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About the Company

GaP exists to help Family-Owned and Privately-Held businesses transition when the time comes to sell to a 3rd party. We specialize in the underserved, poorly-served and often neglected transaction-advisory-space of businesses that range from $3M - $30M in annual revenue.

Our processes and fee structure aren't modified to fit these clients - they were custom-made to serve these lower-middle market clients.

Most business owners in this space interview brokers who look down on them because the business is smaller than they would like or just the opposite; they meet brokers who specialize in restaurants, car-washes and donut shops who tell them those sales-processes will bring them qualified buyers which is rarely true.

We built our organization for those business owners who have met with other brokers and decided to keep looking or possibly out of frustration attempt to sell it themselves because they've only met brokers who don't understand, appreciate and value the size and type of business they have built.

Our full-time, professional team of CPA's, Data Analysts, Former CEO's, CFO's and Presidents work collaboratively to understand our client's exit desires, consult with their existing advisors and then design and execute a strategy to achieve their desired outcome.

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Matt Gilbert 713.304.1970


My firm, Gilbert & Pardue Business Advisors (GaP), works closely with business owners and CEOs to increase the value of their companies. We then assist them in converting that value into liquid wealth, primarily through executing a well-designed exit strategy.

I believe that like-minded professionals know when they are in the presence of other like-minded professionals. GaP is often a resource called to help CPAs, attorneys, wealth managers, bankers and other professionals advise, assist and educate their clients when business transition discussions begin to surface. We enjoy discussing an owner’s path to liquidity along with helping build a solid foundation for expectations.

We teach that exiting a business is not just an event, it is a phase - just like the startup or growth phases. And we have found that exiting has 4 vital components:
• Education – Learning what an exit entails and specifically what options are available to a business owner
• Strategic - Making the company more valuable and attractive to a buyer
• Execution - Employing the best process to achieve maximum gain
• Transition – The seller is not done until this part is properly executed!

While we have many out of state clients; we are a single office, Houston-based firm. We specialize in Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory for each of these phases to shareholders of privately-held middle and lower-middle market companies.

There are many M&A providers out there. However, we feel strongly that our process is unique, that it sets us apart, and that our results validate our methods. The traditional process of retainer plus hourly billing, posting a listing online, and then hoping to get a call from a prospective buyer is wasteful, wishful, and generally designed to benefit the broker far more than the business owner. Our process has revolutionized the way companies with revenues between $3M and $30M go to market and negotiate with buyers. I encourage you to visit with me or one of our partners if you are beginning to contemplate such a transition.

Specifically we help business owners prepare in advance to maximize gains of a sale and then obviously, we take the business through the entire listing and sale process all the way to closing and transition.

If you'd like to discuss your circumstance; we welcome a call or email to schedule a complimentary discussion.

Services Provided

As a former business owner and founding partner in Gilbert & Pardue Business Advisors (GaP), I help owners and shareholders of privately-held businesses plan and execute what is likely their most important business transaction - the sale or transfer of the asset representing the culmination of their life's work.

Over the years when selling companies where my own net worth was at stake, I struggled to find quality representation who:
a) Had been in my shoes as a successful founder/owner of multiple businesses,
b) Aligned their business practices and billing policies with the achievement of my goals as the owner,
c) Were staffed to expertly analyze, market, and position my business to sell for a premium, and
d) Delivered "investment banking quality" products and services to lower-middle and middle market clientele.
These experiences were the origin of my desire to create an M&A Firm that checked all these boxes and more for the myriad of businesses that make up the backbone of the American economy.

GaP brings entrepreneurial-style disruption to business brokerage by utilizing the skills of our amazing team of former business owners, CEOs, CFOs, data analysts, and strategy experts. As a result, the GaP experience, process, and results are unrivaled in lower-middle and middle market representation.

If you are a business owner or a trusted advisor to business owners, I would welcome a conversation about what sets us apart and whether GaP is a strong fit for your situation.

Feel free to call my cell directly (713.304.1970) or visit our website at to learn more.

Areas Served

  • Harris, TX
  • Travis, TX
  • Tarrant, TX
  • Fort Bend, TX
  • Galveston, TX
  • Dallas, TX
  • Bexar, TX
  • Midland, TX
  • Lubbock, TX
  • Nueces, TX
  • Professional Affiliations

    Texas Association of Business Brokers
    Private Pilot
    Several Board of Directors positions held
    Founding Board Member of a Children's Medical Non-Profit
    Active in Leadership at our local Church of Christ

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