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2509 George Mason Dr, #6689
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456 (View Map)

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Bob Peterson (913) 238-2298


I specialize in a few areas, truck mounted equipment, construction, business services, but mostly a generalist. The largest deal I have ever done was $82 million, the biggest sale, $50 million, but I prefer to do the smaller transactions where the people really need my services. You get "Wall Street" services for "Main Street" prices.

I have been doing this for several decades, and have a lot of fun doing it.

Services Provided

Mostly representing sellers, but I can also perform a search for you to find the perfect business for your needs.

Just get in touch.

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  • Virginia Beach city, VA
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    Cash Flow: $10,000 
    Martinez, CA 
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    Contra Costa Co Dental Service business

    Proven money maker. The oldest and largest franchise that repairs dental handsets for the dentists. It is necessary and repetitive. Over 120 operators across the nation, earning 50% of their gross revenue. The former owner retired, and the home office is trying to take care of the customers. Not working the best. You jump in, buy at just over the cost of a new, bare territory, and you are making money from day one. Lots of opportunity for growth. The average revenue for the operators is in excess of $120,000 per year. This territory offers a terrific potential to quickly reach more than that.WORK FROM HOME, MOSTLY BY MAIL, NO EMPLOYEES! More info

    Cash Flow: $60,000 
    Smyrna, GA 
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    Atlanta Dental Repair, ready for growth

    This proven money maker earns 50% on every dollar billed, and it is running at about $10,000 per month in billings right now. The owner wants to move home, and will buy the same franchise in southern Georgia when this is sold.Work from home, no employees, 4 1/2 days a week is typical.The service is required, repetitive. Dentists need this and they tend to work with the large "factory" types because that is what they know is available. Your work is two fold--let the dentists and their offices know that you can do this, and then provide the service (repair) faster and more conveniently. Frankly, if you can't compete with a large, remote, anonymous organization, you need to find another line of More info

    Cash Flow: $2,500 
    San Jose, CA 
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    Dental Service business, established, owner retired

    The franchisor has been keeping the customers serviced, but that is not a good solution. This territory needs some energy. If you have some marketing skills, a willingness to help dentists and their office personnel, this is the oldest and largest nationwide service provider.They do most of their work by mail, from home, NO EMPLOYEES, repairing the dental handsets that require service from time to time. The potential realized in other similar metro areas yields an income above the average for the over 100 operations--over $125,000 income per year. We sold one less than a year ago that paid taxes on $200,000 of income.Proven money maker, you work 4.5 days per week, typically. This territory More info

    Hayward, CA 
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    Proven money maker, Alameda County

    Provide a proven, necessary, repeating service to dentists. They need you, and you do most of your work from home, by mail with NO EMPLOYEES.Each dentist in your territory, and there are between 800-1,000, will spend about $1,000 per year on your type of service. Do the math and you are nearing seven figures. They are already doing this, but if you can't provide better service than a distant factory, you need to find a different line of work.Most operators work about 4.5 days per week, no weekends. Average earnings for the over 100 operators across the country is around $120,000...and some of them are partly retired. We just sold one who paid taxes on $200,000 of annual income.The previous More info

    Virginia Beach, VA 
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    Need to move. Service for Dentists

    The owner just started, got an offer he couldn't refuse from a former employer. All set up, but you will need to be trained. The training is terrific, a week in California. More info

    Cash Flow: $55,000 
    Sewickley, PA 
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    Dental repair business, we reduced the price

    The owner has so many pressures from his other businesses that we need to move this one. The price is reduced to just about what you would pay if there was no revenue, just a new franchise territory. Truly a good bargain as well as a great business.The owner recently purchased this franchise dental service business and has grown it substantially and rapidly. We are estimating that the annual revenue is going to grow from $55,000 under the retiring former owner to about $110,000 this year, and that would grow more but the owner has other demands and is not working on this right now.Here's the good part--you work from home, no employees, most people work 4.5 days per week and you earn about More info

    Cash Flow: $62,194 
    Lititz, PA 
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    Central PA Dental Service Business

    This business provides an essential service for dentists. No employees, well-established, income from first day. Work from home. Did I say "NO EMPLOYEES?"Largest and most successful franchise, nationwide. Your territory is exclusive and good opportunity to expand within it. Most operators work no more than 40 hours, make good money.Excellent net margins, own your own business. This franchisor performs, the operators are their biggest fans. Despite slowing down, not doing much marketing at all, the revenue continues to increase. The owner admits he needs to boost prices a bit as he is not keeping up with the market...another relatively easy and quick increase in profit for the new owner. More info

    Chesapeake, VA 
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    Machine shop

    This machine shop has a full list of equipment, welders, break, shear, lathe, drills, mobile trucks and tons of small tools, tables and equipment.Must sell, health issues, and the best solution would be for someone to take over and assume the business going forward.Little in the way of financial info as the owner has been ill for two years. Need to see. More info

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