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About the Company

We strive to help our clients realize their unique definition of success. To achieve this, our team provides a comprehensive service offering aimed at supporting lower middle market business owners at nearly all stages of their company’s lifecycle. Our team has supported over 2,000 clients since 2002 and completed more than 1,150 transactions. This experience, coupled with our history as founders, owners and operators ourselves provides our team with an unparalleled practical knowledge base and real world perspective that is aligned with our clients.

When we provide mergers & acquisitions advisory services, explore capital sourcing and deployment options, evaluate valuation drivers or structure a realistic exit plan, we do so knowing that our clients rely on us to help manage what may be their largest asset and the culmination of years of extraordinary efforts. If our client has an interim leadership need, we approach the assignment as if it were our business, reputation, investment and our future retirement at stake – because ultimately it is.

The value we provide and the quality of our efforts will make or break a successful engagement. In doing so we are not only able to capitalize on each of our management experiences, but we are also able to draw from best practices learned from working with thousands of clients across all industry sectors. As a result our perspective is broad and our resource base is vast. Our full service approach supports the notion that your business is more than just a transaction to you and us, it’s our business too. Your success translates into our success, just as we shoulder the burden of any failure. As a result we consider ourselves to not only be our client’s solutions advisor, but also their partner.

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Michael Wildeveld - CBB, CBI, CM&AP, M&AMI, CEPA 310.652.8066


A Team Since 1986 … Advising Lower Middle Market Clients Since 2002

Veld Mergers & Acquisitions’ four principals have operated as a team since August 1986. Each principal applied their diverse and unique talents to contribute to their freshman football team’s success that year. In the following 30+ years several things have changed but others have not. The four principal’s sense of commitment, discipline, duty, integrity and loyalty that were forged as their core values at Bishop Gorman High School remain evident in Veld Mergers & Acquisitions practice today.

The company's book, "An Introduction to the Lower Middle-Market" has been completed an is anticipated to be published in the winter of 2018.

For a comprehensive overview of Veld Mergers & Acquisitions, our services and the Opportunities we have available, please visit our website at www.veldgma.com, email us at contact@veldma.com, or phone us at 310.652.8066.

We service the United States, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, China and Beyond ...

Services Provided

It is our business to help you realize your unique definition of success. To achieve this, Veld Mergers & Acquisitions provides a comprehensive service offering to assist through every stage of an enterprise’s lifecycle. Our team has supported 1,000’s of clients in a diversity of transactions or consulting engagements for almost 20 years. This success, coupled with our history as founders and owner-operators has provided us with a perspective that is very much aligned with our clients.

By providing sell side advisory, growth capital sourcing, valuation advisory, exit planning and interim executive services we have the unique ability to structure and service a diverse pool of clients with varying transaction sizes and scopes. This full service approach supports the idea that your business is more than just a ‘deal’. As such, we consider ourselves a partner and a solutions provider above all else.

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    Professional Affiliations

    Michael Wildeveld, a high school valedictorian, holds a B.A. in Economics from Vanderbilt University, and an M.B.A. in Finance, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. Michael is a Certified Mergers and Acquisitions Professional (CM&AP) and a Merger & Acquisition Master Intermediary (M&AMI) with the Mergers & Acquisitions Source, a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) with the International Association of Business Brokers (IBBA), a Certified Business Brok

    Business For Sale Listings

    Cash Flow: $2,000,409 
    Los Angeles, CA 
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    Apparel Related Commissioned Manufacturing – Wash, Dye & Denim!

    This highly attractive apparel related commissioned manufacturing company is engaged in the wash and dye as well as an additional niche segment of the clothing finishing marketplace - all critical value-add segments of clothing manufacturing that are oftentimes impractical to perform in lower cost locations. Due to the company’s stellar customer service the firm has managed to maintain solid year over year growth. Top line revenues have increased from $6.5 million in 2016 to $7.6 ml. in 2017. They are tracking to $8.2 ml. in 2018. In 2018, the two largest customers were at 30% of total revenues each, however the balance of revenues are spread over an additional 100 satisfied clients.  More info

    Cash Flow: $254,138 
    Los Angeles, CA 
    View Details 
    Automated High-Tech Garment Manufacturing w/Domestic Capacity!

    This automated high-tech private label apparel manufacturing company boasts the one of the highest local and offshore manufacturing capacity’s in its bustling segment of apparel production. The firm produces top quality private labeled garments for some of the most respected global brands and provides its clients incredible value-added services. For nascent labels, they assist with all facets of production - from concept to design, pattern making, execution and marketing. Part of their unique value proposition is local is quick-turnaround patterns and production, together with “Made in the USA” labeling, so they are able to cater to fast fashion clients who require product in terms of days More info

    Cash Flow: $502,587 
    Los Angeles, CA 
    View Details 
    Innovative Recreational Vehicle Manufacturer w/Assets & Patent!

    This extraordinarily innovative recreational vehicle manufacturer boasts a unique market changing patented concept that provides it explosive growth potential. The concept is ideal for the entrepreneurial investor who has the capital required to implement a large scale conversion facility. Once this facility is complete, the firm can quickly and effectively roll their already proven concept out across the globe. More info

    Los Angeles, CA 
    View Details 
    Children’s Product Brand w/Customer Embraced Concepts!

    This celebrated children’s gift product brand has a full line of customer embraced concepts that are primarily made from premium environmentally responsible materials. Their highly unique trendsetting products include clothing and dolls, are geared for children 0-5 years old and older. The 10 year old company has amassed an enormous following and a dedicated retail network that includes some of the nation’s top major retail brands and over 2,000 boutiques, children’s stores and online retailers throughout North America. More info

    Cash Flow: $314,005 
    West Hollywood, CA 
    View Details 
    America’s Most Popular Craft Cocktail – Bar Product, Syrup & Brand!

    This company boasts not only the name, but most importantly, the authenticity associated with the most popular and most frequently Googled craft cocktail in America and a top 10 perennial favorite. In addition to possessing the rights to and ownership of the only genuine drinking vessel that America’s most popular craft cocktail should be served in, this sale also includes an innovative syrup all-natural syrup that bar owners welcome it as its replaces the need to stock costly and highly inconvenient mixers, along with additional intellectual property, the most popularly searched cocktail domain name, a hit coffee table book, a vintage auto, retail products and even a museum! The company’s More info

    Cash Flow: $1,621,851 
    Los Angeles, CA 
    View Details 
    Niche Financial Services in 25 States - With High Asset Value!

    This small 16 year old firm, which operates in 25 states, is the undisputed national leader in its highly niche area of the financial services market (broadly speaking - as it does not engage in traditional financial service related activities). The company relies on its private investigation licensing, data collection and data management abilities, and in-house 18 person print, direct mail and customer service staff to facilitate client’s financial settlements. It is not a debt collection or debt settlement company or legal service; in fact, is quite the opposite. It could best be described as a ‘feel good’ service whose 400,000 plus past clients welcome its unique value proposition. In More info

    Cash Flow: $289,913 
    Honolulu, HI 
    View Details 
    Beach Apparel Import & Distribution – Dream Location!

    This well-established Hawaiian apparel company boasts a variety of customer loved woman’s couture brands, each of which includes trendy tops and bottoms, dresses, sarongs and gift items. The company’s coveted 650 accounts are located throughout the state and include a virtual who’s who of Hawaii’s retailers. It hosts several brands it imports from Asia. It has commissioned sales representatives who attend Oahu based trade shows and provide island coverage. More info

    Los Angeles, CA 
    View Details 
    Solar Roof Tile Firm w/Patents & Key State Approvals!

    This company’s solar roof tile system boasts key patents that should prove instrumental in advancing the renewable energy advancement. Similar to what Tesla Solar Roof tiles project hopes to accomplish, this company’s roof tiles integrate design and functionality. Unlike Musk’s glass shingle tile, this easy to install system is comprised as an extraordinarily durable building material that may be walked on and utilizes the company’s patented installation system comprised of ‘plug and play’ components that seal and are able to withstand a CAT 5 Hurricane. The panels provide similar output to Tesla’s but are available at half of the anticipated cost. The tiles have clay or concrete tile More info

    Los Angeles, CA 
    View Details 
    Fuel Additive - Maximizes Energy Output & Reduces Emissions / Air Poll

    This EPA registered company boasts a fuel additive technology whose impact has far reaching benefits that range from up to 10.0%+ fuel reductions for gasoline, diesel and biofuel operations to a remarkable reduction of harmful emissions and pollutants. It is poised to not only help clients and governments meet fuel demands on a global basis, but also to minimize deadly emissions that are associated with diesel fuel particulate matter by an estimated 43%+. If used on a global scale, this firm’s technology is expected to save over one million lives annually and decrease the likelihood of major health risks that are a direct result of toxic air pollution. The firm’s technologies prove More info

    Cash Flow: $1,015,989 
    Los Angeles, CA 
    View Details 
    Absentee Commercial Plumbing Install – New Construction w/Ideal Return

    This absentee to semi-absentee operated commercial plumbing company specializes in large scale new construction installation projects. The company is priced to be extraordinarily attractive to help ensure a smooth transition and a timely sale. Job sites are disbursed around Los Angeles and Orange County as well as elsewhere in the state. The business has 20 staffers, including a licensed Responsible Managing Employee (RMO) who is anticipated to remain aboard, who have their own work vehicles that are outfitted as necessary. More info

    Cash Flow: $508,329 
    San Diego, CA 
    View Details 
    Clothing Concept Design & Screen Printing – High Growth!!

    This greater San Diego based clothing concept development, design and screen printing company is a high growth venture with significant potential. This apparel company boasts several highly attractive core-competencies in the branding, design and production aspects of their business. Rather than being a private label manufacturer, this enterprise partners with its clients and becomes integrated into their operations to co-create value as an overall solution provider. From initial creative brainstorming following market research and brand identity formulation, to concept implementation, packaging, display, marketing and even Amazon-style fulfillment they provide their loyal customers an More info

    Cash Flow: $468,953 
    Los Angeles, CA 
    View Details 
    Production Equipment Rentals - Highly Profitable!

    This entertainment industry equipment rental company is a one stop shop that can satisfy all of the equipment and expendable needs of film, television and commercial production company clients. This well established business is an industry leader with a stellar reputation. On top of its asset intensive inventory base of rental equipment, the firm boasts clean books and records and has the property included in the sale - making it an ideal loan candidate, while still under the SBA threshold! More info

    Cash Flow: $658,581 
    Los Angeles, CA 
    View Details 
    Water Treatment Facility Serving Major Hotels – Popular Mexico Zone!

    This water treatment facility is located in one of Mexico’s most popular vacation destinations and services major global hotel brands. The company specializes in commercial pool maintenance systems as well as the sale, installation and service of water desalination systems. Pool maintenance systems include electrolysis technology that processes salt into natural chlorine that cleans and sanitizes swimming pool water. Desalination systems are quickly becoming the standard in Mexico to convert sea water into drinking water. The company currently holds a 50% market share within the pool maintenance sector and continues to grow the desalination sector primarily with 5-year service contracts. More info

    Cash Flow: $230,150 
    Los Angeles, CA 
    View Details 
    High Growth Apparel Brand in Popular Segment – Tremendous Potential!

    This high growth premium apparel brand is ideally positioned in an extraordinarily attractive high growth apparel market segment. Due to the product category’s popularity, coupled with this bourgeoning label’s customer embraced designs and premium quality, the firm has achieved remarkable year over year growth. The still fledgling line is already tracking to do over $4.0 ml in 2018 revenues. The label sells via a variety of retailers nationwide via its reps, does private label for nationally recognized organizations, and also sells online direct to consumer. This accounted for 10% - 15% of 2017 sales. The company grew by 100% in 2014, was up 40% in 2016 and another 20% in 2017. It More info

    Cash Flow: $484,287 
    Los Angeles, CA 
    View Details 
    Private Label Apparel Manufacturing – Nation’s Leader!

    This apparel manufacturing company is the West Coast leader in its product category. They private label for some of the world’s most well respected brands as well provide smaller enterprises incubator like support services from concept to design, pattern making, execution and marketing. Their prowess centers around their manufacturing equipment and capacity as well as their development services, comprehensive cut and sew department, and the tiered pricing options they may offer from their U.S. based or their maquiladora production facility in Mexico. For higher volume or even more price sensitive needs, they have a joint-venture relationship in China. Their tiered pricing strategy and More info

    Cash Flow: $78,876 
    Los Angeles, CA 
    View Details 
    Online Ordering Technology Solution for Restaurants – Highly Scalable!

    This technology firm has developed a fully-integrated and online and mobile food-ordering solution for restaurant chains. This seamless and fully customized and branded 3rd party ordering solution processes ~ 7,000 orders per day for an estimated 500 restaurant locations owned by 100 different brands, 72% of which are POS integrated (others may use ticket printers or even facsimile). They have 1.4 million active users and 5 million unique customers have placed 10 million orders through the service. While only on monthly contracts, customers typically remain with the firm for 5 years largely due to their satisfaction with the solution whose customized development and integration includes:  More info

    Los Angeles, CA 
    View Details 
    L.A. Area Hospitality Group – Several Highly Attractive Locations!

    This established bar, lounge and restaurant hospitality group boasts multiple locations. The opportunity is only available to serious operators who are established and already possess both the financial and operational wherewithal for such an organization. The operations do have kitchens and varying degrees of a food component. Additional information on this sale will only be made available to principals, with a non-disclose agreement and sufficiently completed prospective buyer profile in place. More info

    Cash Flow: $594,547 
    Calabasas, CA 
    View Details 
    Residential Solar Sales & Installation Company – Solid Operation!

    This residential solar sales & installation company boasts all the attributes that those looking to enter the highly lucrative solar energy industry typically need. That is, a sales strategy that results in consistent sales generated, licensing and expertise to manage installations in-house which results in attractive margins, and control through each aspect of the process. More info

    Cash Flow: $644,782 
    Sherman Oaks, CA 
    View Details 
    Sherman Oaks Area Niche Market Grocery Store!

    This greater Sherman Oaks area market has been professionally branded to be the first in a potential specialty supermarket chain. The market’s relaunch included a systems overhaul complete with a fully integrated point of sale application that allows this concept to become highly scalable on a regional basis or across the U.S. and beyond. In addition to boasting the largest variety of niche market foods in its product category, the inviting location offers its loyal patrons a bustling restaurant, a deli, butcher shop, fish counter, bakery products, as well as take-out and catering services - all of which have recently been upgraded and modernized. While the venue has a specific client base, More info

    Cash Flow: $445,507 
    Los Angeles, CA 
    View Details 
    Innovative Family Oriented Restaurant Concept – Franchise Potential!

    This award winning innovative family oriented healthy restaurant concept is a first of its kind and has national corporate and franchise growth potential. The concept’s two organic gourmet menus, one designed for parents that includes a beer and wine offering, and another designed for children, coupled with the unique entertainment and themed events that cater to children, have resulted in the concept being named as the first choice for family restaurants in Los Angeles in several categories. This opportunity’s locations have been established to be the first of many corporate owned locations in what is envisioned to become a national and international network of franchisees and licensees. More info

    Cash Flow: $150,184 
    Los Angeles, CA 
    View Details 
    Fully Integrated Solar Energy Leader - Fast Growing Solar Firm!

    This fully integrated alternative energy leader is one of California’s fastest growing solar enterprises. The residential solar developer has established a deep footprint in nearly 10 sales offices statewide. The company’s proprietary sales and marketing method has resulted in over 1,500 residential solar installations and over 300 energy efficient roofs in less than 3 years. It is estimated to be the ninth largest residential solar developer in California and one of the largest privately-held developers. They execute on the entirety of the residential solar project lifecycle from sales through warehousing, logistics, engineering, project management and system monitoring. They pride More info

    Cash Flow: $2,100,000 
    Los Angeles, CA 
    View Details 
    Los Angeles Hospitality Group – Diversity of First Class Operations!

    This established restaurant, bar & lounge hospitality group boasts a diversity of first class locations in some of Los Angeles’s most sought after areas. The opportunity is available to serious established operators who possess the financial and operational wherewithal to manage such a multi-facated organization. Several of the venues do have kitchens and varying degrees of food components. In general, food sales constitute ~ 35% of total revenues, with one venue’s food component representing 50% of sales while it is at 0% of several others. Additional information will be made available to qualified principals with a non-disclose agreement and sufficiently completed prospective buyer More info

    Cash Flow: $112,483 
    Los Angeles, CA 
    View Details 
    Natural Products Superfood Supplement – Tremendous B2C Growth!

    This award-winning Natural Products Superfood supplement company is a health and wellness lifestyle brand leader that has been in operation since 1998. The company manufactures a line of superfood supplements developed with proprietary formulas, primarily in powder concentrate form. All products are award winners, including; weight loss, adult & children’s nutritional supplements, vegan & omnivore protein powders, and previous energy bar product lines. The vast majority of sales are wholesale, via global distribution channels that reach over 4,400 stores in the United States and Canada, China, New Zealand and other countries. The company maintains a strong presence in most U.S. major More info

    Cash Flow: $650,244 
    Burbank, CA 
    View Details 
    Interior & Exterior Light and Accessory Manufacturing!

    This light and accessory manufacturer has been established for nearly 30 years. They manufacture exquisite interior, exterior and custom light fixtures - a market segment with high barriers to entry and are listed with the Underwriters Laboratories and is certified for the Canadian sale and distribution. All of their fixtures are hand forged and finished and are LED compatible. Due to their designs, ability to customize products, prompt execution and timely delivery the firm has become a favorite with interior designers, architects, hotels and real estate developers. More info

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