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The birth of a unique coffee business

The Cafe2U franchise started in 2005 on the beaches of Sydney, Australia. Enterprising surfers figured out a way to cram a full espresso bar into a van. The mobile espresso van was a neat concept, and it meant that coffee-loving Australians could pound down excellent coffee while still pounding the waves.

It didn’t take Cafe2U long to realize that there was a much bigger market just beyond the beaches — and now the mobile coffee franchise is serving customers throughout Australia and the United Kingdom, winning franchising awards in each nation by bringing coffee shop-quality mochas, lattés and other drinks directly to workplaces — bringing an affordable luxury to workers who normally don’t have a good place to get excellent espresso.

Reinventing coffee in the United States

Cafe2U recently expanded into the United States and South Africa, and has over 230 franchisees worldwide.
For customers, Cafe2U’s attraction is obvious: It’s a top-notch café drink that’s delivered at the same time each day to you and your co-workers, which makes a friendly coffee break part of the workday routine. Customers are happy to see Cafe2U drivers, any they often become friends. Australia franchisee Lisa Minett even had a customer adjust wedding plans so that Lisa could serve Cafe2U coffee at the reception.

How Cafe2U helps owners

There are other benefits for Cafe2U owners, too:

  • It’s a mobile, home-based business, so there is no expensive lease
  • We help you launch your business, building your route for you for the first two weeks
  • An owner can run the business without help from any employees.
  • Our marketing is so savvy that even the van’s horn has a role to play.
  • Royalties are fixed, so as your profits grow, our fees don’t.

You don’t have to be a coffee expert or have hospitality experience to succeed. Franchisees receive extensive training in order to become full-fledged baristas capable of making all of the classic espresso drinks, and able to meet the standards of even the most demanding coffee drinkers. Many of our franchisees discover us as customers, become believers when they taste the product, and apply to become franchisees as soon as they grasp the business concept.

The massive demand for coffee

The U.S. coffee industry has sales of $19 billion a year — that’s more than the entire GDP of Jamaica — and the industry is still growing. There are now about 20,000 coffee shops in the United States, up from less than 500 just 20 years ago, and Americans have gotten used to high-quality espresso coffee.
Drive around any city — large or small — and you’ll find areas where high-quality coffee isn’t an option, and you’ll also find workplaces where nobody has time to make a coffee run.

Cafe2U has thrived in Australia and the U.K. by filling that niche, and delivering a high quality, high-margin product that people love and are willing to pay for.

Learn more

To find out how you can open a Cafe2U mobile espresso coffee truck business, fill out the form on this page. You’ll get an email with links to our franchise opportunity website where you can download the report. Our report has the following information:

  • Research information on franchise costs and fees
  • Small Business Industry Information
  • Franchise Disclosure Document Item 7, Startup Costs
  • Interviews with existing franchise owners
  • New articles on where Cafe2U is going
  • Overview of the Cafe2U management team
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