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Caffe Bene

We model ourselves after the traditional European coffee houses. Caffé Bene is a destination of rest and relaxation amid the hectic scene of city living.

Start your day with something special

A great cup of coffee in your morning is a great way to kick off the day. All Caffé Bene baristas strive to make every cup a perfect one. The aroma will stay with you all day long and that same great taste will be available in our stores day after day.

Treat yourself to something nice

We serve the best ingredients because we want the best for our customers. Try a taste of our famous Belgian waffle. It's guaranteed to make your day even better.

Brand Philosophy

Caffé Bene's vision is to introduce our coffee brand and culture to the world. To accomplish our vision, we are moving and expanding beyond the borders of Asia to open 500 outlets in over 20 countries by 2015, and eventually, 10,000 throughout the world by 2020. Currently, we rank number two in the global coffee specialty business field. Our prediction is that, if we continue to grow at this pace, we are sure to secure a firm stronghold in the global market share by 2020. However, if the success is defined in terms of the number of stores, we are already number one.

We embrace the challenging spirit and honesty in our corporate philosophy, which we believe will serve as the main engine that will bring forth our vision. In fact, the unyielding spirit of challenge is embedded in the DNA of all Caffé Bene members. It was our passion that kept us running in the frontline with our new menu selections that have been distinguishing us from all other existing coffeehouses, not to mention our new interior designs and marketing strategies. It is this challenging spirit that helped us make a successful inroad into the US market, which is the battleground of the world's most leading brands.

Honesty is another big part of our corporate philosophy. Caffé Bene's success was not built by a single individual, nor can the success be credited to a single outlet. This success must be created for our devoted customers, franchise owners, and local communities. Our way of saying "Thank you" is to always remain true and honest to ourselves and in our business.

Brand Introduction

The brand name, Caffé Bene, was coined from two Italian words, Caffe and Bene.

Caffé Bene's brand identity, designed in a freestyle font, is aimed at creating an image of the traditional European cafes that are marked by free spirit and artistic sensitivity.

This is the visualization of a coffee tree surrounded by our satisfied customers and loving couples.

The main color for the vintage vibe of Caffé Bene, which is brown, brings alive the feeling of a natural and modern interior. Following two factors blend together with the vibe of vintage which


Caffé Bene carries an educational motto expressing that, "Whoever likes coffee can become a coffee professional". Since 2012, we have both expanded into Times Square and also created a training center. Caffé Bene does not simply just "sell coffee". You can sense the true traditional culture of coffee service at our locations. Students are taught by a certified coffee professional; who is in the process of obtaining 'Q-Grader' status obtaining professor at Caffé Bene "Coffee College" in the U.S.A.

Furthermore, La Marzocco is the top quality brand of equipment used during these training sessions. We always strive to provide the best environment and equipment for learning. Through this system, our new franchisees can develop their knowledge of coffee and become certified professionals in a short period of time. Our motto "The training goes in before the name goes up".


Caffé Bene Inc. is currently partnered with Sysco, the world's largest broad line food distributor. For all of 50 states of America, we can deliver up to 2-3 times a week consistently. Also, not only will we deliver the best quality products, we will constantly upgrade our products by working with innovative vendors to provide competitive prices with high quality products for all of our franchisees.

With our system and delivery in intact, we will partner up with renowned 3PL vendors to provide safe and reliant warehouse system to fulfill the needs of our franchisees. Moreover, we provide consistent and prompt delivery. We are focused on fulfilling the satisfaction of all of our customers, and currently aim to accomplish a 98% accurate delivery system. In our intricate system, we ensure 99% order accuracy using precise and solid date bases for all orders and deliveries.

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