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About the Company

"I've now sold two businesses through FE International. They (again!) achieved a great outcome for my business, my customers, and my family. I'm excited to see where the buyer takes the business, feel it is in great hands, and felt like the terms negotiated were better than what I would have gotten going solo. The level of project management FE supplied was a great help during a month where I had four major things going on, and both de-stressed and de-risked the transaction for me."

Patrick McKenzie – Kalzumeus Software LLC.

FE International provides M&A advisory services for mid-market SaaS, e-commerce and content businesses. The company has become the pre-eminent adviser and valuation thought-leader in the industry. FE offers comprehensive exit planning services, as well as direct access to an established network of pre-qualified international investors to drive demand and maximize value for the clients it represents.

The team is comprised of professionals from investment banking, strategy consulting as well as online entrepreneurs, all of which have extensive transaction execution expertise. FE International’s advisers complement this formal experience with unique and innovative approaches to deal marketing and structuring.

FE International offers comprehensive exit planning services as well as direct access to an established network of pre-qualified international investors to drive demand to your business and maximize value for your company.

- 95% success rate
- Over hundreds of businesses sold
- Extensive global network of 15,000+ pre-qualified online investors
- 100% confidential process
- Market leading advisors

Get in touch today for a free consultation and valuation (info@feinternational.com).

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FE International +(185) 548-33547

Services Provided

- Exit planning
- Website valuations
- Website brokerage services
- Website management services
- Buy-side consulting

Areas Served

  • San Diego, CA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Miami-Dade, FL
  • Suffolk, MA
  • Austin, TX
  • Clark, NV
  • British Columbia
  • Washington, MN
  • Ontario
  • New York, NY
  • Professional Affiliations

    - IBBA Deal Maker of the Year 2015 & 2016
    - IBBA Deal Maker Award 2016
    - IBBA Top Global Producer of the Year 2016
    - IBBA Chairman's Circle Award 2016
    - Financial Services Authority (FSA)
    - Escrow.com Partner
    - BBB A+ Rating

    - Featured in: Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., Huffington Post, Reuters, TIME, Yahoo Financial News, and more: https://feinternational.com/press/

    Business For Sale Listings

    Cash Flow: $1,555,000 
    Federal Way, WA  Agent: Natalia Krupina
    E-Commerce - Multi-Platform 12 Y/O Toys & Consumer Goods $15M gross/yr Amazing opportunity in Toys and Consumer Goods

    Request more information here: https://feinternational.com/buy-a-website/22320-e-commerce-multi-platform-12-y-oFE International is pleased to present a proven and scalable e-commerce business in the toys and consumer goods niche which has generated over $15M in gross revenue over the L12M alone.Launched in 2007, the business has established itself as a dominant player in branded toys, sporting goods and kitchen products. With highly optimized operations and over 4,500 SKUs, the business has simultaneously leveraged the world’s largest e-commerce platforms and established a standalone brand (and website) to reach millions of consumers around the globe. With a focus on quality, service and More info

    Cash Flow: $200,000 
    Gpo, NY  Agent: Kevin Oh
    Software - Digital Sales & Marketing - $52K gross/mo Sensational B2B sales and conversion boost software, no coding required!

    Request information here: https://feinternational.com/buy-a-website/19060-software-digital-sales-marketing-52k-gross-moFor sale is a popular and reputable B2B software business in the digital sales and marketing niche.Launched in 2016, the business delivers an effective solution for Shopify merchants looking to increase their sales and conversion rates. With a vast selection of features and automated theme updates, the software has proven extremely effective in helping thousands of Shopify store owners raise their conversions by more than 57% in some cases.The business has scaled by focusing on the lucrative and ever-expanding market for e-commerce merchants using Shopify. As Shopify More info

    Cash Flow: $227,000 
    Gpo, NY  Agent: Kevin Oh
    SaaS - Online Privacy & Hosting - $22K MRR Rare to find portfolio of SaaS businesses in the online privacy and hosting spac

    For sale is a robust pair of SaaS businesses in the online privacy and hosting space.Launched in 2011 and 2016 respectively, the two SaaS businesses provide an effective virtual private network (VPN) software. With military-level encryption, cross-device functionality, and fast connection speeds due to an early investment into R&D, the two businesses have demonstrated clear product-market fit and attracted over a million users worldwide.With over a decade of combined operational history, the portfolio businesses have become reputable players in the VPN space. As the market for VPNs grows at a staggering c.14.8% CAGR for the period 2016 to 2022, reaching c.$36 billion in annual sales by 2022, More info

    Cash Flow: $338,000 
    Gpo, NY  Agent: Kevin Oh
    SaaS - B2B & Enterprise Social Media Analytics Software - $25K MRR passive income business with significant R&D already invested by current owner

    Request information here: https://feinternational.com/buy-a-website/21112-saas-b2b-enterprise-social-media-analytics-software-25k-mrrFor sale is a robust and growing B2B SaaS business in the social media marketing niche.Launched in 2010, this business provides a powerful API that allows users to monitor social media presence and engagement by tracking shares across various social networks. The software integrates with some of the most popular social networks in the world (including Facebook and Pinterest) to perform up to 10 billion monthly API calls.With unparalleled functionality and a unique value proposition, this business has successfully established itself as an incumbent in the More info

    Cash Flow: $230,000 
    Gpo, NY  Agent: Kevin Oh
    SaaS - B2B Email Marketing & Automation - $30K MRR Sticky business with low churn business on an enterprise level platform

    For sale is an established B2B SaaS business in the email marketing and automation space.Launched in 2013, the business has established itself as a leading email marketing software provider on the dominant open-source e-commerce platform, Magento, which was recently acquired by Adobe for c.$1.7bn. With a mature product, robust functionality, an innovative pricing model, the business has successfully differentiated itself from competition and driven consistent growth.As an Adobe company, Magento offers a market-leading digital commerce solution with unparalleled flexibility to its merchants, attracting clients the likes of Coca Cola, Ford, and Nike. Named as an industry-leader by Gartner, More info

    Cash Flow: $194,000 
    Gpo, NY  Agent: Jaimee Gilbertson
    SaaS - B2B Digital Marketing & SEO Tools - $19.5K MRR- SBA Eligible Stellar SBA eligible business in the SEO niche

    Request information here: https://feinternational.com/buy-a-website/18146-saas-b2b-digital-marketing-seo-tools-194k-mrr-sba-eligibleFor sale is a proven and authoritative B2B SaaS business in the digital marketing and SEO niche.Launched in 2014, the business provides an effective URL analysis tool. Aimed at SEO professionals and digital marketers alike, the software allows users to collect thousands of data points for up to one million URLs at a time. With extensive integrations with a dozen popular SEO tools, the business has successfully differentiated itself from competitors.With a lengthy track record of success, the business has established itself as an authority in the lucrative SEO More info

    Cash Flow: $144,000 
    Japan  Agent: Kevin Oh
    Software - Tourism & Telecommunication - $37.9K gross/mo Software - Tourism & Telecommunication - $37.9K gross/mo

    Request information here: https://feinternational.com/buy-a-website/18338-e-commerce-tourism-telecommunication-379k-gross-moFor sale is a fast growing software subscription business in the tourism rental telecommunication space.Launched in 2014, this business has successfully differentiated itself from competitors by providing an affordable, high-speed pocket Wi-Fi for tourists visiting Japan. With free shipping, unlimited data, extensive customer support, and an effective pre-paid pricing model, the business has helped thousands of travelers stay connected while abroad.With six consecutive years of exponential tourism growth, Japan offers access to tens of millions of tourists each year. As More info

    Gpo, NY  Agent: Christopher Wong
    E-Commerce - Amazon Vendor Health & Beauty - $1.4M gross/mo E-Commerce - Amazon Vendor Health & Beauty - $1.4M gross/mo

    Request information here: https://feinternational.com/buy-a-website/13568-e-commerce-amazon-vendor-health-beauty-14m-gross-moFE International is pleased to present a rare and exciting e-commerce business in the health and beauty niche.Launched in 2005, the business offers a highly sought after and lucrative direct relationship with Amazon via the Amazon Vendor Central account program. Vendor Central, often limited to known brands or companies with a strong sales record and reputation, allows the business to wholesale health and beauty products to Amazon.The business itself requires relatively little oversight, with the owner focusing on scale from the very start. With seven employees capable More info

    Cash Flow: $296,000 
    New York, NY  Agent: Christopher Wong
    E-Commerce - Fashion & Apparel - $86K gross/mo E-Commerce - Fashion & Apparel - $86K gross/mo

    Request information here: https://feinternational.com/buy-a-website/12979-e-commerce-fashion-apparel-86k-gross-moFor sale is a well-built dropship e-commerce business in the fashion and apparel niche with a 200,000-strong email list and storefronts in four major languages.Launched in 2014, the business has established itself as a dominant player in the space by providing thousands of unique jewelry and fashion accessory products. With robust supplier relationships, refined operations, and a vast social media following, the business has become the go-to for hundreds of thousands of consumers.The business has successfully utilized the dropship model to offer thousands of high-quality SKUs More info

    Cash Flow: $176,000 
    San Francisco, CA  Agent: Kevin Oh
    View Details 
    SaaS - Award Winning B2B Marketing Automation & Data Management - $17.

    For sale is an award winning B2B SaaS business in the marketing automation and data management niche.Launched in 2014, the business provides an innovative cloud platform that helps users enhance their marketing capabilities. The platform integrates with hundreds of the most popular software providers to offer report automation, lead enrichment, and other features. With highly innovative functionality, the software has successfully differentiated itself from competitors.The business has focused on the rapidly-growing industry for market automation software to scale. With demand for marketing automation software predicted to rise at a c.14.1% CAGR to reach c.$25.1 billion in sales by 2023, More info

    Cash Flow: $70,000 
    Gpo, NY  Agent: Kevin Oh
    View Details 
    Software - Online & Mobile Reward Application Platform - $8.3K gross/m

    Request information here: https://feinternational.com/buy-a-website/18620-software-online-mobile-reward-application-platform-83k-gross-moFor sale is a growing B2B software and App business in the online monetization space.Since launch, the business has found market fit by helping users generate income via their desktop or smartphone. With an innovative operational model, the business has helped create over 200 unique reward Apps, allowing 3.3 million users to make money online through its development tools, advertising relationships, and proprietary reward Apps.With more and more entrepreneurs searching for innovative ways to make money online and businesses shifting their advertising spend More info

    Cash Flow: $33,800 
    Las Vegas, NV  Agent: Christopher Wong
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    E-Commerce - Precious Jewels - $18K gross/mo

    Request information here: https://feinternational.com/buy-a-website/19234-e-commerce-precious-jewels-18k-gross-moFor sale is an e-commerce business serving B2B and B2C customers in the precious jewels niche.Established in 2006, the business has stood the test of time to become a cornerstone in the synthetic diamonds industry. With a proven brand and years of operational history, allowing for strong supplier relationships and a vast product selection, the business has captured a portion of the ever-expanding market for lab-grown diamonds.As a cleaner and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are growing in user popularity. With the market for More info

    Cash Flow: $19,700 
    Gpo, NY  Agent: Jaimee Gilbertson
    View Details 
    Display Advertising - Video Streaming Platform Information - $1.7K gro

    For sale is a growing content business in the video streaming platform niche.Launched in 2017, the website has quickly found market fit by providing a range of useful guides and tutorials for the popular Kodi addon. Since inception over 15 years ago, Kodi has gained traction with millions of users by providing an all-inclusive, open source media server for viewing live TV and videos across a variety of devices.Since launch, the owner has built up a vast catalog of over 200 informative articles and secured rankings for c.9,000 keywords. In turn, this has helped drive strong traffic, with the site seeing over 925,000 uniques and c.2.5 million page views in the past eight months alone.This More info

    Cash Flow: $284,000 
    Gpo, NY  Agent: Kevin Oh
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    Software - Online Advertising & Monetization Software - $25K gross/mo

    Request Information here:https://feinternational.com/buy-a-website/17758-software-online-advertising-monetization-software-25k-gross-moFor sale is a respected B2B software provider in the online advertising and development space.Launched in 2013, the business has successfully differentiated itself from competitors by providing a unique set of robust scripts that help non-technical entrepreneurs create sophisticated online platforms to monetize their products.As more and more entrepreneurs are looking for innovative ways to make money online, the business offers a clear value proposition helping connect entrepreneurs, advertisers, and consumers looking to make money. With years of operational More info

    Cash Flow: $23,000 
    New York, NY  Agent: Kevin Oh
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    SaaS - B2B Project Management - $2.1K MRR

    For sale is a B2B SaaS business in the project management and time tracking niche.Launched in 2015, this business offers customers an array of helpful Trello-based project-management tools such as time tracking and enhanced collaboration for teams.With 25 million users and 74% of Fortune 500 companies using Trello (which was acquired by Atlassian for $425M), this business provides a high value-add product to a wide addressable market.Having served hundreds of customers over the years, this business boasts strong SaaS metrics with the software now generating c.$2,100 in MRR. With automated operations and minimal maintenance, the software is simple to operate, requiring only a couple of hours More info

    Cash Flow: $61,000 
    Albany, NY  Agent: Natalia Krupina
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    Subscription Box E-Commerce - Pregnancy & Childcare Products - $22K gr

    Request Information here: https://feinternational.com/buy-a-website/16253-subscription-box-e-commerce-pregnancy-childcare-products-22k-gross-moFor sale is a subscription e-commerce business in the organic pregnancy and childcare niche.Since inception in 2012, the business has differentiated itself from competition by providing a wide range of natural and eco-friendly pregnancy and baby-related products in the form of subscription and gift boxes.With the ever-growing demand for pregnancy care products, consumers are making an active change towards purchasing natural and organic goods. As an incumbent in the organic pregnancy and childcare space, the business has carved out a defendable More info

    Cash Flow: $642,000 
    Saddle River, NJ  Agent: Kevin Oh
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    Advertising Platform - 12 Y/O B2B Affiliate Marketing Platform - $79K

    Request information here: http://feinternational.com/buy-a-website/19964-advertising-platform-12-y-o-b2b-marketing-platform-79k-gross-moFor sale is a well-known affiliate aggregator platform with over a decade of operational history.Launched in 2007, the business has stood the test of time to become one of the oldest and largest affiliate offer providers in the world. Boasting 12 years of operational history, the business has built up immediate name brand recognition, connecting millions of affiliate marketers with CPA and affiliate network providers over the years.As a pioneer in the space, the business has secured a foothold at the forefront of the highly profitable affiliate marketing More info

    Cash Flow: $164,000 
    Manhattan, NY  Agent: Christopher Wong
    View Details 
    E-Commerce - Baby Products & Essentials - $57K gross/mo

    Request information here: http://feinternational.com/buy-a-website/20305-e-commerce-baby-products-essentials-57k-gross-moFor sale is a dropship e-commerce business in the baby products and essentials niche.Launched in 2016, this business has quickly made a name for itself by selling a wide range of baby-related products including strollers, baby travel systems, cribs, and other essentials. With a focus on high-quality products and customer experience, this business has earned a BBB accreditation and secured glowing customer reviews across TrustPilot and similar review sites.Over the years, this business has established a firm foothold in the lucrative market for baby products. The baby More info

    Cash Flow: $171,000 
    Sartell, MN  Agent: Natalia Krupina
    View Details 
    E-Commerce - Hunting & Outdoors - $42K gross/mo

    Request information here: https://feinternational.com/buy-a-website/18469-e-commerce-hunting-outdoors-42k-gross-moFor sale is a growing e-commerce and content business in the hunting and outdoors space.Launched in 2014, the business has become a leading authority in the waterfowl hunting niche by providing high-quality products and detailed guides for hunting enthusiasts. With a range of essential products including gear, apparel, eBooks, Apps, and written and video content, the business has found clear product market fit.As the market for hunting continues to generate strong earnings, driving c.$34 billion in annual sales, the business offers a solid foothold in a large and highly More info

    Cash Flow: $46,160 
    Orlando, FL  Agent: Christopher Wong
    View Details 
    E-Commerce - Amazon Merch - $3.8K gross/mo

    REQUEST INFORMATION HERE: http://feinternational.com/buy-a-website/14420-e-commerce-amazon-merch-fba-business-6k-For sale is a rapidly growing and highly scalable Amazon Merch Business.First launched in 2016, the business itself is relatively hands-off and simple to operate. The owner now spends a few hours per week on design research, sketching designs, and keyword optimization. This creates plenty of time for a new owner to focus on the growth opportunities the business has at its disposal.This business presents a strong acquisition target for a buyer looking to take over a rapidly growing Amazon Merch business. More info

    Ismael Wrixen Serving Suffolk County, MA

    Thomas Smale Serving Franklin County, MA

    Christopher Wong Serving Suffolk County, MA

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