Houston Chapter of TABB.
Shanna Caravella, Director of Business Development for Del Lingco is also currently the Vice President of Membership of TABB- Houston Chapter.
If you are interested in Becoming a Member, Sponsoring, or Attending a TABB Meeting/Luncheon; please contact Shanna Caravella.
Get Immediate Recognition from these Houston Professionals, and help Improve your Companies Growth by Sponsoring a TABB Event.
Contact the Houston Board to learn how this will benefit you: HoustonTABBChapter@gmail.com

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Services Provided

The decision to sell your business is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. How do you prepare your business for sale, present it in its best light, find the right buyer, structure it properly and maintain confidentiality throughout the entire process?

Del Lingco International has successfully represented thousands of business sellers since its inception in 1958 and we are here for you.

Protecting Confidentiality

Without a doubt, the most important aspect in selling your business is confidentiality. Premature disclosure to employees, customers, competitors, suppliers, lenders and the general public can only have a detrimental effect on the business and the resulting value of it. Del Lingco will employ strict procedures to control disclosure until you’re ready. There is no reason for anyone to know until after closing.

Recasting your financial statements

The first step in the selling process is for your Del Lingco associate to recast your financials. This is done after an extensive meeting where we get to know you and your business. We know your income statement is prepared to reduce income and therefore taxes. For example, a business may show a non-cash expense such as depreciation in excess of what would be necessary for a reasonable replacement fund. Also, the owner may be receiving a salary that is either too high or too low for the work being performed. Both of these situations require adjusting the financials to show a buyer what he or she could make from the business. Another adjustment is required for interest expenses since the new owner will have a different debt and equity structure than the current owner. There will probably be other expense items requiring adjustment, which are not necessarily important to the business operations but are considered important to the owner as additional benefits or compensation.

Also, the balance sheet will typically require adjustment. The book value of furniture and equipment may be almost fully depreciated but has a much higher fair market value. The balance sheet may also show other assets such as franchise fees or real estate at cost, which may have actually appreciated in value. However, there may be other assets as well as liabilities, which should be eliminated because they are not essential elements of the business operations. These and other adjustments are made to more accurately reflect the true fair market value of the assets, and the income statement is made to show the real profit potential to a new owner/operator. All of these steps enhance the worth of the business and are intended to maximize the proceeds for the seller. Del Lingco has the expertise and the experience to get you the most cash for your business.

Finding the Right Buyer

The key to finding the “right buyer” and getting the most value for your business is maximum exposure to qualified buyers. Del Lingco maintains a large database of pre-qualified buyer/prospects, which is constantly updated through extensive advertising, participation in various networks, websites and through a large referral source of bankers, attorneys, accountants and other business intermediaries.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The sale of mid-sized and larger businesses is frequently purchased by other businesses or corporations. Depending on the size, complexity and nature of your business and industry, Del Lingco may market your business to the following logical acquirers:

Market-Extension Merger or Acquisition

This is when a similar company in a different market buys a company in a target market to gain market share or penetration. Premium prices and values are possible due to the economies of scale enjoyed by the resulting union.

Product-Extension Merger or Acquisition

This is when a functionally similar company buys a business with a product line, which will complement the acquiring company. For example, a wholesale produce company buys a wholesale frozen food business. They functionally do the same thing and may sell to the same customer base. The resulting synergistic integration allows for premium pricing and value.

Vertical Merger or Acquisition

This is when a company vertically integrates with a company usually “cutting out” the middleman and duplication expenses. For example, a manufacturing company buys a retail operation that sells the same product line as the acquirer. This is the current trend in American business. It, too, allows for premium pricing and value.

Conglomerate Merger or Acquisition

Some acquirers adhere to the philosophy that a wise investor diversifies his portfolio and thereby reduces his risk. This is the thinking of this type of investor. Certain management and overhead expenses can be reduced but to a lesser degree than our other examples. This is strictly a “buy by the numbers” type buyer and usually will not pay the premium or realize the value as the other examples mentioned above.

Horizontal Merger or Acquisition

This is a buyer who is in the same or similar industry and may be a direct competitor. This avenue would only be pursued after discussions with the seller. Usually, this is not the best buyer for a profitable business but rather for liquidation purposes. Horizontal acquirers usually pay the least.

Sellers should understand that value is based on the anticipated profits the buyer hopes to realize. Only through careful analysis and understanding of all the hundreds of variables associated with business buying and selling can the maximum amount of seller proceeds be realized. For many years Del Lingco has been an industry leader and knows well the intricacies involved in business transfers.

Call today for a confidential meeting to discuss your business needs and desires. We are here for you.

Areas Served

  • Harris, TX
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    Cash Flow: $31,799 
    Houston, TX 
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    Profitable Flower Shop for Sale in Houston-JUST REDUCED PRICE!

    This is a very nice Floral Business located on the corner of a large retail space. The business has been established for 32 years and enjoys a loyal customer base with a lot of repeat business. The business currently has and maintains commercial accounts including 7 locations of a major grocery store, a school district and a few other large vendors. Recently added a new commercial contract with Chik-Fil-A in trade that is also transferable to a new owner offering 3 meals a day for 3 people for the indefinite term of the contract. This is an easy to run and easy to learn business in a GREAT LOCATION AND NO COMPETITION FOR MILES! CHEAPEST RENT IN THE AREA and Landlord is willing to create the More info

    Cash Flow: $742,999 
    Houston, TX 
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    Profitable Auto Body Shop - OWNER FINANCING!!!

    This business is located on a very busy, major freeway in Houston. This successful auto shop is extremely profitable. All furniture, fixtures, equipment and vehicles currently for sale in inventory and the salvaged inventory are ALL INCLUDED IN THE SALE! This auto shop business comes fully equipped with 2 large garages, 9 bays, 9 above-ground lifts, a paint booth, frame machine, alignment machine and much more. Also equipped with a large upstairs office area overlooking the main body shop areas with several rooms for storage of auto parts and parts for sale. The business also has a nice owner’s suite office with a restroom and back storage for more equipment and parts on the first floor. More info

    Cash Flow: $97,383 
    Spring, TX 
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    This is a family owned and operated Italian restaurant established in 1983 with its authentic Italian family recipes. A true hidden gem located in a busy shopping center with affordable prices and RECORD-LOW RENT! Close to a major freeway and in the vicinity of 5,000+ students and 4 local hospitals all within a few miles or less. The menu offers a variety of authentic Italian dishes including pizza, traditional classic, and unique style pastas, salads, amazing appetizers, fresh bread, and of course the best WINE! There is also a large banquet room that offers endless opportunities for the current and new owner, (see write-up for more details). Equipped with 140+ seats for dining inside and More info

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