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318 Foster Hill Rd,
Milford, Pennsylvania 18337 (View Map)

About the Company

Small tight firm specializing in solid waste,recycling,insurance agencies,and manufacturing and assisted living facilities,retail,and various franchises for sale.

Broker Biography

Carl Pallini (570) 296-7176


Extensive knowledge of business including the sale of quality listings and growth industries.Sales are a process requiring experience in navigating the evolution of a deal.
Sellers providing a quality business for sale-fairly priced is the only listing to have for a professional consultant like my self and identifying a qualified buyer and assisting them with financing and working to a deal close is my specialty.
Beginning in 1983 opened a franchised business by purchasing a franchised business and expanding to 5 locations in 4 years.Sold 40 franchises for the same company as their sales manager and began a consulting sales career in 2006 as a franchise and business sale consultant.

Services Provided

Businesses for sale both independent and franchises.
Available for project work as a consultant for business owners on a select basis.

Areas Served

  • Pike, PA
  • Essex, NJ
  • Westchester, NY
  • Bergen, NJ
  • Orange, NY
  • Wayne, PA
  • Lackawanna, PA
  • Passaic, NJ
  • Rockland, NY
  • Sullivan, NY
  • Professional Affiliations

    BNI networking award winner 2008.
    BNI President 2006-2007
    Franchisee of the year Palmer Video 1985,1986,1987,1991

    Business For Sale Listings

    Cash Flow: $165,000 
    Cincinnati, OH 
    Business to Business-Cash Flow BOOMING-Don't miss!

    This business specializes in helping people with student loans lower their payment by accessing federal government programs.Their payments can oftentimes be reduced by 50% in these programs.The business collects a fee for placing the person with the student loan in the program, great deal for the student and the office and the government too-win-win-win! More info

    Cash Flow: $75,000 
    Middletown, NY 
    Vape Store-Cash Cow! Vape store-Cash Cow-Absentee! Financing available

    Terrific vape store in excellent location doing very well!Absentee run, good manager in place, get in the growing Vape business!Business has nice layout, comfortable environment for shoppers and vapers to relax and socialize and enjoy their hobby!Other markets growing that this store can or does participate in! CBD market.Great profit margins! More info

    Cash Flow: $75,000 
    Honesdale, PA 
    Campground-Fabulous! Campground-Fabulous! Includes Real Estate

    Imagine owning a fun campground in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.It features 100 individual sites, a massive septic system, salt water pool, and a just a splendid overall atmosphere. lots of equipment and tools for day to day operations. Maintenance man and associated staff too!48 plus acres of land with trees and open areas and a small lake !Owner's residence included in the sale along with several small residential buildings to rent out to campers, long or short term, slots for those to bring their own campers or tents or motorhomes. Also a store to sell food products and miscellaneous camping products. A ,large, remodeled building More info

    Cash Flow: $170,000 
    CheckCashingCashflow Check Cashing cash flow !

    Top performing check cashing business. Great location, established for many years.Good staff ability for expansion.Nice safe location, good hours, terrific business.Semi absentee.LOCATED in NORTHEAST PA ! More info

    Cash Flow: $59,000 
    Honesdale, PA 
    Business to Business-Cash Flow Computer service shop-cash flow! Financing available

    Full service computer shop.Specializing in computer repair, malware removal, sales of computers- custom, parts and accessories.Margins for computer services are very high and the field never stops growing! More info

    Mayfield, PA 
    Gas Station MUST SELL or LEASE! Gas St/Cstore-Deal! Includes Real Estate

    Terrific location with remodeled buildings and new tanks and canopy.Two buidlings adjacent to one another, one about 500 square feet and one w three bays and retail area about 1200 square feet.Beautiful 200 linear foot highway frontage with nice canopy for pumps and new pumps in the ground-4 for gasoline and one for diesel.Full canopy.Lease to own! $2500/month rent for 24-36 months. Builld it out to your own specifications and buy it at end of 24-36 month lease. Credit for 20% of rent payments against 239 K total price.Call if you're serious ONLY. More info

    Cash Flow: $545,000 
    Kinnelon, NJ 
    Franchise System-Cash Flow! Master Franchise-Recurring Revenue! Financing available

    The entire Master Franchise system for 6 states!72 stores generating- healthy royalties monthly- plus participation fees, new unit franchise fees etc!Rare opportunity to own and operate a franchise system and collect handsome fees and grow it substantially!Buyer needs to have 1 Million available!(No SBA stuff here, serious buyers only.)PROOF OF FUNDS REQUIRED! Call if serious ONLY please! More info

    Cash Flow: $181,000 
    West Paterson, NJ 
    College Consolidation Strong cash flow!

    Terrific business that helps anyone with a federally backed student loan potentially lower their payment by 50%!Tens of millions of Americans have student loan debt that is hard to pay.Help them lower their payment and collect a fee for your services.Recession resistant office with normal hours and fabulous marketing.great training and systems in place! More info

    Cash Flow: $188,000 
    Elkhart Co., IN 
    Remanufacturer-Absentee-Cashflow! Remanufacturer-ABSENTEE-CashFlow! Financing available Includes Real Estate

    Long established company specializing in the sale of refurbished dumpsters and containers for the solid waste industry and related industries such as oil and gas drillers. ABSENTEE run now!Company buys used containers and brings them to the facility, re-welds, repairs and repaints them and resells them. Haulers have this company as a valuable outlet to sell damaged and worn containers to and bring in revenue to use towards the purchase of refurbished units or new from this company as well.Containers costs have gone up substantially in recent years and they are heavy and receive heavy abuse from haulers and users.Company does sell new units More info

    Cash Flow: $171,000 
    Somerville, NJ 
    Loan College-Refi Student loan booming!

    Business specializes in helping people with student loans dramatically lower their payment through programs that are available but difficult to enroll in due to paperwork and other factors.Nearly 41 million people nationwide have student loans for college and have payments to make that they cannot get away from.Help them lower their payment dramatically, not hurt their credit, and collect a fee for the service. More info

    Cash Flow: $166,000 
    Saint Louis, MO 
    College Loan Refi-huge profits! Student Loan biz-booming!

    Imagine a business where you can help people lower their student loan payments by half or more,and make a nice lucrative living.This business has all the right qualities:High profit marginLow overheadRecession resistant Huge GrowthDon't let this one go by.Very lucrative. More info

    Cash Flow: $173,000 
    Charlotte, NC 
    Loan consolidation-Goldmine! Strong cash flow!

    Fabulous business helping students consolidate their loans and save hundreds of dollars a month!Office based business,semi absentee-recession proof-cash cow!6 salespeople on commission,handling student loans exclusively and since there are over 1.2 Trillion dollars in student loans over 40 Million people in the US and more coming on every day-this is the business of the present and the future!Don't miss this one! More info

    Cash Flow: $194,000 
    Austin, TX 
    Tremendous Opportunity-Make Profit! High Net Income! Financing available

    Rare fabulous opportunity to get into the student loan consolidation business with millions of customers and huge profit to be made!Hardly anyone doesn't know people with back breaking student loans with huge payments,in some cases the people will never pay them off.This business allows you to help people lower their payments,get back on track and collect a handsome fee for your efforts! More info

    Cash Flow: $95,000 
    Hunterdon Co., NJ 
    Health Care Facility-Fabulous! Health Care Facility-Great Deal! Financing available Includes Real Estate

    Beautiful elder health care facility in a spectacular setting.Facility has 32 beds and is newly updated with floor treatments, decking and remodeled throughout. Located in Hunterdon County this facility has a long history of cleanliness and quality care. It also has lots of acreage and can be expended to include other wings for patients with different levels of care and treatment.10,000 people a day turn 65 in the USA and NJ w it's density of population and high per capita incomes is particularly well suited for assisted living facilities. More info

    Cash Flow: $174,000 
    Columbus, OH 
    Rare Opportunity-Cash Cow! Loan Refi College-Cash flow!

    Student Loan Consolidation business that is very profitable and recession resistant.Huge growth through the booming field of student loans since 40 MILLION people need the service. More info

    Cash Flow: $162,000 
    Bloomfield Hills, MI 
    Student Loan Goldmine! Student Loan Cash Cow!

    Outstanding business specializing in student loan debt consolidation and refinancing.Huge field over 1.3 Trillion dollars in student loan debt.Probably the most booming field today! More info

    Cash Flow: $136,750 
    Houston, TX 
    Student Loan-Cash Cow! Loan business-Booming!

    This business can help millions of Americans with student loan debt! Ask just about anybody and they either have student loan debt or know someone close to the struggling with it.This business can help the student lower their payment dramatically, usually by 50% or more depending on their particular situation.Great systems in place! More info

    Cash Flow: $73,300 
    Cedars, PA 
    Pet Grooming-Fabulous Pet Store Grooming Cash flow! Financing available

    Terrific pet grooming business. Established for many years in a AAA location with a great low rent deal.Business has an excellent reputation and a loyal clientele. The very best specialty tubs for grooming, the hydro groom tub, expensive but well made and it gives the pet a pleasant gentle experience!Tubs, dryers, and all that's needed to give your pet a pleasurable grooming experience.Facility is really nice with custom built in cabinetry, and nice retail style environment plus pet products for sale too! More info

    Cash Flow: $166,000 
    Cleveland, OH 
    College Loan Refi-Cash Flow! Student loan-Cash cow! Financing available

    Business specializes in helping students with college loans or anyone with college loans lower their monthly payments significantly, usually by half or more!Since there are in excess of 40 million people in the US with student loans and the filed is getting larger every year customers are eager to lower their payment.Business utilizes office space and salespeople to facilitate this service for almost anyone with student loans. More info

    Cash Flow: $291,000 
    Summit Co., OH 
    View Details 
    Waste Hauler-Cash flow!

    Well established solid waste hauler with over 30 years of success! Company is a waste hauler with an excellent reputation and small solid staff to further build the business on.Company is in a strong market and the industry is healthy with growth and barriers to entry making it very desirable to own. More info

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