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About the Company

Golden Circle Advisors is a business intermediary & business brokerage advisory firm specializing in working with small to mid-sized privately held businesses. We work with owners in positioning and marketing their businesses for sale. Using a comprehensive process, we are able to identify appropriate acquirers through various marketing methods and utilizing an extensive network, including private equity firms, owners of privately held corporations and individual investors.

Golden Circle Advisors was founded on three basic principles of providing LEADERSHIP in facilitating the sale of businesses, with the greatest level of INTEGRITY that is driven by RESULTS.

Broker Biography

Andrew Hindle (231) 622-1039


Andrew has led a diverse life in experience and growth. At the age of 17, Andrew got hired to work for a window cleaning company, six years later he caught an entrepreneurial spirit and started his own business in this field by successfully marketing to customers with multi-million-dollar homes around Northern Michigan coastal towns. Three years later, Andrew had a full-fledged business that experienced consistent and significant growth annually.

Through the experience of building and running a business, Andrew gained skills in marketing, customer service and finance among many others. Due to the seasonality of window cleaning in Michigan, Andrew spent a few winter seasons managing a construction crew on projects in refurbishing government subsidized housing in some of the most impoverished areas of Detroit, Flint and Kalamazoo.

After completing his Associates degree in liberal arts, in the pursuit of exploring different fields of work, in 2016, Andrew applied and got accepted to an international program at Tel Aviv University. He spent eight months in the Middle East studying international relations and communications. In 2018, Andrew acquired his real estate salesperson license in the State of Michigan. Despite exploring multiple career paths, Andrew’s entrepreneurial spirit and love for business attracted him into the field of business brokerage.

Today, Andrew is leading Golden Circle Advisors’ Seller’s Advisory Services (SAS™) Program helping smaller businesses position and market their businesses for sale.

Services Provided

Selling your business is a major decision! You have devoted your time, money and energy into creating, building, and successfully operating your business.

For anyone considering buying a business, we offer no charge consultations and an excellent inventory of businesses for sale complete with all of the information a serious buyer would want to review.

You may have never thought about having a very confidential auction of your business as you have also thought that auctioning a business is for businesses that are in distress or are simply liquidating their assets; think again, our experience has taught us the auctioning of an established successful business, when executed properly, can be one of the best methods of acquiring willing, qualified buyers who are willing to pay a very competitive price for your business.

It may not be time to sell or you may just be curious about what your business is worth. However, there are also other reasons why a business owner might require a business valuation. Such personal matters as marital or partnership issues, estate planning or other reasons may require an actual business valuation that can be defended if litigation is a possibility. We have the knowledge and experience to advise in these matters and to prepare the business valuation if required.

At Golden Circle Advisors we are proud of our aptitude and skill sets in the area of Mergers & Acquisitions. Our combination of financial analytical skills, fundamental business knowledge and understanding of how to create an enterprise that can successfully navigate the challenges of bringing together two separate corporate cultures makes us one of the best choices for writing your M&A success stories.

Our skills in this area have been well developed. We understand the numbers, but we also understand much more than just the financial implications. Putting two separate entities together based simply on numbers has a higher likelihood of failure without understanding the differences in each entities corporate culture. Anyone can put a financial spreadsheet together, but the big job is merging corporate identities for the ultimate long term success of the new enterprise. GCA has the qualifications to make sure your acquisition is successful based upon the numbers and human resources that work together to make the investment pay off as it should.

Golden Circle Advisors has spent considerable time and money to be well informed regarding the options available for the financing of an acquisition. We also work with first time purchasers to help them find their dream business and provide advice on financing methods ranging from seller financing, to federal government sponsored Small Business Loans (SBA).

Our experience means we understand there are a variety of financing options for those who are seeking creative methods to a acquire their new business venture and we are glad to help.

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