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3451 Technological Ave., Suite 11
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Michelle (Hoa) Ek (407) 234-8104


My name Hoa Michelle Ek , Daughter of late French Foreign LegionTruong Kim in Vietnam,married to R,S Ek an Rocket Scientist for NASA He was deployment Commander of US Navy Bahrrain- Middle East was stationed in Iraq.Kuwatt, Italy
I am an R E Asscociate. I have personally owned ten businesses from Orlando to Colorado, and I was featured in the Orlando Sentinel Newspaper for Asian Entrepreneur Winner of the Year. Additionally, I have received recgnition for Humanitamian efforts in promoting refugees from Vietnam and abroad,and graduated from the 'Saigon University of Vietnam' and Seminole Community College in Sanford, Florida.I was Reporter for Saigon Radio,The only Radio station speaking Vietnamese in Central Florida.
My experience and expertise in the business as of buying and selling commercial real estate is extensive and I look forward to helping you! My family business in Orlando SLATE MODELS AND TALENT www.sltemodels.com , DRY CLEANER WORLD OF ORLANDO and PHU LOI FEEDER FACTORY(with 95 employees) ,Song Be , South Vietnam,

I have been selling in Commercial R E ,Hotel , Motel ,Businesses and Residential since 2000 in Middle East,Bahrain,Dubai and Naple Italy ,Leeds England and Florida ,English ,Vietnamese and French speaking

Services Provided

I have been selling in Commercial R E (Hotel , Motel, Business and Residential) since 2000 in Middle East,(Bahrain,Dubai) Naploli Italy.Leeds England
Restaurants, beauty Shops, and Gas Stations,Hospitals, Factories are my specialty!
Residential, Foreclosure , Short-Sale Property .Commercial R E , Hotel Motel , Gas Stations Business only or Gas Stations with Property.
I am very experienced in catering to Foreign Investors, especially E 2 and L1 Visa Investors.

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    • Florida
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    Business For Sale Listings

    Cash Flow: $96,000 
    Baton Rouge, LA 
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    Great Location High Net Gas Station in Baton Rouge

    This is great location in Baton Rouge ,Property forsale $850,000 Neighborhood gas station,there are 2 pumps,Clean Convience store, Great for Family BUSINESS. Inside sale $60,000 margin high, this station pumping300000 gallons per month, Margin 23 cents per gallons .Rent $5000 Include property tax,,electric $1200. employees $ 3500. property tax and insurance $700,, for more information please call Michelle or Gween GMS Reatly 407 234 8104This business $100,000 plus Inventory More info

    Cash Flow: $169,100 
    New Orleans, LA 
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    Extremely High Volume Gas Station In New Orlean

    Inside sale $145000 a months , this station pumping $80,000 average 8 cent a gallons,Sometime .the gas sale go up to 145,000 gallons per month,Lotto Commission is $1600 a month,Atm $1000.Rent $12,500 base rent . Tax and insurane $1500.Electr $2000. Employees $13,000...Credit card fee $2000.Anual Net Profit $9,100 to $11,000 a month. More information please call GMS Realty Michelle 407 234 8104> This station is great location easy to all the main road and airport. More info

    Cash Flow: $114,520 
    Cocoa, FL 
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    Busy gas station Cocoa, Florida

    This station under contract but ii have other stations please call michelle.ek@gmail.com or text 407 234 8104 Busy gas station near Cocoa beach.Inside sale $50,000 margin 25%,This station pumping aveage 55,000 to 70,000 per gallon.Lotto commission $1300, Atm $150.Air vac $50.Total annual gross profit $213,000.Expenses Rent $4,366,71Insurance $393,18.Property tax $639,75.Electric $429.Employees $1600.Telephone $149...Annual Expenses $98,429,80Tota annual l Net Profit$114.520. Please call Michelle for more information More info

    Cash Flow: $145,200 
    Orlando, FL 
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    Extremely High Net Neighborhood gas station

    This is Brand gas station,in Busy hiway,Near to Downtown area.. Inside slae $85,000 margin high 35% = $20.300 Gas Commissio $1500 Lotto Commission $1,100.Atm $1500.Kitchen Rental $1000,Montly gross Profit $27,800 Tent $7000 Employees $7000 .Anua; gross ProfitElectric $1700Totall Monthly expenses$15,70o . Monthly Net profit The seller said he net about $20000 a month because the margin is very high.For more information .please call 407 234 8104 More info

    Cash Flow: $10,059 
    United States 
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    High net gas sdtation North Orlando

    This station have a large convience store . Inside sale $55,000 .This station pumping 25,000 = $2500.heck cashing commission $400.Rack rent $120,000.Vac ,Air $110.Atm $105.Game $1200.Other saving $1500,Sam club$400 ,Total monthly gross profit $19,875.Monthly expenses: Rent $3950.Licenses $75.Credit card fee $1000.Other expenses $200.Total monthly expense $11.4811.Monthly net profit $8,391 .Yearly net profit $100,69.For more infomation . .Property for sale $825,000 with 30% to 40% down payment owner finance the property .For more information please call Michelle 4072348104 More info

    Wesley Chapel, FL 
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    Extremely high net gas stationnear Westley Chapel

    Name Brand gas Montly gross .Inside sale $100,000@40% thsi station pumping 110,000 Gallons per month @ 3 cents per gallon Lotto commission $2500Atm $250.Total monthly gross profit $47,050 ,.Rental $750 Deli.. Mounlty expenses. Rent $6100 include tax ,,Employee $6000 Electric $1300.Phone $200.Water $35.Gabage $85. Misc $2000,,Total monthly expenses $14.353 Monthly net profit $32.697. Annual net profit $392,364.For more information please call or text Michelle 407 234 8104. for showing go with Michelle only More info

    Cash Flow: $175,200 
    Wesley Chapel, FL 
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    High Net gas station in New Tampa

    Great location . Inside sale $55,000 to $60,000 margin 35% =$19,250. this station pumping 75,000 gallons margin 12 cents to 20 cents per gallons .gas commission $9,000Cigarrette rebate and comimission $2,000, total mountly gross profit $28,,750Montly expenses: Rent $7490 employee $1,500 Owner salery $1600.Electic $1,160.Ultilies $800 .Credit card fee $4500.Total montly net profit $14,600..for more information please call Michelle 407 234 8104. More info

    Cash Flow: $60,000 
    Wildwood, FL 
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    Busy Sport Bar and Good food

    Busy neighborhood Sport bar with liquid licenses $145,000 can be fiamce by the seller can be finance ..Price $175,000 can be finance.Montlhly gross sale $53,000 margin 30%.Atm $550 total monthly gross profit $16,450Monthly expenses: Rent $3500 .Electiric $750 .Water and gabage $300.Employees $5700.Telephone $200 . Insuance $500.TV $400 Total monthly expenses $11.350.Total monthly net profit 5000 yearn. Y $60,000 More info

    Cash Flow: $209,664 
    Wildwood, FL 
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    Extremely truck stop and gas station.

    This is vey busy truck stop ,The Seller bought this gas station form me 13 years ago,I was Real Estate Agent for this gas station, iThe property for sale with property $4,000,000 .Business only $399,000 . Inise sale monltly gross $100.000 @30%. this station pumping 72,000 gallons per month @ 15 cents per gallon Vacuum $1,6000.Check cashing net $29,000.per year ,lotto gross $406,635 gross profit $20.331.Atm gross profit $11.000.per year .Annual gross profit $551.13 1.Montlhly expenses :Rent $12,500.lElectric $1800 Water and gabage $225.Employees $8500.Telephone $180.Insurance $500..Misc $500.Other $250..Total net profit $174.72.Ffor more information please call Michelle 407 234 8104. , More info

    Cash Flow: $163,740 
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    Super High Net Gas Station North of Orlando

    The station on ane acre of land with 2 extra lots , property is $840,000. Business only$130,000 plus inventory.Inside sale $75,000 to $80,000 margin 25%=$18,750.,gas 44,000 .gas commission $3000 .Rack rent $120 Air $120ATM $550 .Ice $150 '.Other income $1,200 for Uhaul Opional }.Total gross profit $22,690 .Expenses; Rent $4200Electric $1800.Phone $250. payroll tax $250 accountant $150 tanks insurance $70.Store ins $350,water $250 Inventory tax $200 Property tax $250 llicense$75.credit card fee $1,200.Monthly expense $9045 Total monthly net profit .$13,645 Annual net profit $163,740There is franchise Crypy Fry chicken .For more information please call Micelle Hoa Ek 407 234 More info

    Ocala, FL 
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    High volume liquor store

    Busy liquor store in the shopping center in the shopping cenyer with publix , the store sale $53,000 monlty gross profit $15.900.lotto sale $35,000 per month net $150, montly grass profit $16,050Expenses Rent $5600 electric $650 water garbage %50 .Employee $3500.telephone $250,Insurance $450.security $50 , Credit card fee $650 . Other$500.Total monthly expenses $11,000 ,Monthly net profit $4.950. Owner is not working in the bussiness, lLiquor licnese $125,000 can be finance by the seller s] More info

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